Jenner's Thread to be Gay in, AKA Let's Watch Revolutionary Girl Utena!

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Okay, enjoy!
Wait, wait, we can’t do it like that. Okay. Revolutionary Girl Utena is an anime released in 1997 and if I recall correctly the majority of people who worked on this show were women. The legend goes that the creator worked on or was inspired by Sailor Moon and had a feverish dream from which they awoke with only a simple echoing command in their heart: Make it gayer and more tragic. Since Sailor Moon was content with what was, at the time, meter breaking levels of gayness and tragedy the creator went off to make their own magical girl anime, that is gayer and even more tragic, thus Revolutionary Girl Utena was born. Upon its release in the late 90s no current methods of measuring gayness and tragedy could even gauge the levels RGU reached. RGU was off the charts. Nowadays we have the Rebecca Sugar model of measuring such things but that’s largely because of RGU, which was one of her many influences.

I love RGU but it is not for the faint of heart, in fact, it’s here to rip your heart out and take a shit on it. It’s gorgeous for 1997 and you should watch it, and then we should talk about it. If you are down for this task you can watch it on your own or you can kind of sort of watch it with me since I’ll be watching 3 episodes every Monday and Wednesday starting at 4 PM EST (and ending around 5:30 PM EST.) If you figure out what 4 PM EST is in your time zone and start up the playlist at roughly that time you’ll technically be watching it with me.

For my part, beyond providing the playlist I’ll be back at some point after watching the three episodes of the day to talk about them in the form of a live blog style post. My posts will occasionally be supplemented with special segments. Current segments are:
1.) Somebody Get ChorpSaway Because Everything I Know About Japan I Learned From Anime (or SGCBEIKAJILFA): Wherein I explain anime tropes poorly.

2.) Anyway, Back to the Gay Shit: Palate cleanser posts full of mostly wholesome fan art, screen shots, memes, etc (Others are invited to contribute.)

If you join me you can use whatever format you like but please use spoiler tags and list the episodes you’re talking about so the late comers don’t get spoiled and can catch up.

:siren: :tw: Because of previously stated tragedy Revolutionary Girl Utena can be triggering and I don’t want to accidentally and unintentionally mess some innocent Zoner up so here’s a triggers warning/guide by Tumblr user Vilecrocodile that breaks it down episode by episode. It does a good job of detailing potential triggers but does unfortunately contain spoilers: Click here!

I think that’s everything we need to begin, I hope we have fun crying and screaming at late 90s anime together.


Whoops, 5:30 came and went and I didn’t even notice.

Today’s episodes

I watched this for the first time a few months ago, and the first thing that hooked me was the little fairy tale sequence at the beginning of the first episode. It changed the content of a fairy tale like story to make it more interesting, but kept the same style. I thought that was really neat! The story itself really did make me want to keep watching.

Episodes 25&26

Something I will never understand or get over is how Saionji somehow knows what’s up. He refers to the castle as “a trick of the light,” and it turns out to be a projection. Is “trick of the light” a common idiom in Japanese, or did Saionji just figure everything out before anyone else? Also, is talking about later episodes in this manner allowed, or do you want to limit discussion to the episodes we watch?

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Well that was a ride.


Is Anthy just gonna get slapped in every episode because wow. (Extra spoilers, it actually gets much worse for Anthy. :smith:)

Anyway, Episode 1: Eat Shit Saionji.

Utena: There’s nothing in the rules that says a girl can’t wear a boy’s uniform. Byeeee.
Next Scene: Basketball

Saionji status: Utter shit

Touga: Don’t abuse the Rose Bride.
Twenty bucks says he abuses the Rose Bride before this anime is over if he hasn’t abused her already. Dude is creepy.

Anthy: So here’s the rules to this asinine bullshit.
Saionji: Bitch don’t tell her the rules.

That feel when Utena trashes Saionji with a broken wooden sword, :kissing_closed_eyes::ok_hand:
Never not corncob Saionji at every opportunity Utena.

Episode 2: How Did Saionji Get Out of the Garbage? Back You Go.

Ohtori Academy: Quite phallic.

Wakaba Wisdom: Men are replacable.

Headline: Dangerous Anarchist group posing as Student Council. Could your teens be duelists?!

Ghost house sounds fucking awesome.

Those bunk beds are gonna persevere, I’m sure of it. :eyes:

Can’t watch her stirring that tea cup without thinking about the Sunken Place now, thanks Get Out! (It actually adds new context and meaning! Wow!)

Anthy that’s bullshit, you do not remotely like being the Rose Bride and doing this nonsense. Quit it.

Oh no, it’s Chu-Chu. I don’t like Chu-Chu.

Every time Chu-Chu starts choking on the cookie I keep hoping Utena will not intervene this time and he chokes to death but she saves him every time. :negative: #LetChu-ChuDie

Saionji: Same sex relationships are an abomination. Women are property. Anthy belongs to me and I am entitled to her. See, it’s right here in my diary.
Touga: K.

Ho ho ho, even demure waifu Anthy is getting in on the well deserved corncobbing of Saionji.

Utena you better fucking not intentionally lose. :angry:




Episode 3: The Only Person Allowed to Ruin My Night is Me.

Yeah!! Slap that creepy fucker away!!

Yuck, yuck, yuck. ::pauses video to take a shower::

Anthy just standing there while this gross predator creeps on her girlfriend. On one hand, Utena plenty able to fight her own battles. On the other, augh the agony of just passively watching this. Sickening.

I love that Saionji has just been sulking and crying in his room for a whole day. FUCKING GOOD. You’re garbage Saionji.

Touga is NOBODY’S prince.

The slapping never stops.

Nanami sucks. #LetNanamiDie

Dance queen? Aww hell nah.

There’s no way Anthy is making that dress work. (Spoilers she makes the dress work.)

Of course Touga sends Utena a princess dress. He’s also trash. Put him in the garbage with Saionji.

Utena she has social anxiety, stop it. You’re being a butt.

Goddamn it Utena don’t give orders or commands! Also don’t make demands! :mad:
(That rhymed.)

Taking a short break here to just give Utena some advice right now, Utena here are my tips for you:

  1. Never say anything that could be interpreted as an order or a command towards Anthy because she must obey you and it’s gross.
  2. Consent is really complicated here because she has to give you what you want. It’s gross. And no I have absolutely no idea how to find out what she wants or empower her in any way. I have no idea if she has any agency whatsoever or how an environment where she can have any real choice or agency can even exist when she’s the Rose Bride. Just let her do her own thing. And since she appears to be unwilling or unable to stand up for or defend herself you’re just gonna need to bust some fucking asses on the sly to put a lid on this nonsense, ok?
  3. Win every duel because anyone who fucking gets her is going to own her and if she’s gonna be somebody’s property she may as well be your property because at least you’re kind to her and treat her like a person.
    My YouTube series, Jenner’s Hot Tips on Being Engaged to the Rose Bride is going to have only a handful of views and like 8 dislikes and Saionji is in the comments complaining about “females” condemning feminism. His 3 hour long response video to my video has over 4 million likes and… Okay I’ll stop.

I think Utena still thinks this is some kind of game though, like an act they’re all playing and it hasn’t sunk in on her yet that this absolutely awful shit is 100% real and gross.

Okay moving on.

Oh boy incest. :unamused:

Wow they’re really beautiful together. :3 :heartpulse:

Ew ew ew ew ew. :fearful::nauseated_face:

Nanami no.
Nanami you suck.

Oh nooooo, Anthy. :slightly_frowning_face:

Oh my God, you all suck. Every last one of you in on this sucks. :angry:

Touga. NO.

Aaah Anthy!! :broken_heart::cry::sob:

Utena to the rescue!
I too wear functional clothes under dresses.
(Omg it’s the magical girl version of her outfit.)

Smooth with that table cloth.

It’s a toga now. #Sapphic

Omg they look so happy dancing together. :heart::heart::heartpulse::heartpulse:

Omg look at them my precious gay babies. :cry::sob:
(It’s happy crying now okay?!)

A very good episode.

See you on Wednesday, friends!

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It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen the later episodes so I won’t be able to discuss but others will so go ahead. Just separate later eps into their own spoilers and don’t bulk spoil (like you did in your post.)

Saionji isn’t even the worst person in this show. :gonk:

I fucking love this anime

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I started watching Utena just yesterday for the first time, and I just spotted this thread about it!! I’m only at episode 8 but as a huge Sailor Moon fan, I deeply appreciate the mixture of theater-style aestetics. Probably due in part of an art director (forgot their name) whose work heavily influenced the theatrical style of popular anime like Sailor Moon, Princess Tutu, Ouran… They’re all very similar in style and grace!! Same art director, I swear!

I dunno if that art director also participated in Code Geass somehow too, but you can see that show dripping with theatrical style too, certainly in the way that characters (most definitely Lelouche) just poses wildly and belows their voice for all to hear. I have a soft spot for this kind of thing.

I’ve been meaning to watch this, so this is a good opportunity to get on that.

[spoiler]First off, it’s definitely impressive that this came out in 1997. Three episodes in and this already seems to be doing better than most shows do in handling gay relationships nowadays. I mean, there is absolutely no subtlety in the opening. People weren’t exaggerating when they said this was very gay

They do a really good job of establishing that Utena wears masculine clothing without being weird about it. The cast that has a crush on her (most of them, it seems) respect her for being a woman who wears masculine clothing, and the people who don’t respect that are either a) dunked on immediately or b) omni-creeps.

I’m loving the silhouette girl intermissions. They’re just so offputting and strange, it’s delightful. I also love the intro sequence for the Student Council because it makes them look like huge dorks. It’s just too bad half of them have been introduced and they’re awful.

How the actual seven hells.[/spoiler]

I hope everyone enjoys their three episodes today!

@heyboots wanted to play D&D so I got distracted. As we delve into these episodes I feel like I need to have a special segment to explain certain things to people who might not be so familiar with anime and Japanese cultural mannerisms as they are depicted in anime. So here’s the first of such segments which I’m tentatively entitling:

Somebody Get ChorpSaway Because Everything I Know About Japan I Learned From Anime


WTF is Boku?
If you listen to Utena’s dialog in Japanese you’ll hear her saying boku. Boku is a way of referring to yourself. No other female character in this anime says boku, they say atashi. But male characters say boku. So Utena uses a more masculine form of speech to refer to herself. It’s a thing.

What’s Up With Wakaba
Close boisterous relationships like the one depicted in RGU between Wakaba and Utena are common among Japanese girls in Japan. Though the dynamic is hugely exaggerated in anime. Wakaba and Utena have probably been friends and classmates since elementary school. The way Utena goes along with this suggests it’s been the norm for a long time. There are like all girl schools and if anime is any reflection on this dynamic then this kind of thing is pretty common. Supposedly, girls often get in relationships with other girls to be pure for boys or something and they’re expected to put aside their relationships with girls once they find the right guy but someone please tell me this is a racist lie because yikes. Regardless, talking about being in love and declaring someone your one true love might not be that big of an exaggeration.

I am not an expert on Japanese culture but Japan has this thing with honorifics which some people can actually take pretty seriously. Like, according to anime, you can really insult or offend someone if you use the wrong honorific. Of course, kids being kids there’s like this counter culture about making a joke out of them being ironic/sarcastic. Or even mean/disrespectful with them. We’ll come back to this, for now, what you need to know is that the most common honorific (in anime) are:

And the honorific you use with someone reflects your relationship/closeness with them. According to anime, just calling someone their first name is like, extremely close. And if you have cutesy nicknames for each other you may as well just get married already.

Back to what I was talking about before about sarcasm/jokes: Only the most arrogant, self-righteous, shithead would demand or require anyone to refer to them as [name]-Sama or be pleased at someone sincerely calling them Sama because Sama is what a servant calls a lord. So all the fangirls calling Utena Utena-sama are doing it tongue-in-cheek, it’s a term of endearment and respect but they’re not serious. It’s a joke. But Anthy fucking means it. So Utena is just like, please no.

An example: I like @Fefnir a lot so if they called me Jenner-Senpai (because I know I’m older than you Fefnir) I’d be like, yeah fine whatever because IDGAF. But I really like Fefnir and have mad respect for them. So were I more uptight Fefnir calling me Jenner-Senpai might hurt my feelings because I think we’re close enough that they could just call me Jenner-Chan or, gasp, even Jenner. (:heart: Fefnir.)

Hope that helps!

Last Names, First Names
Calling someone by their last name is pretty much the standard, most formal and respectful way to go. So Utena calling Anthy Himemiya just Himemiya is informal but formal. It’s interesting.

And that ends this segment of SGCBEIKAJILFA.

Spoilers time:

Episode 4: Everything is a Metaphor

Whoever translated “Taihen ne” as “Sucks to be you” is my hero.

Times Anthy has been slapped: 5

Miki status: “Nice guy”

Miki listens to Creep and totally relates.

Miki: “Happiness can be close by…”
Juri: ::changes the subject::
I see you Juri.

Miki: “I’m not going to fight a duel with you.”
Also Miki: ::Fights a duel with Utena.::

Dear Shadow Puppet Girls, if the person you’re dating can’t humor the fact that you like pro wrestling and eat a lot then dump that chump.


Is a snail in her pencil box an innuendo for something?

Is a snake in her desk drawer an innuendo for something?

Is there being a mongoose in her desk a metaphor for anything? (I have my theories.)

Geeze Nanami, you’d think she’d learn after the first two tries. Nanami you can’t shame a weirdo for being a weirdo among other weirdos.

I like how Nanami gets increasingly unhinged and disheveled as her plots are foiled again and again. Nanami getting outpranked by the demure waifu. Owned.

Please tell me an octopus in her closet is innuendo for something.

Oh no, tentacles in an anime created in the late 90s. ::braces herself.::
Oh. That was completely tame. Good job, RGU!

Oh my gosh she made a little cartoon in her book that’s so precious. Friends this is probably the first time in a very long time she’s been able to laugh and enjoy herself and just goof around. These smiles are probably her first genuine smiles, this laughter her first genuine laughter in so damn long. This may be the first time she’s enjoyed herself in… I don’t want to think about it.

Whoops I made the cute thing sad. #JennerRuinsEverything

Dear God, please let that octopus kill Chu-Chu.

Shaved ice is really good.

LMAO Anthy just noped the fuck out of that awkward as hell conversation.

Damn it, Chu-Chu survived. #LetChu-ChuDie

Miki stop.

Miki: I found it, my “shining thing”.

Episode 5: Miki Stop.

Miki: ::Aggressively obsessing on Anthy.::
Anthy: ::Awkward smile::
Me: :unamused: Miki stop.

Oh for fucks sake Miki, it’s not your fault you got sick and your family is assholes.

Oh gee Utena just fucking come out and say it, nice.

Utena: This is ridiculous. “I’ll can’t forgive a system that deprives someone of their personal freedom.”

Friends, I think Utena’s finally got it. I think she’s finally figured it out. She has learned a very important lesson this episode. Miki’s totally taking notes by the way.

Looks like Miki learned an important lesson too.

Oh man, Miki, Touga fucked your sister. Rude.

Uh… he called him cute. …he’s flirting with him. Okay people, new theory, there is nothing and no one Touga will not try to fuck.

How to not be the worst in Revolutionary Girl Utena:

  1. Don’t abuse the Rose Bride.
  2. Don’t listen to Touga.


Utena’s expression as he holds the rose out to her, lol.
Utena, internally: “Are you fucking serious right now?”

LMAO, the shadow girls rule.

Utena, internally: Goddamnit Miki. You imbecile. You fucking moron.

Utena, internally: I’m going to knock these idiot ideas out of your motherfucking head, Miki!

Oh my fucking God, Miki. :facepalm:
He thinks she wants him to rescue her. Fucking White Knight.

No she’s not.


“If you look closely you can actually pinpoint the exact moment his heart breaks in two.”

Utena smashing the patriarchy in real time today.

Oh my fucking god. My friends, it happened: :siren: ANTHY DIDN’T GET SLAPPED A SINGLE TIME THIS EPISODE! :siren:
:toot: :toot: :toot: :toot: :toot:
A Very Special Episode.

Episode 6: Just Skip This One.

Please don’t do anything about Nanami’s concerns. #LetNanamiDie

Like, normally I’d frown at victim blaming but no. You know Nanami has made some enemies with her bullshit.

“Even if you are the student council president, you can’t just kill your own sister!” Lol what?

Oh no.
Oh no.

:gonk: :gonk: :gonk: :gonk: :gonk:

Friends, remind me to talk about Tokimeki Memorial.

Incest too?! Auuugh. Okay, you have my permission to just bail on this episode.

Lol Saionji is back and still hung up on Anthy.
Utena: “Nobody asked you.”
Lolololol GET DUNKED ON.
Aaaaaaaa, I can’t believe fucking Saionji saved this episode. Hahaha.

:neutral_face: Did that child just kill a man.

Utena and this kid have a lot in common. I’m not sure how I feel about this.

Okay they don’t have everything in common. (This is a good thing.)

Where did his boxing gloves come from?!

…Okay I don’t even know what’s going on any more.



No Utena, he is garbage.

PS, Anthy didn’t get slapped this episode either.

There we go! See everyone on Monday! (I really need to be better about this.)


Oh no, I liked Miki until episode 4 ended. He’s certainly less outwardly creepy than the other two dudes, but his sole interest in Anthy is “plays piano like my sister.” Though I suppose he’s the least creepy of the council thus far; if it weren’t for the romantic angle of the whole thing I’d respect his backstory. Even if it wasn’t his fault he wasn’t there, I can see where he’d get that sense of personal failure. It’s just a shame he only learns an important lesson once and doesn’t stop fucking up for the rest of the episode.
Hoo boy. Episode 6 was filler episode as all get out. The small child beating up/stone cold murdering three nerds almost made up for it. The rest of it, however, is 100% The Worst. Outside of the knowledge that a kangaroo has fared better in a fight against Utena than any of the other council members. I’m glad the Nerd Squad is weaker than a marsupial.

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No Nanami episode is a filler episode. They are all very important.


[spoiler]Okay, Touga casually throwing knives at Miki owns. I’d like them a lot more if they weren’t creeps. I mean I guess they’re the villains for a reason, but they still casually pal around with Utena down the line so I don’t know how to feel about them. Anyway, Jury’s also a projecting jerk. Like, her situation definitely sucks. Having the girl you have a crush on steal the guy she thinks you have a crush on but don’t actually is hella messy, but that’s no reason to join the Smack Anthy Club.
Utena and Anthy made a curry so spicy it exploded and made them change brains? It’s probably not hot enough for my tastes, but admittedly I’d wanna try it. I also appreciate Nanami getting constantly wrecked by elephants, noted agents of death in the animal kingdom.
I’d feel sorry for Saionji and his fear of death, except he has to ruin that goodwill by being The Worst. Though in fairness, Touga “Friendship is Dumb” Kiryuu gives him quite the run for his money.

Anyway, I felt like making this out of the blue. The dunking was just too good.


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It’s RGU day! I had to pause the video and do some stuff because my spouse had made an appointment with landscapers and then volunteered me to handle things. Okay here goes.

Episode 7: How Can I Own You If You Keep Owning Yourself?

That teacher should kill Chu-Chu.
(The teacher does not kill Chu-Chu.)

Old dude trying to go out on some kind of creepy date with a teenager, not cool.

Juri shuts him down and redirects him, freeing Utena. Two birds with one stone. Nice.

What an interesting conversation.
Juri seems jaded and burned out, like she’s just going through the motions. She doesn’t seem to think this Rose Bride thing is legitimate. (That there is a power to bring revolution to the world or that Anthy can give her what she wants.) So why is she even participating?

Some speculation that might be major spoilers, maybe skip this but:
Is Anthy intentionally antagonizing the Student Council to fight duels over her? She almost seems to be pushing their buttons. First she plays Miki’s song for Miki, triggering his obsession then she pulls this shit with Jury. It’s almost like she knows what these teens want and baits them.
Super spoilery speculation over!

Juri I know you’ve been hurt and can’t believe in what she’s offering any more. That you don’t want to be tempted and hurt again. But that’s no excuse to join the Anthy Slapping Club.

Y’know what, Juri claims she wants to disprove the miracle but I actually think she wants the miracle to exist more than anything.

Goddamn it unnamed girl you don’t even get it. You didn’t take him from her, you took you from her. (Not that Juri is entitled to this girl.)

This scene pretty much proves it. “Your Prince fiction is no less silly than our Rose Bride fiction. You can’t selectively believe in miracles, toss that fucking ring away or own up!” Like, Juri is mad. She doesn’t want it to be real but can’t reject it either!

And interesting thing about this scene is that when Touga touches Utena’s hair and touches her she slaps him away and rebuffs him but she isn’t so opposed to Juri’s advances and actually seems almost… flustered by them.

Juri is fighting to disprove it to validate her hurt and hurt herself more. Juri just out here owning herself daily. Were Utena not forced to participate in this I’d like to think she’d just walk away all, “I’m not going to help you hurt yourself.”

This music rules.

Utena seriously outmatched and Juri is just smug. Is this what you really fucking want Juri?

Ha ha, how appropriate. Of course she defeats herself, IT’S WHAT SHE DOES BEST.

God it isn’t even about that unnamed girl you had a crush on Juri, it’s about you.

Episode 8: Obligatory Bodyswapping Episode.

I like that Anthy and Utena are having a great time and enjoying themselves in Home Economics or whatever.


(Times Anthy has been slapped: 7, I think. Unless you don’t count this as Anthy being slapped.)

LMAO, Utena ready to throw down. Talk shit, get hit!

Miki’s internal fedora still strong.

(I hope Nanami never comes back.)

Utena don’t go with Saionji.


Lol oh God he’s still on about his diary.


Ugh, don’t feel sorry for him.


Lol yessss.

Ugh, Saionji. Just laying out decrees. Pure trash.

Haha, that ending.
I still don’t like Chu-Chu.

Episode 9: Depressing Stuff Ahead.

::Leans forward in her seat at the preview:: This episode is going to be really gay.

Utena: Saionji if you really loved Anthy then you wouldn’t be trying to own her.

Why are there three caskets for two dead people?

Touga: “I’m always an ally to girls.”
Me: No you’re not.

Some seriously depressed shit from that mysterious pink haired girl.

No. Her prince was not like you, Touga.
At least, I hope he wasn’t.

Depressing stuff from the Shadow Girls this episode.

Geeze Saionji.
Oh she’s been hit again.

Okay wtf is going on?

That casket in a flower is some Georgia O’Keefe shit.

Does this mean Sainoji is dead now?

Go get her Utena!

Wow that… that’s incredibly symbolic.

Okay he wasn’t crushed, what?

Saionji just stop.


Touga has a direct phone line to the End of the World? What?

At least Saionji is getting expelled.


The screenshots are there now. See you all Wednesday!

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I forgot to post about RGU yesterday though I did watch the episodes. I apologize. I haven’t really been the best at getting my shit in order lately. One day I’ll update my LP!

Okay so after these three episodes we are now officially ascending the hill on the rollercoaster of tragedy. If you thought it was already tragic well that was just really bad news because we hadn’t even started climbing the hill. For the faint of heart you may want to stop watching after Episode 12 and make that the ending! Though I encourage everyone who can to stick with it with me because I dimly recall this anime being real good!

Before we get started it’s time for a mini installment of SGCBEIKAJILFA:
If you’ve listening to or paying attention to Nanami’s dialog in Japanese you can hear her saying her own name. Referring to yourself by your own name is a very immature/childish way of speaking. In anime, child characters often talk in this way so Nanami is speaking to her older brother as if she were still a child. It’s not cute.

That’s all, are you ready? Let’s get started:

Episode 10: Nanami is Not Even the Worst Person in this Anime.

Bye Saionji. 🖑🖕

Oh hey it’s his diary.

Touga probably isn’t going to do shit to bring him back.
Especially since Touga just admitted last episode that he set this whole thing up with the forged letter from the End of the World and probably…
Speculation spoilers
Concocted and masterminded that whole fucked up incident under the castle even up to the point where he dives to save Utena and takes the sword hit.
Speculation spoilers over!

Haha, him incinerating that diary seals it, Saionji is probably gone for good. Nothing of value was lost. Burning that diary is the only good thing Touga will ever do.

Touga’s gonna scheme because he’s in no condition to fight Utena.

I can’t believe Utena just takes that slap. That shit really affected her. :hushed:

Utena stop it. You are already a prince. Touga’s fucking mind games are getting to her. :rage:

That kitten is cute.

She probably actually really cares about him. He is probably the only person she cares about more than herself.

You may be wondering, Jenner is the incest gonna stop soon?
Do you really want me to answer that question?

Touga has got plans and I don’t like it.

Normally I would call Utena out on being tsundere here but I actually think she’s being sincere. She doesn’t really want anything to do with Touga but she feels she needs to pay him back for his heroics.
Of course Touga thinks it’s an act because he’s a piece of shit who can’t imagine anyone not wanting him.

The cat Nanami gave him in the flash back is in that box in this flash back isn’t it? :neutral_face:

I mean, that’s not exactly true. There is something going on with her and Touga it’s just not romantic. If Touga can’t fuck you then he fucks with you. Oftentimes he does both.

I do think that since Touga has been playing up this chivalrous knight and noble prince act that Utena does respect him since he’s portraying himself as the kind of prince she wants to be. Let me state here and now that I am not a fan of this psychological manipulation Touga is pulling on Utena to get her to conflate him with the prince from her memories. It is absolutely a ploy to get the upper hand on her. Dude is awful.

No, Fefnir, Touga is not the worst person in this anime either.

Oh my god she kills the cat. :gonk:

Nanami you suck.

Does Touga just have a warehouse full of those rings? I bet he does. But once again this is almost assuredly more psychological manipulation to get Utena to think he’s her prince. By her reaction, it’s working. Mad about it.

Also, dear creator of Utena. Implying Nanami is now a main character is not a good idea.

Note how Touga challenges Utena for Nanami, Nanami doesn’t challenge her herself. Like every other duelist has. This is a set up. He’s using her.

Hey get fucked Nanami.

She doesn’t know when to quit!

Bah. Fuck you, Touga.

Nanami you are just so fucked up and awful.

Friends since the box opens on the way down I’m gonna establish some canon here. Ignore the raven imagery, the kitten survives the plunge because cats and makes its way to shore where it is adopted by a nice anime family who spoil it rotten and it gets so, so, fat. It dies at the ripe old age of 23 having completely forgotten about Touga and Nanami.

Yeah, Nanami your job is fucking done now let that miserable piece of shit project his false airs of princeliness at Utena like he planned all along.


Episode 11: All According to Keikaku

When I watched this show with my girlfriend back in the early 00s she told me I reminded her of Wakaba.

Haha, the little hearts. I did make her meals just like that from time to time.

Takoyaki is delicious.

Yakisoba is also really tasty.

Why isn’t Chu-Chu dead yet?

Touga it’s your damn fantasy that you’re doing everything you can to turn into a reality and you suck.

Wakaba you’re not helping.

Juri knows what’s up. And no, I have no idea what’s going on with the balloons. It’s definitely symbolic of something.

Oh fuck you Touga, no it is not the victim’s fault.

I have complicated feelings about Anthy expressing sentiments like this. But Touga is a dick for this shut down.

Well that’s a threat.

You tell him, Utena! Anthy is a person, not some object to be owned, fought over, and passed around.

Utena no. Not like this. :hushed:



Fuck you, Touga. Arghhh!

This fucker. His psychological manipulation is too fucking much and I hope she beats the shit out of him.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh :angry::angry::angry::angry::angry:

Sigh, Utena stop it. She really should know better by now. It’s not like it wouldn’t be good for Anthy but Rose Bride.

Anthy… :slightly_frowning_face: Ugh I’m SO CONFLICTED. It’s impossible to tell if she’s being honest and sincere about this or if she’s just doing what Utena wants and saying what Utena wants to hear. I want her to want this. I would be a bad caretaker of the Rose Bride.

I mean, she’s on the right track she’s just going about it the wrong way. The solution is to liberate Anthy from her role as the Rose Bride and allow her to be just a regular girl. Ideally by finding some way for her to choose freedom for herself. But because Rose Bride this is a fucking mess.

Good Utena, get determined and kick his ass. It may be problematic as fuck but you are literally the only person who sees Anthy as a person and treats her as such.

“Until a doctor stoppage” is a reference to the “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” adage. They express a pretty much the same sentiment in Japanese. This is a pretty decent translation. Also the Shadow Girls are dating, I just made that canon.

Hey friends if you’ve been skipping the castle ascension sequences you wanna watch this one because it’s different. Utena hesitates. I’m not sure if that’s a good sign or not.

The way they look at each other aaah. :sparkling_heart:



He’s specifically trying to draw out the ghost prince, what’s his angle?






:frowning: noooooo

Friends she doesn’t even care about the power she just wants to save Anthy. :cry:

Touga don’t you dare.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaa you colossal fucker!!!

Noooooo… :broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart:

:sob: FUCKER!!

…Anthy… This cannot be pleasant for Anthy either. Agh. :sob::broken_heart::sob::broken_heart::sob::broken_heart::sob::broken_heart:


Episode 12: Self Rescuing Prince
Alternate title: The One Where Wakaba Says All the Things I Am Either Thinking or Screaming at the Television.

This sucks.

She’s skipping class. :slightly_frowning_face:

The covered name. :slightly_frowning_face:

Gosh she’s devastated.
You can do it, Wakaba, I believe in you.

Wakaba don’t mention Anthy. :neutral_face:
Actually maybe it’s okay she mentions Anthy.

Ugh, the Anthy leaving memory is gut wrenching.

Wakaba flailing about trying her hardest to lift her friends spirits, looking for any way to get her to talk or distract her. I know that feel, Wakaba.

A girl’s uniform? Nope, I don’t like it.

The onlookers are wrong, it doesn’t suit her at all.

Friends, being normal is bullshit.

Anthy don’t you fucking dare twist the knife.

I can’t tell if she twisted the knife or not, it doesn’t look like she did. You know Touga would have wanted her to twist the knife. Is she being defiant?

Wakaba is trying so hard. What a good friend. Wakaba is a ride or die friend.

They’re not saying you couldn’t win on skill alone, fucker, they KNOW.

Juri leaning on the 4th wall. She has a healthy contempt for Touga and I like it. She’s winning me back after the slapping incident.

You tell her Wakaba! A lesson for everyone, don’t be other people’s normal be your normal, whatever that is.

I’m mad too, Wakaba. This has really doused the fire in Utena.

Ugh, go away Touga. Nobody wants you here. Especially if you’re going to be flaunting Anthy about like a trophy. You make me sick.

No, he is still not the worst person in this anime.

Shut up and go away, dickbag.

Aaaaaah. Ew ew ew! Utena, c’mon!

Yeah, Wakaba!!

Same, Wakaba. We are saying the same things. Get your filthy hands off her, Touga! :rage:
This cannot be even remotely pleasant for Anthy either.

Yes! Yes! Fine! A glass of water is fine!
OF COURSE!! :angry:

Bah. Bah, bah, bah, bah, bah. Wakaba it’s more complicated than that.

Wow that slap! On one hand, yikes! On the other hand, fucking FINALLY.
Damn right you slap her back! Good on you, Wakaba!

Wakaba rulz ok

Aww she took the handkerchief. Touga wouldn’t want that either. We might be seeing actually want from Anthy here, friends.

Damn right Wakaba! Don’t stop! NEVER STOP! Because this sucks!

This is the real Touga, a sleazy playboy who doesn’t care about anybody desperately trying to fill the void with sexual conquests that society has told him will satisfy him but that only leave him more hollow and lonely. He cannot have real companionship or form substantive relationships with anyone. He’s always scheming and using people. He’s reminds me of a sad MRA PUA scumbag. He’s pitiful.

Wow! Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow! Okay that’s big. That’s REALLY BIG. That is 100% definite want from Anthy! Aaah, just leave and go to Utena, Anthy! Forget this fucker!

Yes. Yes. GO :clap: TO :clap: HER :clap:

Wakaba is figuring shit out.
Wakaba rulz ok

That’s right, Wakaba! You tell her!

Those bunk beds still going strong.

THANK YOU WAKABA! YES! TAKE IT BACK, UTENA! Go get yourself back from that fucker, don’t let him steal you from you.


There you go! There’s the real Utena!
Good fucking job, Wakaba. You goddamn hero. :heart:

Awww. :3

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!
Go get her, Utena!

She’s gonna wipe that smug smirk off your fucking face, Touga.

Anthy’s gasp. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!


Same Shadow Girls, but I also no longer know what’s going on with the Shadow Girls.

Is that Juri’s sword?
It is! IT IS JURI’S SWORD!! Aaaah.
Juri you have done it, you have come back from the deficit! You officially rule again.
So symbolic having the woman (she’s a lesbian) give the other woman (she’s in love with a woman) her sword. That’s some good shit!

That sword doesn’t suit you, Touga. You belong in the garbage.

Yikes. Just because the sword can be used that way doesn’t mean it should be used that way.

Gross. :gonk:

It’s not beautiful at all. :neutral_face: But it sure looks powerful.

I’m guessing this is like, Anthy putting her will into the sword. Yikes. It menaces with spikes of misogyny.

…Anthy… :hushed:

Well shit.
It’s okay, she’s a pro with broken swords.

Touga is cruel.

Utena isn’t interested in your bullshit any more, Touga. She’s wise to you now and done with your shit.

It’s not over, Anthy. She’s rescuing herself as much as she’s rescuing you.

Anthy: “This… this…”


That tear, omg. :cry: She chose!!


Utena doesn’t need no fucking ghost prince shenanigans, the prince was inside of her all along.


Those smiles. :3 :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

Back to the way it should be.

For those that keep going I’ll see you on Monday with the next three episodes, and another short segment of SGCBEIKAJILFA.

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I was supposed to be watching Revolutionary Girl Utena today but instead I argued with white supremacists on Twitter all day before going out and getting tacos with my spouse then coming home and watching him play Night in the Woods.

I’m not even sure anyone is still on this journey with me as I’m the only one really posting in this thread but I’m going to continue because maybe people are reading this and enjoying it.

Also I wanna watch RGU and live blog it so this is as good a place as any.

Before we begin it’s time for a brief segment of SGCBEIKAJILFA:

:jp: in Japanese Anime lexicon alluding to lilies or referring to a woman as a lily is a coy way of saying she’s a lesbian. So yes when the Shadow Girls say Utena came out like a lily in the clip episode they’re calling her gay.

The next bit is a spoiler. In Japan it is not uncommon for powerful men to adopt young men into their families to be their heirs if they do not have male offspring. They often solidify this union with marriages to their daughters. As is what has apparently happened with Anthy’s brother.

I’m gonna watch the episodes now, here we go:

Episode 13: A Good Clip Episode.

I’ve heard it said that there is no such thing as a good clip episode but I disagree. I think this one is pretty good.

When Touga is sad, I’m happy.

It’s happened. We’ve just met the worst character in this entire anime.

The first duel, Friendship: Utena challenges Saionji because he is a cruel piece of shit who put Wakaba’s love letter to him up on display. At the end she tells Anthy she did it for Chu-Chu.

Are we counting slaps in the clip episode as new slaps for the slap counter or do they count as the same slap? I actually lost count anyway. (I’ll do a recount at the end.)

No ChorpSaway I am not keeping track of how many times Miki clicks his timer. (This might be a lie, I might try to keep count while I’m tracking slaps. It depends on if I feel like it.)

The second duel, Choice: Utena doesn’t give a fuck about the duels but since she got swept up in this bullshit she has no choice but to fight or get kicked out. She decides she’ll just purposefully lose the duel and be done with this outrageous nonsense but when the duel starts she doesn’t throw the fight, why?

My theory: Saionji isn’t going after the rose, he’s going after her so she instinctually defends herself from physical harm. By the time Saionji starts going for the rose she’s in survive mode, acting on instinct. She believes her life is in danger. Then ghost prince secures the win.

The third duel, Reason: This is a very special duel, where Miki’s reasons for seeking to possess the Rose Bride are called out as flawed and shortsighted. But what are Utena’s reasons for keeping Anthy under her protection? Utena finds her reason this duel.

The fourth duel, Love: Juri is just out to hurt herself and using Utena and the duels to do it. Juri had her love denied, but I believe Utena is fighting out of love for Anthy. It’s incredibly powerful that not only does Juri thwart the ghost prince on skill alone (ghost princing usually wins Utena the duel, but Juri deflects with no tricks) but she also symbolically defeats herself.

The fifth duel, Adoration: Nanami sucks and she’s not worth my attention.

Sigh okay fine. Nanami’s ugly obsessed with her older brother in gross incestuous ways. Her adoration is corrupt. But Utena’s adoration for Anthy is more pure. Nanami can’t accept losing and her rampage causes her to symbolically clip off some of her hair and loose it.

The sixth duel, Conviction: Touga’s psychological manipulation still has me incensed. He uses every trick he can to get in Utena’s head so he can win. Utena is determined to win, even if it’s against some fucklord pretending at being the prince from her memories. Her desires for Anthy to just be a normal girl are challenged and it puts a painful tint to all Anthy’s actions and stated desires. In the end, Utena loses this duel because Touga is a piece of shit.

The seventh duel, Self: This whole episode is about Wakaba shouting at Utena and doing everything to snap her out of her brood while Utena punishes herself and is infuriating. It also tracks Anthy as she disobeys and defies Touga’s will in tiny symbolic ways. It also shows Anthy displaying true wants and desires outside her owner’s will. Both are rejections of her role as the Rose Bride. We see Utena reclaiming herself and Anthy discovering a bit of herself in this episode. It’s really good.

This mysterious narrator goes on about the next step to a prince on an egg who looks pretty much exactly like Utena’s ghost prince. This dude claims Utena is reminding this prince of himself. Perhaps this prince is astrally projecting himself down into Utena to help her in duels?

IMHO Utena doesn’t need this guy’s help.

The Black Rose arc starts now.

Episode 14: She’s Just Not That Into You.

I like that Anthy is now saying no and correcting Utena and also sassing her a bit with that, “No that’s a planetarium” snark. This might be a peek at the real Anthy starting to come out.

Yes, we have met the worst person in this anime.

Akio: No fighting happening at my academy.
Utena: ::awkwardly:: Yup that is sure a fact.

Laughing yet cringing at Anthy’s long pause and, “Sure” at Kanae right there.

Souji Mikage being cheeky about the toxic environment of academia in my anime? :allears:



Miki what are you doing here?

::leans forward in her seat::: Souji making passes on Miki?

Oh man, a place where 100 guys were buried alive is way better than some stupid tree that binds you to the person you mutually confess your feelings to under! (I still haven’t talked about Tokimeki Memorial.)

What’s that, this other purple-haired person says boku? I wasn’t lying when I said Utena is the only female character who uses boku to refer to herself in this anime.

See I can’t talk too much about Mamiya Chida because that’s too much spoilers but there’s two theories. One is that he’s a cis man and Souji is just being fucked up, the other is that he’s a trans man. Considering his more feminine features, I’m in the trans man camp. And while Souji won’t honor his transness, I’m respecting Chida’s gender identity.

Additionally, Chida is the only character I’ll refer to as his surname in this anime, out of respect for him. Because Chida is a more masculine, or at least gender neutral, name in comparison to Mamiya (at least, it is to me.) While he never says so outright (that I can recall) I just feel he wouldn’t be too happy to be referred to by his female birth name. Anyway, back to the anime.

I don’t think anyone should want to be the Rose Bride. And Chida doesn’t seem to want it. This just seems to be Souji’s obsession that Chida is just humoring because they’re romantically involved. (It’s Chida’s picture on Souji’s desk, not Akio’s.)

Welcome to your first Elevator Sequence. Get used to it. The Elevator Sequence (ES) is where the character who is, spoilers, going to be fighting Utena that episode reveals their reasons for why they fall victim to the black rose. The ES is full of symbolism, like the butterfly in the frame regressing back to a caterpillar then turning into a leaf.

Kanae just wants to be a family, she wants her soon to be sister-in-law to like her. But the voice froths her up and capitalizes on her while she’s in a vulnerable emotional state.

Kanae’s freaked out or at least unnerved by Anthy’s peculiar Rose Bride behaviors, I probably would be too TBH.

Take it from me, a person three classes away from a degree in psychology: This is awful therapy. (No, I will never complete my degree.)

I once insecurely believed my sister-in-law didn’t like me. I decided to hell with her, I was gonna be me and she could just deal with it. We get along alright.

It does not look pleasant to be chosen by the black rose. But let’s ask Lord Soth. (I’m not funny.)

Has the tower ascension sequence changed at all? Not really.

This is new though.

What are the red filled in outlines for? :iiam:

The animation has improved.

Did Kanae see the ghost prince astral projection? That makes her and Touga the only ones to spot it thus far doesn’t it?

I’m pretty sure fitting into a body form imprinted on the ground is not a good thing.

Kanae doesn’t remember it at all? Convenient anime amnesia strikes again!

Chu-Chu’s behavior is suspicious. His expression… yikes. He knows something. What is up?

Oh no.


Episode 15: Hey Jealousy.

Me: Are the Only Romantic Relationships Allowed in Revolutionary Girl Utena Gay Ones or Incestuous Ones?

Touga status: Moping.

Chida still doesn’t look too enthralled with the idea of being made the Rose Bride. #LetChidaBeTrans

Miki stop.

Utena rooting him on. Sigh, I guess he means well. He’s just an awkward goon.


First bad translation in the subtitles. My suggestion: replace, “What about her?” from Kozue to “Tell me about her.” Or “What’s her deal?”

Utena… in this anime the relationships between siblings are usually not the kinds of relationships siblings should be having.

The moon doesn’t serve a purpose?! What the hell kind of dabbling astronomer are you, Akio?! The moon controls the tides! Akio’s one of those fucking fake “science is cool” science affectionatos, isn’t he? Watches the fucking Big Bang Theory religiously and shit.

Anthy: …Awkward.
Kozoe: You got a problem with it?!
Anthy, internally: Ha ha ha ha ha, she thinks that is incest, how cute.

In this ES, it’s all about Kuzoe! New symbolism: Music sheets scattered across the floor.

Oh hey, the main characters have swords inside them. But that does not look comfortable.

Whoops I guess I was wrong, one of the Shadow Girls just used boku to refer to herself. It’s still significant that Utena does it.

Utena is so done with this shit and she’s fucking ready.

Anthy is so confident she’s drinking the milkshakes.

Oh, that’s new. And different then Touga’s sword fuckery with Anthy.

And of course Kozue forgets everything too.


If anyone is still with me, I’ll see you Wednesday!

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It me again.

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What’s better than this? Gals being pals.


I’m back but I’m just posting fan art, screen shots, and memes for now okay?

Consider this the second of what is going to be a series of palate cleanser posts I’m calling:

I’ll make a big recap post later but for now let’s get started:

Aww the meme is broke so you’re gonna have to click this.

Bonus super secret spoilers section! (Contains real spoilers.)

Spoilers over!

It’s in the lesbian pride flag colors even.

Edit: All the images got broken so I replaced them with unbroken ones.

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I should probably do my write up before Monday but it starts with a Nanami episode!

How could you abuse your status as Anime Expert like this? Shame.

Next time I translate something for you I’m going to lie.
(No I won’t, I actually have a really hard time lying.)

Okay, I’m gonna dive in:

Episode 16: Nanami is Turned Into A Cow, Moove Along.

ChorpSaway is a liar and you have my permission to completely skip this episode. Consider me like Jesus, I shall suffer this episode so that you can be free of it. Click forward on the playlist and spare yourself. I’ll catch up with you in the Episode 17 recap.

To those of you who stayed, there is still time to save yourselves. Fly, you fools.

Still here? Well… I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry.

Those bunk beds still holding strong. I never stopped believing.

Anthy takes a potato chip, and eats it!

Lesbian bed death already and they probably haven’t even slept together. :disappointed:

Ugh, Nanami.

Juri status: Fine as hell. Getting that elegant rating for her outfit. (I swear I’m going to talk about Tokimeki Memorial one day.)

Everyone who stuck through this with me now knows that Miki and Juri know who Sebastian Dior is. Miki also knew who made Juri’s bling.

Miki’s likes: Rose Brides, Siblings, Name brand clothes and accessories, playing piano, timing arbitrary things.


I swear to fucking god if any of you make a single more cowbell joke I will report you.
(This is a lie, I will laugh. We’ll all laugh.)

Me: This episode just keeps getting worse and worse.

Nanami making class paint portraits of her in the cowbell. She knows she got trolled but she refuses to admit she got trolled.

Anthy totally knows what’s up, Anthy is the one who trolled her. This is like the ultimate revenge for all Nanami’s bullshit with her via the Mean Girls crew.

That boy is still alive?! Okay, I’m LEGITIMATELY shocked. I did not expect to see this kid ever again.
Welcome back, killer. :3

Okay no. I’m fine with the kid being around but he murdered at least one of those guys. I’m not okay with this.


This episode can end at any time now. Please. Have mercy.

I’m sad that this is probably a dream sequence or something however–


Sudden segment of SGCBEIKAJILFA!:
Sayonara is not to be used in temporary partings, but only for long or permanent goodbyes. Sayonara is largely reserved for partings where you know you will not see each other again for a long time, if ever. Touga is saying a final goodbye to Nanami, sending her to live with an uncle upstate.

Lol at the steak.


She’s now starting to act more subdued and is making cow noises as she talks.

This is really annoying oh my God. Seriously you brave souls following along can go at any time.

Anthy is just like: Oh dear she was not supposed to take it this far. I vastly underestimated her stubbornness and vanity.

I am really appreciating the translation effort in this episode. It’s really good. But it’s just… Not enough.

::pauses the video at that pun::
No. No. No. No.
I’m mad.
::Puts her phone down and walks away from it for awhile::
Ok I’m back.

LOL OMG ANTHY. Hahahahaha. But you’re putting Utena in danger!!

Anthy I’m not falling for it, you knew exactly what you were doing when you did it.

Ole!! Haha, Utena is up to the challenge and takes it in style.

She should have left her as a cow, but Utena can’t not save people.
In before she regrets this.
(Yes I already regret this.)

Anthy knows what she did.

::Leaves, “I did it!” orange soapstone message on this post.:::

That’s 23 minutes and 28 seconds of my life that I won’t get back, Nozomi.
You should be ashamed of yourself.

Episode 17: I’m Not Here to Make Friends
Alternative title: Yes, ~Just friends~. Gal pals. The friendliest of friends.

Welcome back, wise episode 16 skippers. I and the rest of the Episode 16 sufferers are relieved to join you, let’s get started.

Not gonna lie, this episode is going to be a little hard on me.

…Yes, I do hate you. There is a hole inside me now, an aching hollow void. Who gave you the right?


Girls named Shiori are always too much work and never worth the trouble. (It’s a Tokimeki Memorial reference, which I still haven’t talked about.)

Aww man, Chu-Chu survived.

~Childhood Friends~

… ::Pained sigh:: …same.

This one is orange.

The rose is a metaphor.

You stole you from her, you dingus. JFC.
…You stole you from me…


Shiori you suck.

Sigh. Juri is who she has to be.

The birds noticed the astral projection too. Hmm.

Shiori doesn’t have the skills to deflect the ghost prince like Juri did!


Because she’s a part of you, Juri. …She’s a part of you.

I don’t know what kind of strength Juri is missing, and I never want to find it.

Episode 18: That’s Not What Love Is.

Wow, the kid actually gets an episode.

Nanami is not the worst person in this show.

Mari rules.

This kid has no idea what he’s even talking about.

I’d eat Nanami’s food too.

Boy you should listen to Mari.

Yikes, Mari knows a bit too much for my comfort.

~An indirect kiss~

Utena’s probably talking about, like, balancing your check book, doing bills, keeping sane on your commute, and managing your time so you can both do chores and have time to yourself.

I don’t think the kid knows what she’s talking about.

Everyone else is thinking sex.

(I am still rooting for the bunk beds.)

No people I swear they’re just friends, Anthy’s just trolling. REMEMBER THE BUNKBEDS!!

Oh child, you done goofed. That there’s a tsundere, you gotta approach them differently.

I want you all to engrave in your memories this rare moment of Nanami being decent.

You’re not a bad kid, Tsuwabuki. You don’t deserve this.

Jenner Fact: Even though I’m terrified of needles I donate blood once a year because donated blood saved my life once. #AdultAsFuck

Utena be gentle with Tsuwabuki, he is young and foolish.

Pretty sure Utena chose not to use the ghost prince on him and finished him off normal in hopes of a gentler fall.

He seems better now.

Now if only Nanami would grow up.

See you all on Monday.

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