Let's Play Dungeons and Dragons, 5th Edition!



Welcome to Faerûn! It is an undefined number of years after -1838 when an angry dragon historically took over an empire. Join our merry band of mercenaries in said empire working for the Paladin Order of the Radiant Heart, their job is to handle the less scrupulous issues that need handling but that the Order needs to keep its hands clean over.

The Red Dragon, Ylveraasahlisar is not the best at managing an empire, raiders and bandits rove about causing all manner of grief and hordes of orcs and goblins are besieging cities largely unchecked. The people have mostly been left to defend themselves. That’s where our adventurers step in, their mission: infiltrate and upend a branch of the Cult of Shared Suffering which has taken up residence in the surrounding area. The only problem is, they have no idea where the cult is are so first they have to find them, then they have to infiltrate them, then they have to destroy them.

Who are you?

Our group doesn’t have a name and it’ll never have a name but I’m Jenner and I’ll be DMing this hot mess. I ran the Ryuutama campaign and also a Monsterhearts campaign. I’ve been playing tabletop games since I was eight years old. I have played many of the games set in the Forgotten Realms universe and read several of the books but it’s been SO DAMN LONG I barely remember much of anything. Playing with me are my usual crew of @Fefnir @LoakaMossi, @Breadmaster and @heyboots and joining us is @Lyrewulf

This LP will update every Tuesday!

The World of Faerûn:

Region Map:

Episode List:

Session One: The Caves We Crave
Session Two: Bodies Pile Up
Session Three: Devilish Demise
Session Four: Vine Compilation
Session Five: Haunted Hiatus
Session Six: Caravan Chaos
Session Seven: Party Pooper
Session Eight: Dwarf Facts
Session Nine: Going Overboard
Session Ten: Arena dot Net
Session Eleven: Banded Together
Session Twelve: Fiery Dilemma
Session Thirteen: Tower of Woah
Session Fourteen: Under Siege
Session Fifteen: Oops All Roleplay
Session Sixteen: Eye Scream
Session Seventeen: D&D ASMR
Session Eighteen: Social Media
Supplemental: NPC Antics.
Session Nineteen: Dragon Slayer
Session Twenty: Happily Ever After



Our Party of Adventurers:
Amnon Iraik: Tiefling Barbarian played by @LoakaMossi

Brie Tisane: Human Wizard played by @heyboots

Lenox: Human Rogue played by @Breadmaster

Marigold Glory: Elf Fighter played by @Fefnir

Pelagia, Desciple of Eon: Tiefling Cleric played by @Lyrewulf

NPCs of Importance:
Vikulg the Maimed: A Half-Orc Paladin of Ilmater

Arram: A Red Dragonborn Bard

Daein the Stalwart: A Red Dragonborn Cleric/Paladin adventurer.

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You know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Forgotten Realms World Map before. It really is very Europe like.

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It really is! I think that’s intentional too. It’s supposed to be very Europe inspired which is as basic fantasy as basic fantasy gets. Though the party is in the mock Saudi Arabia area it’ll rarely come up. I’m basically using this setting to be lazy because making my own world a deities is effort.



If you want to go super crazy, head to Eberron where people prospect for magic shards and the elves are an undead theocracy.



There will be no canon characters in this LP because we will 100% attempt to kill them if they show up.

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Except us, we’re canon now. I have declared it.

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Almost forgot to post! Streaming now!




Only because I’ve used both and personally found Roll20 to be a pain to use, I’d suggest giving MapTool a look.

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All my maps are in Roll20, I’m too committed now! But I’ll take a look at MapTools next week @Atomikus!

Here’s Tuesday’s update:
Session Two: Bodies Pile Up

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Introducing new software into our already cursed streams is a fool’s errand. Jenner’s computer may catch fire.

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Hey everybody we’re streaming at https://www.twitch.tv/batilisk!



Hey folks, today is an update day!

Session Three: Devilish Demise



Don’t wanna wait until Tuesday to watch long ass tabletop games being played by good friends? Well you can watch us play in REAL TIME at https://www.twitch.tv/batilisk right now.

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It’s not Tuesday but I’m updating early, enjoy.
There was a bit of raised tempers and some squabbling this session but we’re all still playing and we’re all still good friends. :sweat_smile:

Session Four: Vine Compilation



To be fair I did one-shot Lenox when I got three of the five party members with a lightning bolt first round..

I also apparently got it in my brain that Amnon = Rogue and Lenox = Barbarian for literally no reason and could not get it straight in my stupid ape brain.

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We’re streaming again!


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It’s Tuesday kids! That means it’s time for the video!
Session 5: Haunted Hiatus



We be streaming!


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It’s Tuesday again, next session will be ALMOST ENTIRELY SOCIAL (oh god) this one was just mostly social and my entire bullshit encounter got circumvented by scouting.

Session 6: Caravan Chaos