Charlie's Chrono Fantasy V (AKA Final Fantasy X-2)



So ToonPirate made these masterpieces during my last Saturday stream and it brings me a lot of joy.

On a related note, Dan is back from a family holiday in Cyprus, which means more episodes will be recorded soon!


As promised, we’re back!


At some point, somebody had to think, “this gameplay section requires you to get a negative time in a race that utilizes bad mechanics.” And yet they allowed it to happen. Somebody willingly allowed the Chocobo Race to exist, and they are therefore a cruel and uncaring person.


Working on another LP by the by: I Am the Law - LP Judge Dredd vs.Death


Counterpoint: None of this is required, and the rewards you get could be said to be rather disproportionately powerful.


Regular gameplay starts around 1:20. Go subscribe to Drahmina for a whole mess of Tidus laugh MIDI covers:


The fact that those songs are MIDIs is honestly the best part of them.
Clearly Yojimbo spends all of his money on dog food. He buys: A) The best and, B) A lot.


Don’t bully, kids!


So the song they use for the mountain, People of the North Pole, is probably one of my favorite songs in the game. So much so that it’s made Kimahri’s scene particularly memorable. It’s a bit unfortunate that Kimahri doesn’t get much development throughout the game, (and that Biran and Yenke have such wonky AI,) because it’s otherwise a pretty well done scene.

… WithYunabymyside.


“Your hope ends here, and your meaningless existence with it!”


I don’t remember how big a deal it is in X-2, but the fact that the Blitzball team (and Kimahri) are the only surviving Ronso in Spira is pretty damn jarring. Like, they’re just going to come home and find the rest of their species dead. That’s the worst way to end a season.
I guess it’s just a good thing Seymour forgot that Blitzball was even a thing, or things would have somehow gotten worse.


With our doomed quest coming to its climax, I’m sure the one thing we can all agree on is that Wakka is still somehow bad at sports.


Reaching my favourite part of the game…


The best part of the game, hands down.

After watching this video, I want you to imagine just how profoundly fucked up it would have been if Isaaru and his brothers made it here first…


My strategy for Yunalesca is to do some of the Calm Lands sidequests along the way. One of the rewards is enough Farplane Winds to create one Deathproof armor. Combine that with Zombieproof, which is easy to get in Zanarkand, and you’ve got a character who can survive the fight as long as they keep their HP up. I give that to Yuna - last time I played, at least, I had a ring with Silenceproof and two empty slots. As long as you can survive the inevitable round or two of confusion, it’s usually quick enough to heal your zombie characters with a Holy Water/Cura combo, Life or Full-Life them if you mistime your healing, and Yuna can quite safely use Ethers to keep her MP topped up if need be.

It’s also important to note that Yunalesca’s physical counterattack has a Dispel effect. Effects like the Nuls and Trio of 9999 seem to persist, but it’ll cancel your Haste, Protect, and Shell, so those are hardly worth putting on characters that will interact with Yunalesca in any way.


Time for the extensive postgame!


Time to get all of the aeons and ultimate weapons!


The trick with Isrra is that you’re supposed to jump into the hole next to where you start and run through a tunnel to the hole next to him. The fact that he faces forward for so long at the start is meant to be a clue - he can’t see you moving when you’re underground.

Also, that’s the ship’s deck. The bridge is where the controls are.


Now since I didn’t play red light green light within recent memory, I can judge you for murdering those poor, innocent Cactuars. You monster.


Taking out some reclusive baddies living in a cave and hurting nobody. We’re heroes.