Absolute Destiny, Apocalypse. Let's Play Revolutionary Girl Utena: Story of the Someday Revolution

Have you watched Revolutionary Girl Utena? You probably should. There’s a handy little thread over here where you can join past me going through the anime and shitposting because there are gonna be :siren:UNMARKED SPOILERS:siren: for the series in this LP.

@heyboots and I are going through this Saturn game I picked up in Japan, which is a visual novel/dating game where we play an original character during the what is apparently the Black Rose arc of the show. There’s also another new character in the mix, the mysterious Sanjouin Chigusa who knew our parents or something. Neither of us actually knows very much about this game because we’re playing this blind and just following our hearts in true Date :star: Night style .

:tw: This game features domestic violence, violence, and probably other triggering stuff so tread carefully. :tw:

I’ll update every Friday.

Current Co-Commentators:
@WordOnTheWind (Joins us Episodes 3-6 then 8 and the finale)
@atinofbeans (Joins us Episode 7)
@ChorpSaway (Joins us Episodes 9 and 10)
Panda and Alice from the Imagine Me & Utena podcast (Episodes 11 and 12)
My good friend GNU Order (Episodes 13 and 14)
Noted Juri liker @Abbysayswords (Episodes 15 and 16)
My gaming crew friends @LoakaMossi and @Fefnir (Episodes 17-22)

If you wanna talk over this video game with us just PM me here because I am bad at LPs and pretty much just flying by the seat of my pants.

Video List:

Episode One: Enter the OC (:tw: Features domestic abuse!)
Episode Two: Deep Anime Discussion
Episode Three: She’s All That (:tw: Features gaslighting!)
Episode Four: She’s Everywhere You Are (:tw: Features stalking?)
Episode Five: Farcical Fancy (:tw: Features gaslighting and bullying!)
Episode Six: Mean Girls (:tw: Features bullying, physical violence, and attempted murder)
Episode Seven: Yoko Taro hates you personally (:tw: Violence, mind-control, death)
Episode Eight: Someone Help Me My MC is Dying (:tw: Domestic abuse)
Episode Nine: Touga Party
Episode Ten: Hate the Player, Not the Game. (:tw: Sexual themes)
Episode Eleven: I Would Hit That (With a Car) (:tw: Domestic abuse)
Episode Twelve: Driving Me Up the Wall (:tw: Sexual themes)
Episode Thirteen: Sister Act (:tw: Violence, bullying)
Episode Fourteen: True Lies (:tw: Violence)
Episode Fifteen: Juri Duty
Episode Sixteen: Locket Away (:tw: Violence)
Episode Seventeen: Reintroduction ( :tw: Gaslighting )
Episode Eighteen: Masquerade
Episode Nineteen: Always Chigusa ( :tw: Stalking)
Episode Twenty: Squeaky Clean ( :tw: Bullying!)
Episode Twenty-One: Apple of My Eye ( :tw: Bullying!)
Episode Twenty-Two: Not Work Safe (:tw: Violence, mind control)
Episode Twenty-Three: Perfect Dork (:tw: Violence, mind control)
For complete playlist click this link


Episode One Thoughts:

Episode Two Thoughts:

Episode Three Thoughts:

Episode Four Thoughts:

Episode Five Thoughts:

Episode Six Thoughts:

Episode Seven Thoughts:

Episode Eight Thoughts:

Episode Nine Thoughts:

Episode Ten Thoughts:

Episode Eleven Thoughts:

Episode Twelve Thoughts:

Episode Thirteen Thoughts:

Episode Fourteen Thoughts:

Episode Fifteen Thoughts:

Episode Sixteen Thoughts:

Episode Seventeen Thoughts:

Episode Eighteen Thoughts:

Episode Nineteen Thoughts:

Episode Twenty Thoughts:

Episode Twenty-One Thoughts:

Episode Twenty-Two Thoughts:

Episode Twenty-Three Thoughts:

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Oh hell yeah

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FYI Jenner wasn’t kidding about the spoilers we pretty much talk about whatever the hell we want during the first couple episodes.

I like how you spent the episode having an in depth discussion about the characters and their dysfunctional relationships, and I’m just wondering if there’s a route in which you get to kick Touga, Saionji and/or Akio in the dick repeatedly. Any one of them, really, I’m not picky.


I noticed my audio is still kinda low compared to Jenner. I’ll make sure it’s a bit higher next time we record, need to pull the game audio down a bit too.

Utena’s status as a student is something that changes from medium to medium. In the movie, she’s a “transfer” student from the apocalypse world, in the anime she’s a non-transferred student, and in the manga she’s a regular transfer student, which is somehow the most surreal??

The first chapter of the manga has Utena talking to her aunt who she lives with in a normal world that exists outside of Ohtori (!), she confuses her aunt’s boyfriend for her prince, who she calls “Mister Licky-Lick (!),” and she transfers to Ohtori through non-fantastic means. She just learns about Ohtori Academy and fills out the paperwork, I guess. BTW, she learns about Ohtori through a coded message, hidden in letters that her prince sends her every year. This message is decoded by her boyfriend, who she promptly breaks up with. There’s kind of neat symbolic thing with that; she wipes away his tears the same way her prince wiped away hers, and that’s kind of cool.

Manga Utena manages to be super weird by being entirely too normal, comparatively speaking.


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It’s Friday and that means it’s time for another installment of Revolutionary Girl Utena! Next update Word on the Wind joins us and she knows nothing about RGU so look forward to that!

Episode Two: Deep Anime Discussion


Episode 7 was an absolute trainwreck. Look forward to it.

This snippet from the walkthrough Jenner found sums it up

Do us a favor and pick one with absolutely zero information about what this means. #OnBrand

    • Touga
    • Saionji
    • Miki
    • Juri
    • Utena
  • Anthy?

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Edit: Saionji voter you come forward and account for what you have done, you coward. (I’m joking.)

Don’t tell anyone I updated early.

Episode Three: She’s All That (:tw: gaslighting)

I am EXTREMELY INCORRECT about something in this episode. Can you figure out what it was?

I don’t know how Yuri’s going to recover from this gruesome math drag, but I’m sure it will crop up as her arena duel theme when the time comes.

Hey folks it’s Friday but I already updated, whatever will I do?

Oh, I know.

Episode Four: She’s Everywhere You Are

Pay no attention to any additional videos that may show up, you have only yourself to blame if you binge this.

Edit: I’m closing the poll on Tuesday so um, let your voice be heard. It will totally, definitely, matter.

I’m glad Yuri is instantly gay for Juri, but I don’t know what their ship name could possibly be.

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Apparently the new Blu-ray release of Utena in Japan included higher quality footage of the 1997 musical, so someone ripped that and grabbed the translation off of the garbage VHS rip that was up on youtube and smashed them together.

You can actually like, hear shit and make out people’s faces now.


Episode Five: Farcical Fancy (:tw: Features gaslighting and bullying!)


Nanami’s here, this game is good now. Finally, we can see the best and most complex character in action.

…OK, Ikuhara definitely wrote that stuff about the Student Council being ranked by age. That’s exactly his brand of bullshit.

I’m so glad Touga and Saionji get thoroughly dunked on. This game knows exactly what I want.