Discount Entertainment, 100% Off!

Hey I’m Jenner and I’m doing a forum’s wide event right now where I try and convince as many people as possible to watch the anime Revolutionary Girl Utena! You can find the thread here and join in, it’s never too late! After all, it’s Revolutionary Girl Utena’s 20 year anniversary!

I just finished up watching every episode and as a special event I’m gonna be streaming the movie this Sunday, June 4th, at 8:30PM EST.
##Here’s a link to the channel!

You don’t need to have watched the anime to watch the movie with us so you’re invited! And this won’t be the last time I do this. I’m going to continue hosting Let’s Watch Adventures which will occasionally be supplemented with streaming and I may even arbitrarily and randomly stream other stuff which I will announce in this thread.

Until then, you are cordially invited to attend this exclusive screening. It’s :nsfw: and may have some triggering stuff. I hope to see you all there!

If anyone is interested in Dream Daddy a Dad Dating Simulator here’s Gnu Order and I exploring our inner dad.

Hey my niece is streaming Divinity Original Sin II and I’m gonna talk with her while she does so if anyone wants to watch that.