Charlie's Chrono Fantasy V (AKA Final Fantasy X-2)



E tuh’d nasaspan cbrana-Zoclym zeddanehk ynuiht mega ra tet rana, pid ra’c so haf vyjuneda lrynyldan huf. Crysa ra fuh’d pa cressoehk frah ra’c yldiymmo najaymehk rec tyng calnadc. Syopa.


Heeeeey Macalania!


Time for giant robots and fantasy racism.


New episode!


Whoops, not sure how that happened. Here we go:


It’s about time to stop and collect our thoughts…

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To this day, I don’t have any idea what happens between the characters falling beneath the ice and Tidus waking up in the desert. The writing is just so strange and every event seems so disconnected from one another. I guess I should just chalk the whole thing up to Sin’s toxins and call it a day.


Edit: Finished the Vagrant Stream!


Let’s stroll through the desert!


I swear the background yells in Home weren’t as frequent. Somebody is extremely dedicated to making that sound nonstop.
Uha uv dra pekkan bnupmasc E ryja fedr X2 fyc ruf pytmo drao secryhtmat Cid’s lrynyldan. Ah well. We have the best Cid in this game, at least.


My second favourite scene in the whole game. There goes our last shred of innocence… and also our audio recording.


Come fly with us!


I guess “till death do us part” doesn’t apply here…


Watch Kimahri carefully during the cable-grinding cutscene, and you’ll see bits of Lulu’s dress. She’s riding on his shoulder. They probably just didn’t like the way the model looked and didn’t let the camera focus on it.

Also, I’m pretty sure Thrust Kick is broken when Kimahri uses it. He can’t actually kick enemies out of battle, which makes it completely useless.


There’s actually just a lot of enemies immune to it and it’s success rate sucks. Auron has an overdrive that causes Eject as well (Shooting star) that seems a bit more successful. He usually just kills them with it in my experience, so the eject is moot


Oh my good God, consider my mind blown… I have never noticed that! I apologise to FFX for my slanderous statements!


Death death murder kill death.


So basically they held a trial so they could brag about how everyone dies except them because they found a loophole. There’s corruption, then there’s just being petty.


Seymour, shut up and get the fuck out, I’m gonna fuck your wife now. [x]


I always thought Seymour’s plan was to become Sin, kill everyone and then the “strong” ones become Unsent and live forever, free of “death” because no one would be there to send them.

That being said, Seymour’s plan is still as dumb as his outfit, but it makes a bit more sense than “kill everyone, lol”.