Can we truly reclaim what we've lost? Let's Play Fellowship!

We’re playing a new game and I’m the GM this time! Oh no!

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Fellowship is an Apocalypse World Engine game by Jacob Randolph (@Gnome), who you may know from the very more high quality Six Feats Under play-through that we all know and love. Gnome is good and Feats is good.

Check the link above for a great description of Fellowship but the big crux of the game is that the ultimate master of any character and race specific lore is the player playing that race and not the game master. It’s a really collaborative system and I like it a lot.

Session List:

Session 0: Character Creation


We make our characters and I’ve already retconned Danuin’s backstory. We’re off to a great start.

Session 1: Ruinous Introduction


Following rumors that Tea is going to show up at a Dragon city, the party heads there only for Minerva and Tesiver to be put into a ridiculous death trap. Working together, the party manages to escape the death trap only to have to return to the city to confront Overlord Tea and his general, Mistress Conifer. Minerva and Danuin, both having shared histories with Tea, foolishly confront him and are left beaten (Minerva) and emotionally devastated (Danuin). They manage to escape where Vladorz informs the Fellowship that if they are going to keep up with the Overlord they’re going to need a faster method of travel.

Bonus Audio: Jenner Can’t Not Talk About Lunar
Note: All horsing around before and after sessions will be compiled into a single, optional, AFTER DARK episode.
The audio levels are really bad in this video and Jeff is really hard to hear. I’m not sure why that is but I’ll figure it out as soon as I can so you can actually hear all of us.

Session 2: Don’t Tread on Me


Bonus Audio: Jenner is bad at technology.

Session 3: Mine Your Own Business


The team goes into the mines, Vladorz alone and the rest of the team together. Minerva and Danuin work together to retrieve some kind of dragon soul or something while Tesiver and Vladorz stall Holly. Vladorz telefrags Holly with Wint (the drill vehicle) but loses our entire crew in the space between dimensions. The party returns to the Dig Site and explains everything, gaining our first fellowship with a community!

Bonus Audio: OBS reset my settings and we almost recorded two and a half hours of silence.

Session 4: Lasers and Feelings


We travel to the dragon town of Scalehollow, befriend the mayor, break into an ancient dragon ruin, avoid lasers, defeat Holly, earthquake the town and kill a bunch of people, and also the halfling crew and dragon forewoman got dumped into Skybalm.

Session 5: Mapping and Napping


We draw a map.

Who’s who?

Tea the Unfettered - The Overlord - Played by @heyboots
Tea is a half dragon who unsealed an ancient power within himself and will stop at nothing to ensure that power will persist, forever. The power altered him on a deeply physical and emotional level and he is barely recognizable to anyone who may have known him before it was unleashed. While still humanoid, Tea now resembles a dragon far more than any half-dragon normally does.

The Overlord is Indomitable, Terrifying and has the power of Flight… These descriptions are unassailable truth, at least for now.

Danuin - The Arakkoa (Elf book) - Played by @Jenner
Ages ago, during one of the infinite skirmishes that occasionally broke out between the Arakkoa and the Dragons, Danuin met Tea. Over the course of several prickly exchanges where they helped one another tend to their injuries and shared rations with one another Danuin and Tea became friends. Once the skirmish was over the two parted ways on good terms, staring up at a starlit sky and sharing wine and bread together in companionable silence; that was the last time Danuin had seen Tea.

When rumors of a half-dragon being up to all manner of no good started to reach even Skybalm, Danuin (like many Arakkoa) put it out of her mind. She had bigger concerns, namely that a beloved friend of hers was in an incredibly shitty relationship. Danuin went through what avenues she could to secure her friend a safe escape out of the terrible marriage, but just before her efforts could come to full fruition her beloved friend revealed to her that she was pregnant. This, of course, complicated their separation. In a rage, Danuin shattered the eggs of the union and revealed publicly to all Arakkoa the true nature of the relationship in question. As a result, her beloved friend was allowed to separate from her abusive spouse but both Danuin, and the spouse, were banished and condemned to be Landborn. That was roughly 230 years ago.

Now, Danuin has banded together with the rest of this unlikely crew of heroes to stop her old friend, and hopefully, be allowed to return to her people.
Danuin is sad, perhaps even sadder than Tesiver.

Minerva - The (Half) Dragon - Played by @Fefnir
Minerva is the former Queen of the Dragons’ Kingdom. As a half dragon, her chances of survival on the throne were slim. When Tea left the kingdom and began terrorizing the world, she left, and her absence allowed Montague the Blue Genius to slip in and take the throne.
Like most Half Dragons, Minerva has a humanoid figure with dragon-like features, though said features, (wings, horns, a tail, scales, etc.) are not as strong as a quadrupedal dragon. She also has limited power over fire.

Relatively certain of her death during her reign, Minerva spent her time harshly criticizing her people. What she lacks in tact, she at least makes up for with honesty. And less bitterness towards other cultures. Usually.

Minerva’s friend and mailman, Michalis, is a Komodo Dragon. They both share a friendship that stems from, “big dragons are absolute jerks to creatures smaller than them.” Although Michalis spends most of his days exploring the land and delivering letters between Minerva and her girlfriend, he does have some combat capabilities. Namely, a poisonous bite.

Tesiver - The Giant - Played by @LoakaMossi
While all the giants can claim great things about their battle against the great evil, Tesiver has the greatest claim of them all: he landed the killing blow by striking its heart. When the battle was over, he was the proudest of all the giants. He knew he had earned his immortal life, and he was ready to spend every minute of it with his husband, Tyrram.

All was not well. While the all the giants kept in touch, only Tyrram and Tesiver were in love. As such, they were the only two who continued to age. When Tyrram finally succumbed to death’s grasp, Tesiver fell into despair. After mourning for millennia, he finally re-entered society. He continues to mourn, but in less obvious ways.

Now, Tesiver “The Old” seeks to show that age and sadness have not made him weak. He hopes to destroy the Overlord and prove that, even among giants, Tesiver stands the tallest.
And, not that it’s a contest or anything, Tesiver is probably sadder than Danuin.

Vladorz - The Spider - Played by @Breadmaster
Vladorz does not belong here. Vladorz has always been here. Vladorz, and the Spiders by extension, are full of contradictions.

What is known about them is that they were present during the Giant’s war against the great evil, and the various wars between Arakkoa and Dragons, with members on both sides reporting to have seen Vladorz. Spiders tend to show up in unexpected places, places they should have no reason to be in, for purposes they will lie about (though who can tell what is truth when given by a Spider?). They seem to share common mind, but not all the time, and their way of speaking gives the impression they aren’t used to having to use verbal communication.

Vladorz is the only Spider that will show their face, and that alone is unsettling. What is known to be true about Vladorz is that they will stop at nothing to defeat the Overlord, and has chosen the Fellowship as the most likely organisms to succeed at doing so.
Also, Vladorz likes close up magic.

If you want to watch us play, we run games on Wednesdays at 8:30 PM EDT at, and Jenner uploads the VODs to Youtube eventually (usually on Fridays.)



The Overlord -Tea the Unfettered:

  • Minerva’s people serve me now.
  • Minerva has felt the full, terrifying brunt of my power.
  • I have fought Tesiver before, and left a wound upon them. It burns in my presence.
  • Danuin was once my friend.
  • I have no consideration for Danuin’s obsolete feelings for me.
  • Vladorz secretly admires me and the things I do.
  • Mistress Conifer is unabashedly in love with me because of my immense power.
  • Montague the Blue Genius fears me and will follow my commands.

Mistress Holly Conifer - The General:

  • I have made a fool out of Tesiver
  • I now know better than to underestimate Danuin.
  • I love the Overlord because of his immense power.

Minerva - The Exiled Queen:

  • I deeply admire Danuin’s power.
  • The Overlord saw my strength from before I became what I am now.
  • Vladorz and I have shared in glorious victory
  • Danuin and I both have history with Tea.
  • Tesiver is quick to act and gets results
  • I do not understand Danuin’s motivations but they are important to her.
  • What Vladorz values about this plane is unknowable to me.

Tesiver - The Old:

  • Danuin has a long way to go, but I will help her get there.
  • In many ways Minerva is more capable than I.
  • Vladorz is dangerous and I must contain him.
  • Andy (the Lion) makes me feel less alone.
  • Conifer made a fool of me, and I must prove myself.

Vladorz - The Many:

  • I like to wait and see what Danuin does.
  • I will never catch Minerva in my webs.
  • Tesiver believes in me, even when I lie.
  • I have shown Danuin my greatest secret.
  • Danuin will learn to work for the greater good, or else.
  • The Fingerlings dream of trains and tracks, and I cannot convince them to think otherwise.

Danuin - The Landborn:

  • I have trusted Overlord with the truth about me.
  • Minerva might be my greatest rival, but she’s also a worthy friend.
  • I once went to war alongside Vladorz.
  • Tesiver is one of few people I’m comfortable being alone with.
  • I believe I can redeem the Overlord.
  • Minerva trusts me even after everything I’ve done.
  • Tesiver is always looking out for us.
  • Holly knows to not underestimate me.
  • I am not convinced Vladorz cares for anyone but Vladorz.

Background info

Which people did the Overlord hit first and hardest?
The dragons. They were closest to home, and travesties to his power.
Whose people has the overlord mostly ignored?
Spiders. Can’t fucking find them.
What impossible thing has the overlord already done?
Destroyed the World Tree.



  • Giant are immortal and have never been killed through trauma.
  • Giants are diverse and made up of all races.
  • If two giants fall in love, they will start to age.
  • Long ago, the creatures who would become the giants banded together to destroy a great evil. As a result, they were blessed with immortality.
  • Giants look exactly like other members of their race.


  • Spiders speak in unison whenever they are close to each other.
  • Spiders show up in random places and build things with no apparent purpose (except to Spiders)
  • Vladorz, and Spiders in general, have been around a lot longer than most people realize.
  • Spiders are mesmerized by close up magic. They aren’t very good at it themselves, in that, they go a little too far in their ‘tricks’. ( like this)


  • Arakkoa live in Skybalm, a floating island. (Jeff you’re not allowed to blow my floating island out of the sky unless you do it with a castle on tank treads.)
  • Jenner just referenced the worst part of Date Night. Leader of Skybalm (Lagan) kidnaps women.
  • Highly territorial. Destroy anything near Skybalm.
  • Arakkoa believe (wrongly) that they are the only humanoid creatures that can fly. All other humanoids who seem to have the ability to fly are doing it wrong.
  • Arakkoa are arrogant pricks who are known to harbor contempt for those they deem the “Flightless Ones” (Which is pretty much anyone not an Arakkoa.)
  • The Arakkoa are comprised of Five Tribes that I’m too lazy to name or give traits for yet and every three years they have a race where the best flier gets to lead the Arakkoa.


  • Dragons are intelligent; they learn things quickly. However, they are appropriative and elitist. They have a central kingdom, but they spread throughout other kingdoms as well.
  • Dragons have extreme control over fire; they have little need for any sort of starter, and they are nearly invulnerable to the hottest flames. The exception is, of course, Half Dragons.
  • Dragons are capitalists. They hoard all of their gold, no matter how much it damages society to keep it. Their own economy in shambles, they also attempt to extend their reach to other societies.
  • Montague the Blue Genius is the current King of the Dragon Kingdom. Took the position after Minerva was ousted.
  • Montague is definitely a toady to Tea now.


  • Small, stout and have bestial features.
  • Industrious.

-Arakkoa believe that you can see a spiders true form, reflected in ice.
-Spiders believe that Arakkoa are cannibals.
-Dragons believe that Giants are anarchists who will corrupt the youth.
-Giants believe that dragons are all descendants of those who served the Great Evil.
-There are tribes of naturally flightless Arakkoa (kiwis, penguins, emus, etc.) that are shunned and not spoken about by Skybalm

NPC Spotlight:

Selynth the Archivist


Katla of the Seven Fires

None yet

Character Journals:


Journal Entries 1-2, Sessions 1-2
Journal Entries 3-4, Sessions 2-3
Journal Entries 4-5, Session 4


Journal Entry 1, Session 1
Journal Entry 2, Session 4


Journal Entry 1, Session 1
Journal Entry 2, Session 2
Journal Entry 3, Session 4


Journal Entry 1, Session 1
Journal Entry 2, Session 2
Journal Entry 3, Session 3
Journal Entry 4, Session 4 (:tw: Self harm)

Sweet the thread has been posted.

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Hey, it’s your girl here, playing music way too soon in episode 0 and blatantly ignoring the GM saying there would be a public audience for the execution. How many of your own faults have you noticed today?

Anyway, I had a lot of fun. It’s nice going back to a game in which the group’s expected to stay together, but I still get to make increasingly poor decisions. It’s a win/win!


I promise I’ll have everything up as soon as possible. I’ll always have the sessions up but other stuff might take more time.


Danuin's Journal, Entry One:

:musical_score:“Have you ever loved something so much that you sacrifice everything?”

I’ve lost everything. I should have known better. I am such a fool. I knew that life was lost to me, it was the price I paid for… It doesn’t matter. But I couldn’t help myself. When I saw him again, he’s changed but I knew him, I couldn’t help myself.

I didn’t want to believe it. But he said he was doing what he must do. Tea, my old friend, what has happened to you?

…What has happened to me?
Was it worth it?

Tesiver's Journal, Entry One

These children are going to be the death of me.

Vladorz makes me glad that I’m already bald. Otherwise, he’d have me pulling my hair out. Half of our group went to harrass Tea, of all people, and he just let them! He tried to salvage the whole thing with a speech, but he was more than willing to let them die! I can’t let him guide the others. He’s going to get them killed.

Minerva means well. She really does. But I had to save her life three times today. I don’t really mind it, but I don’t want her to rely on me all of the time. At least there’s hope for her. She has strength, and she’s willing to learn how to use it.

Danuin…She reminds me of myself, around the time I lost Tyrram. When I finally stopped isolating myself, I still felt like I was alone. No matter how many people, giant or non-giant, tried to reach out to me, I felt like none of them could help. But Danuin truly is alone. No family, no friends, and no people to call her own. It’s not my place to tell her what to do, but I should be ready to help, if she ever asks for it.

Vladorz is taking us to one of the ancient flying machines that we giants used during our battle. Hopefully, someone will be able to get it working.

Tea needs to be stopped. And we need to be able to stop him. And we can’t do that if we don’t come together.

Damn, it looks like Danuin is clearly sadder. I’ll need to fix that during the next session!


We’re streaming in a couple mins!

Diving into the character gen of this, looks like a lot of fun! :smile:



Danuin seems like the most broken so far, with Tesiver used to be at a similar level. Tesiver oddly enough seems to have come through the other-side as a grumpy old giant that might be wise.

Vladorz's 'Journal' - Session 1

i could not help but notice that everyone you see online is either really a dumb ass, or genius, or average intelligence

— wint (@dril) January 16, 2018

Yes in retrospect I realize that putting you all on a train was fertile ground for railroading jokes.


What I planned to do this session: Have Danuin mope and seem listless the entire session.
What I did instead: Extreme home make over.

Yesterday @Breadmaster had the audacity of accusing me of having a shitty sleep schedule. HOW DARE HE! (She says, at 6:36 AM). I’m FINE.

Anyway! It’s UPDATE time!
Session 2: Don’t Tread on Me


Bonus Audio: Jenner is bad at technology.

Danuin wasn’t as mopey and perfect goth girlfriend as she could have been, but I have two solutions for that!

  1. Do better.
  2. :arrow_heading_down:
Danuin's Journal, Entry Two:

:musical_score:“Life doesn’t give you the closure you want, only the closure you deserve.”

I wonder how it will go for Minerva, those were her people, that was one of her cities, but before we could even take a moment to breath, we had to continue on. Tea won’t wait. She seems to be taking it in good enough stride, better than me. I’ve spent, what, centuries feeling guilty, marinating in my failure. And I…

I never mourned.
Minerva… She won’t have time to mourn.

Note to self: Find her some time.

In hindsight, perhaps I should have let my miserable failures and crushing regrets guide me instead of trying to take things into my hands, I’ve made a terrible wreck of things. For a bare moment, just briefly, I thought I could finally be part of something again.
I forgot myself again, and I know I’m making excuses, but I just thought that if we could just beat Tea to whatever he is interested in then maybe…
I need to do better.

Are we sure we’re not just helping him?

Yup it's me I'm shitposting

The canon ending to the Dig Site arc:
Canon Ending


I’ll also be adding Minerva’s notes to the thread at some point. They won’t be nearly as extensive’s as Alice’s from the Ryuutama thread, because that ain’t how Minerva writes. Buuuut I felt like writing for this campaign.

Vladorz's Observations - Session 2

The Fingerlings have taken to this crude machine that we appropriated. I tell them, “Such an inefficient mode of transit! You should be more focused on planar travel, not rail travel!” But do they listen? No, of course not. Such rapscallions.
I wish the feathered one took after them more. I fear there may be no solution for a problem like her. It was fortunate she did not damage the craft (such a splendid craft it is, I doubt the students and my companions realize what a prize we have found!). I would think the scaled one would be a better influence on her, but it seems I can’t trust the two of them alone with each other anymore. Hopefully, the old one will step up and do something befitting his age. He certainly has the makings of a parental figure for the the other two. I certainly can’t be one. Such social constructs are amusing to observe, yet I still find them simply exhausting.



I hope this is readable, if not I can provide a transcript. But I much prefer the formatting I can do in word, so I’d prefer to keep it like that.

Minerva's Notes - Pre-Campaign

:tw: for lots of death talk on pages 4 & 5.

Minerva's Notes - Session 1

Minerva's Notes - Session 2


I know the fingerlings don’t look like this, but i can’t help picturing them as this.


Well, we haven’t seen what’s underneath the all concealing robes they wear just yet…


Thanks, I hate it.

i’m rather curious as to how Holly became a lieutenant for the overlord. Of all the people from the previous game i’d have pegged Jack to do a deal like that.

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