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From digging through the channels of posters here, I’ve noticed that a fair amount of folks on the forum make non-lp content from time to time. As someone getting into the scene myself, I know how hard it is to judge your stuff until it gets in front of other people, and that youtube comments are not a great place to get really pertinent criticism.

Note: This is not a thread for our favorite youtubers/videos. We have threads for both the former and the latter.

The goals of the thread are as follows:

  • Getting eyes on work in progress videos to see if they’re on the right track.

  • General tips on how to make clearer/more entertaining videos.

  • Create a list of content creators on the forum in an easy to find list.

##List of channels (alphabetical by username):

Let me know who I’m missing here.

My first reflex was to say I don’t specialize in Sonic the Hedgehog stuff, because I don’t like to be pigeon holed, buuuuut… no, I guess that’s definitely fair. At the very least, a lot of my most popular videos are the things I say and do with regards to Sonic the Hedgehog. And I even, uh, work for a niche gaming news site that focuses on Sega news, specifically Sonic. So, hm. Maybe I’m just insecure in admitting that’s what I am.

Anyway, good idea for a thread! Over the years I’ve pinged a handful of people I’ve idolized in order to get their feedback on my videos, but the obvious rub there is that they’re usually too busy to respond (or just don’t want to for their own personal reasons) so I’ve spent the last 9 years basically shouting into a void with only a couple friends willing to proof read my scripts before I go to record them.

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I’m totally willing to change the discription if you want!

Nah, it’s fine. I’m just being weird and over-sensitive.

I have a review channel for music, games, film, and TV, as well as really anything else that comes up.

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star vs evil review


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