Charlie's Chrono Fantasy V (AKA Final Fantasy X-2)



Well, recording footage for FFX is all done. The LP will clock in at 41 episodes, with one bonus video after the fact!


“You’re failing, Seymour! What is it about you and failure?”


Defeating Nemesis, revisiting old friends(?), collecting all the Jecht Spheres and mowing through some Dark Aeons. We’ve been busy!


Eat your heart out Shadow of War! #Microtransactions #PayToWin


It has been a wild ride. Thank you everyone! (Sequel to come soon!)


Sometimes world peace isn’t enough…

So as I said, I’ll be spending a little time powering through my other LPs before I hit X-2 with my good buddy Sam. So watch this space, I guess!


Whoops, not done yet. Missed an entire game!


Oh boy, here we go! When I first played FFX-2 I was not all that impressed, especially not by the story. Years later and FFX-2 (along with IZSJ XII) is my most replayed FF game. The combat system is simply amazing and this is probably the best implementation of the class system in any FF games (Unless you count Bravely Default as one, but even then, it can give BD a run for it’s money). Not only that, but my opinion on the story has changed quite a bit as well, but I’ll get into that once we get past certain spoilery bits.


The thumbnails for this LP are almost all going to contain fanservice at this rate, and I’m not sure how I feel about that…



To help fund the rest of this LP, I had to sell out and strike up a deal with KitKat. Hope y’all don’t mind:


I guess Sin was actually preventing corporations from taking over and installing terrifying vending machine mazes all over Spira. Who would have guessed?




I love how one of the plot points is “Yevon decided to rebrand, so now it’s New Yevon.” They just made religion 2: the sequel.


Meeting a whole bunch of old friends, and battling a whole bunch of old fiends.


Lee Harvey Oswald eat you heart out!


Frogger LP coming soon!


Jock + Goth = OP Baby


Just finished some recording. As bad as lighting dodging was in the first game, it never physically hurt me, so X-2 now holds the honour of having the worst minigame in any Final Fantasy. I need to lie down for an hour now because my head is throbbing and I have tears in my eyes from the most intense migraine I’ve had in a long fucking time.

Game Design Protip: Do not physically hurt your players by forcing them to defocus their eyes looking at tiny, fast moving, black icons on a dark backdrop whilst flashing lights at them.


Rant over! Let’s hang out with a mean lady, an attempted murderer and a cool kid!


Sam’s over later for another recording session. In the meantime, here’s a review of the SNES Trilogy of Final Fantasy games, in which I make an interesting observation about the differences between X & X-2: