Charlie's Chrono Fantasy V (AKA Final Fantasy X-2)

Here’s a somewhat informative VLP of Final Fantasy X & X-2 from some shameless fanboys.

Final Fantasy X is the tenth major instalment of some obscure JRPG series. It was the first fully voice acted Final Fantasy (for better or worse) and is somewhat divisive. Many people swear by this game, others think it marked the beginning of Final Fantasy’s decline. My brother and I sit in the former camp. We really like FFX, so brace yourself for a heap of Tee-dus apologia. As for the sequel: I reckon it’s one of the strongest games in the series and I don’t think anybody agrees with me, so I’ll be guiding my friend Sam through it!


Final Fantasy NES Trilogy Review
Final Fantasy SNES Trilogy Review
Final Fantasy PS1 Trilogy Review

FFX Videos

Part 1: Jecht Junior
Part 2: Frequent Beatings
Part 3: Sports Ball
Part 4: Bird & Pals
Part 5: Final Boss
Part 6: Bullies
Part 7: Why I Gave the Pope BLITZBALL!
Part 8: Cardboard Spectators
Part 9: Feeling De-Jecht-ed
Part 10: lol
Part 11: Nicca ty Met Zii
Part 12: Bingo & Dimpus
Part 13: Fratricide
Part 14: Super Summoner Bros.
Part 15: The Skeevy Bit
Part 16: Stairway to Heaven
Part 17: Shocking Developments
Part 18: Drunk Dads
Part 19: The Unlikeables
Part 20: Patricide
Part 21: Defying Yevon
Part 22: Cactwars
Part 23: Devastation
Part 24: Return to Sand
Part 25: Rain on Your Wedding Day
Part 26: Go to Jail
Part 27: Homicide
Part 28: Calm Before the Storm
Part 29: Samurai Slam-Dunk
Part 30: Furry Drama
Part 31: Genocide
Part 32: Seventeen Throws
Part 33: Déjà Vu
Part 34: The Final Aeon
Part 35: Hi Mum
Part 36: Stop! Needletime!
Part 37: Hate Demons
Part 38: Omnicide
Part 39: Superboss Smashers
Part 40: Superboss Smashers Melee
Part 41: Jecht Senior - FINALE
Part 42: Eternal Calm - BONUS

FFX Characters

Jecht Jr. (Tidus): A Blitzball star with deep-rooted father issues. He is unceremoniously flung into a foreign world to fend for himself.
Yuna: A quiet and reserved summoner who vows to save the world. In the sequel she’s a gun-slinging sphere hunter. It’s just as jarring as it sounds.
Auron: Edgy, old, white Samurai who guides [citation needed] and mentors [citation needed] Junior in an irritatingly cryptic fashion.
Wakka: Yuna’s Guardian and lover of Blitzball. Pro: voiced by John DiMaggio. Con: horribly racist.
Lulu: Yuna’s Guardian and moody black mage. Impatiently teaches Junior about the world. Impractically dressed.
Kimahri: Yuna’s Guardian. Angry furry. Not a talker.
Rikku: A scrappy Al Bhed girl who is overpowered and can break the game. Yuna’s cousin and ally in the sequel.

FFX-2 Videos

Part 1: Chrono Fantasy V
Part 2: Sky Pirates
Part 3: Trivial Fursuit
Part 4: Handshake
Part 5: Not All Guado
Part 6: Visiting Blue Dad
Part 7: Homeward Bound
Part 8: Ex-Summoners
Part 9: Chesure Trests
Part 10: Worthless
Part 11: Chocobo Chasing
Part 12: Brain Problems
Part 13: Fanservice
Part 14: Balteusphilia
Part 15: Boss Rush
Part 16: The One Wring
Part 17: Laddie Luck
Part 18: Movie Night
Part 19: Cacti & Samurai
Part 20: War & Arson
Part 21: Connected
Part 22: Shinra’s Exposition
Part 23: Night Trap
Part 24: Hypello Hype
Part 25: Yunapalooza
Part 26: Cousin Brother & Daddy Wakka
Part 27: The Culprit
Part 28: Tin Can
Part 29: Makeout Memories
Part 30: Con-flah-guh-ray-shun
Part 31: Nelson Mandela Reborn
Part 32: Bombergirl
Part 33: Annihilation
Part 34: That, As They Say, Is That
Part 35: Furry Vengeance
Part 36: Ultimate Illusion
Part 37: Uncle Boris Returns
Part 38: Darkest Timeline
Part 39: Friendly Fire
Part 40: Paragon of Pastiness
Part 40.5: Fiend Tales (15 Part Playlist)
Part 41: Diable Immortal
Part 42: Jecht Junior - FINALE
Part 43: Mystery Dungeon - BONUS
Part 44: Growing Apart - BONUS
Part 45: Don’t Watch This - BONUS

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Fwiw I think X-2 is in my top 5 of the franchise, purely thanks to the costume mechanics. Don’t tell anyone I admitted that. This conversation never happened.

Ah FFX a game I really liked. The underlying themes of the game are really good. It’s not just Tidus and his dad either. The whole of Spira is stuck in an endless death cycle. Their entire culture is centered on death, dying, and sacrifice.

It kind of reminded me of the middle ages during the black plague where the overriding cultural context is on the briefness of life and there is no hope for the future because there isn’t any time to build one.

I was never a huge fan of the cast in this game, but I absolutely loved the battle system. Probably my favorite out of the main series. Never did finish FFX though. I got stuck on one of the end game bosses and then had to return the game to my friend.

oh you have this on a forum i don’t associate with a low point in my life

I’ve been following this LP on YouTube already! I could never really get into FFX myself, but I’ve always wanted to - I’ve enjoyed experiencing it this way.

In the YT comments I’ve been posting a lot of series trivia, and I guess I’ll do that here too. The Nul spells actually first appeared in FF1 (where they were first translated as AFIR, ALIT, and AICE), and their only other appearances are here and I believe FF11. Weird that they never really caught on more.

Seymour is a cool guy.

Seymour Butts, lol.

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Epilepsy warning: the CGI cutscenes featuring Sin contain flashing lights. They look ballin’ as hell, but I’d rather you didn’t hospitalise yourselves.

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Final Fantasy X is the first game I can remember playing where I truly felt invested in the story. Whether that’s because it has a good story or because I was like ten years old at the time, that’s subject for debate. I haven’t played it in over a decade, but what I remember about the story is great and I’m almost a little wary of watching the LP just because I don’t want to spoil that memory.

Though nothing could ever take Auron’s best line away from me. Spoilers, just because it is from later in the game than the LP has reached, not because it actually ruins any plot points. “Now! This is it! Now is the time to choose. Die and be free of pain, or live, and fight your sorrow! Now is the time to shape your stories, your fate is in your hands!” :allears:

I love the story. I think it’s rad. Final Fantasy X, Undertale and Lost Odyssey: the three best video game stories I’ve experienced. I’m aware of the RPG bias, but those three just stand out to me.

I definitely think it’s got one of the better stories in the series, and it’s one I come back to a lot.

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I also love how unique the whole game feels, every little bit of inspiration comes from Asia and it makes me wish they drew less from medieval western fantasy and sci-fi, and more from Asian culture and folklore in the other games.

Oddly, for me this defines the PS2 JRPG aesthetic. It helps that Romancing SaGa Minstrel Song, my personal favorite RPG on the system, goes for something similar.

Quick correction: the Zombie status ailment doesn’t cause a Game Over in this Final Fantasy game, but it does in others!

The episode which focuses on an undressing teen. Please don’t call the cops. It was Japan, I swear.

I know this is from nearer the beginning of the LP, but I have to say that “Mixtape” is so much better a name for Ifrit than “DOGE”.

I actually didn’t know that was a thing and didn’t know what Dan was referencing when he brought that phrase up. That’ll be my first call of order if I find a Rename Card though!


Hanging out with our boy Seymour.


I’ll try not to go full Al-Bhed for this but man, I love this bit for big reasons.

The symmetry and asymmetry between Tidus and Seymour as characters in regards to Yuna is just fantastic.

Both are very much like her in a lot of respects. Like Yuna, Tidus is the child of a celebrity, who has been proven to be a protege in the same field as their father, becoming a celebrity themselves, constantly having to live up to the memory and the standing of their father, a father who they didn’t know, and increasingly from the stories Auron tells and the scene in the Farplane, Tidus seemingly really never knew Jecht.

With Seymour, they’re both the progeny of a union between a human and another race, Al-Bhed and Guado, who are summoners, with high standing in society and the church of Yevon. Both of whom want whats best for Spira and those who live there.

It’s a really interesting dynamic for characters that seem to, at this point, be ramping towards being romantic rivals for Yuna.

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There’s a ton of great themes in the story of this game and I absolutely love it.

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Still alive! Due to the nature of this location, I should warn you that there will be a few more flashing images in this episode that usual!