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Funny, interesting, whatever. Videogames or not. Post some great videos and let’s have some fun times.

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Referenced in three or four of my darned LPs:



Giant Bomb and MGR are both v good




Here comes Mario, everyone’s favourite regular and completely normal plumber.


I’ve been watching the Young Pope. Specifically, I’ve been watching the intro sequence over and over.

Oh, also this!


Presenting the greatest wrestling theme song in all of space and time (And his entrance was pretty rad too):


An oldie, but a goodie.

Meanwhile, I just saw this and I am in tears. The thumbnail claims that it is “LIT AF!”, I leave you to judge if that is indeed the case.


I listen to the Ballad of Mike Haggar at least once a month.


Who likes cute little animals having baths? Because I do.

I also like funny cartoon satire:

and however the fuck you’d categorise these:


I no joke watch this video monthly. Brad is a beacon of joy for me.


Whenever I feel down or stressed out, I watch a video of Jeff Goldblum scatting for 7 seconds and suddenly life is okay again:

And also this one is an oldie but it taught me how to play chess well (I use the last move so often and became so good now nobody wants to play me at it anymore)


here’s a video I like that isn’t purely reference-based humour, which I’m now realising is a surprising number of my fave’d videos on youtube.

:dog: :dog: :dog: :dog: :dog:


If we had even a tenth of this kid’s enthusiasm to play the xylophone…




I love the Units version of this theme and the editing of this. I’m really happy with how the editing managed to make all of the openings’ visuals match with the Great Days Units versioon.


Sadly I cannot share my favorite video, because the person who uploaded it decided to delete it.
Just imagine a video of some Very Quality 90’s Anime Voice Acting here.