Let's Play Dungeons and Dragons, 5th Edition!



Hey we’re streaming



Whoops I forgot to post the video yesterday, here it is now. We won’t be playing D&D today because I’ve got a thing I’m doing but the crew will probably be streaming something. See you next week!

Session Seven: Party Pooper


We’ll be streaming at 9, this time at my channel! twitch.tv/LoakaMossi


We’re back to 5th ed!



It’s Tuesday now so it’s time for an update!

Session Eight: Dwarf Facts


We’re streaming pirate crimes! https://www.twitch.tv/batilisk


Whoops I forgot to update the LP on Tuesday because I was preparing for Thanksgiving. I’ll get it up this Tuesday.

My apologies to all our fan


In the meantime, why not listen to our Thanksgiving endeavors? I might edit this down a bit later, but otherwise here’s what definitely happened to Jeff, Loaka and me over the week.


Happy belated thanksgiving to everyone. Does Lenox react differently to most people when the circus is brought up?


I suck and am the worst DM. Anyway, here’s the session.

Session Nine: Going Overboard


Alice is missing session today, which means we’re starting at 8:30 which is now at https://www.twitch.tv/batilisk


Whoops, I forgot to post Amnon’s letter!

Amnon's Response

I’m sorry to hear about your family. Losing someone you love can be hard, but losing someone you have complicated feeling towards can be even harder. There’s a certain anxiety to it; a question that can never be resolved. It’s a special kind of grief, and I want you to know that I want to help you through it.

I would be delighted to meet up with you again. It would be nice to just talk face to face for a while.

I want you to know: I’ll do whatever you need me to do. If you want me to be a shoulder to cry on, I’ll be there. If you want me to give you space, I will. I won’t pretend to know what you want or need more than you do.

There are several scribbles. They seem to be hiding the words “love” and “from,” both of which have been written several times


Oh God I’m so sorry, I have been having the worst week and I am just exhausted. I still have to upload the video.

Ah fuck ah shit ah fuck.

TWO HOURS of video compressing later:
Session Ten: Arena dot Net

I did it


Don’t worry about it. Take care of yourself.

In other news, does Lenox assign the tales of Headshoots or Deathgate as homework?


We’re streaming now! Time 4 bards!



As stated, I wanted a zany Home Alone-esque experience from this session, but I really presented it wrong to allow for that and I’m really disappointed with myself.

I hope our fan still enjoys it!
Session Eleven: Banded Together


We’re live! twitch.tv/batilisk


Arram is the worlds greatest monster bait/kibble.


My take: If a monster tried to eat Arram he would spend the whole time apologizing to them for tasting bad.


It’s Tuesday, here’s an update:

Session Twelve: Fiery Dilemma