Youtube Recommendations Thread - There are videos other than people shouting at videogames??

This thread is for recommending Youtube Channels (non-LP or otherwise). It can be a big channel or small one, Doesn’t really matter.

To start off:

Innuendo Studios: You might know him from his popular “This is Phil Fish” video. Ian produces several video-essays on games/gaming-related culture. They’re really well made and there isn’t too many of them right now so you probably can get through all of them pretty quick.

MatthewMatosis: Matthewmatosis makes a lot in-depth review/critique of video-games. He goes into extremely deep detail and most of his videos are well-edited and easy to watch. A personal favorite of mine is his critique of Dark souls II. His videos are on the longer side but I highly recommend them.

Chez Lindsay: Lindsay produces several videos on film and film form. She has an ongoing series called “Loose Canon” which selects a widely known pop culture character and goes through their different portrayals throughout the decades. She also has several long form essays on topics such as Why the three-act structure works or Why Rent isn’t a good musical. They are really entertaining and you should probably go check them out.

Edit: I feel like I should clarify that This is not a self-promotion thread. It hasn’t happened yet but I want to take precautions

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I would like to throw my hat in for…

AvE - Arduino Versus Evil: This crazy Canuck does BOLTRs (Bored of Lame Tool Reviews) which go pretty in depth into the tools as he also tears them down and goes into the materials used from the casing plastic, the gears, the circuitry, if it’s in the tool he usually goes over it, all before actually testing out the tool then happens when he puts it back together (sometimes wrongly). He also does tutorials (that don’t always go well) ranging from lathes and milling to basic embedded programing for stuff in the shop. He calls them how he sees them and has no love for cheap shit the performs poorly. It’s a lot of shop talk so if a bit of strong language isn’t your thing he may not be for you but, when his daughter (3yo atm) wonders in he turn into a big ol’ softy that melts your heart. So keep your dick in a vise (his tagline, not mine).

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Scott Manley - Space and science, at the same time!

Every Frame A Painting - Essays studying film form, the techniques of various directors, breakdowns of smart and/or creative scene composition, and trends in film throughout the decades.

Vysethedetermined2 - Good no-commentary obscure game samples. I use it often for digging around for game mechanic ideas.

Jeremy Parish - Game journo who is doing a series on Nintendo’s initial NES, Game Boy and SNES launch line-up.

Retro Pals - same as above, only for PlayStation games.

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Primitive Technology - A dude builds huts and tools in the woods with only natural materials.


If you want some catharsis, look no further than the Hydraulic Press Channel. Finnish gentleman crushes various items in a heavy-duty hydraulic press. Simple, yet hypnotising.

If you like long-form video essays about videogames and game design, I wholeheartedly recommend Noah Caldwell-Gervais. He only updates once or twice a month, but each video is a long, in-depth exploration, often of multiple games or even entire franchises at once.

Ashens is a British man with a sofa. He reviews strange and awful bootleg toys and electronics, random crap from pound shops and dollar stores, and knows an awful lot about action figures.


I’m a pretty big fan of Geek Remix. They are a pretty laid back LP duo, and I find they often have a pretty interesting perspectives on things. They’ve also got some really good analysis/theory videos for certain games.

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I love Primitive Technology so much. Someday I will have my own large plot of land and I’m gonna build all sorts of awesome bullshit all over the place.

For content, I really like Bobbin Threadbare’s channel, he does fairly standard LPs of games but the real special thing is the second half of the videos where he does a full on lecture on a topic or a piece of media related to the game or the series he’s LPing. The entirety of his Brutal Legend LP was metal album reviews, and during these latest Deus Ex videos he’s talking about cyberpunk and science and novels and he’s just great. So friggin great.

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Hbomberguy - A (bomber)guy who makes video game analyzes and makes fun of various of stupid reactionary trends/people. His first big video is The Sarkeesian Effect: A Measured Response. His most popular video however is the really bluntly titled Fallout 3 Is Garbage, And Here’s Why.

Super Bunnyhop - A channel dedicated to various things about video games, which includes him discussing the theme’s of MGS2, reviewing the first levels of Sonic games or talking about Japanese arcades.

Overly Sarcastic Productions - A channel by two people referred as Blue and Red. The channel is dedicated to humorously summarize various of subjects, with Red focusing on classical literature like The Illiad, mythology like the underworld across many cultures and discussing tropes, such as realism.
Blue meanwhile summarizes historical events like the spread of Christianity and has a podcast talking about some more specific aspects of history, like ancient Greek and Roman comedy.

Thew’s Awesome Transformers Reviews - A geek riffing/gushing (mostly gushing) Transformers toys. Always uplifting to watch and has some of the most fun uses of puns, alliterations and portmanteaus. One of his most popular videos is his Knockoff Beatdown series, where he looks at, well, knockoff toys and have a good jolly riff at them and it usually ends them being smashed by rocks/hammers/cars/blocks/whatever. He’s however found some knockoffs he genuinely loves. Speaking of genuinely love, here’s his review of [Masterpiece MP-10B Black Convoy] (


As far as LPs go, I’m a fan of HarshlyCritical. He’s probably my favorite of facecam lets players cuz he doesnt do a lot of a mugging for the camera and I dont think I’ve ever heard him say anything annoying or offensive. He does a lot of horror and adventure games, so appropriate :tw:s for violence and such.

If you’re looking for some good crash courses on social justice I’d recommend MTV Decoded, hosted by Franchesca Ramsey, and Kat Blaque, hosted by Kat Blaque. The’re both very accessible and very gracious and understanding when they make mistakes.

I first heard of hbomb on SA, actually. He did some Hitman LPs, I think they’re still around somewhere but he unlisted them, he seems like a cool guy.

Spoiler Warning is an LP group which just celebrated their 7th anniversary, made up largely of tabletop/RPG gamers. Most of the LPs are recorded by Josh, but Shamus Young seems like the main guy, he’s somewhat infamous from the Escapist and for his criticisms of Fallout 3, but the show is a lot of bitching while having fun. They’ve remained a relatively small YouTube channel still, but seem to have a relatively active community on Shamus’ website.

Another user below mentioned Errant Signal - Campster from that series is regularly on Spoiler Warning

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If anything ever feels like everything happens too much, the Grand Illusions channel helps. Just an old soft-spoken guy reviewing weird toys. It’s fantastic.

I can also highly recommend this Extremely Rude Bird channel. It’s like a typical pet channel but the pet has zero redeeming qualities and can be used as a warning to anyone considering a cockatoo.

One more: The Brain Scoop is various science topics that goes a lot into how a museum functions as well as touching on anthropology and various related history topics. The host is a bubbly lady who has dissected too many things.


I’m going to recommend Occult Demon Cassette. It’s a channel full of weird, old VHS tapes that range from a lot of 90s Satanic Panic stuff to The Grabowski Shuffle. It hasn’t updated in about six months now, but it’s got a fairly decent collection of weird tapes already.


A lil’ different to a lot of the recommendations here, but I’m quite fond of Dan Bell - the majority of his videos involve him exploring abandoned places and they’re usually fascinating and creepy as heck. The Dead Mall Series are the least tense if you’re not big on the scarier content and they’re still really good, if you check out the other stuff be warned that at least two vids I can think of, the first Meat Factory episode & The Abandoned Military Base have jump scares in 'em which kinda sucks imo, but on the whole the videos don’t typically have those sorts of gags and they range from pretty darn tense to being straight up terrifying

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I really dig video essay-type stuff. Mainly ones discussing filmmaking. Here are most of the ones I like:

The Royal Ocean Film Society
Channel Criswell
Cinefix (on the surface this channel seems like one of those annoying WatchMojo type channels, but they actually have a lot of neat videos)
Now You See It
The Nerdwriter
Oliver Harper
Film-Drunk Love
Beyond The Frame
Dan Fox
What It All Meant

Some of these channels are more consistently good than others, and some are better at updating regularly, but I think they all have some interesting stuff to offer if you’re into studying this type of thing.

I guess if I’m talking about this type of channel, I should probably also mention Every Frame A Painting and RLM. Both of those are great, but everybody already knows them at this point, I think.

How about a video series whose entire schtick is reviewing board games and being fun while they are doing it? That’s Shut Up & Sit Down, in which several British people talk about what makes board-games good and what makes them bad. While they do have a Youtube channel, they do text reviews and podcasts on their main site as well as having some videos which haven’t gotten onto the Youtube channel yet.

If you go to their site for videos, I highly recommend their videos on a Megagame (tens to hundreds of players) called Watch the Skies. Many groups of players play as nations and everyone has their own agenda and goals; there are also aliens coming to the planet and no-one but the game runners know what their motives are or even how many different kinds of aliens there are. It is really, really neat!

Shut Up & Sit Down (Youtube Channel)
Shut Up & Sit Down (Main Site)
SU&SD Play… A Goddamn Megagame
SU&SD Play… Watch the Skies 2 (Part 1)
SU&SD Play… Watch the Skies 2 (Part 2)

Here are some of my picks, I am gonna try my best to pick more weirder areas of YouTube that I find fascinating.

80sCommercialVault has videos that are straight up branding from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s. It’s facinating to see what was considered “cool” to kids in the 80s, and the disobedient trend of the 90s, with the EW GROSS

LuckyPennyShop is similar to Unboxing Videos, but they focus on toys and board games, my guilty pleasure is them playing with the old McDonalds Kits

RedCowEntertainment for BoxMac - a series about what is the best Boxed Macaroni and Cheese

TechMoan is the last of my features for the time being, because I love the technical details he gives on old gadgets, and a fascinating discussion on everything audio and visual and the history of each item.

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HowToBasic is very difficult to explain, but it is a work of art.

There is also Shut Up and Sit Down and Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop. The latter can be a little hit or miss, but these two shows are what really got me into tabletop gaming and i highly recommend them if you’re interested.

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Dan Bell was mentioned earlier, and similarly another abandoned location exploration group called The Proper People were linked in some Imgur Youtube Recommendation thing a few months ago and since then I’ve become absolutely hooked on their stuff. I must’ve sat and watched like, half of their entire channel in a day once. Good eps to check out: Abandoned Japanese Theme Park, Abandoned Renfaire, Abandoned Prison, Abandoned Mine. They also did a team-up with Dan Bell for Halloween.

Ross’s Game Dungeon from Accursed Farms has become a really good “video game video review” show for me. Ross has a knack for picking out some really weird, esoteric stuff. Lots of games I’ve never even heard of, dredged up from the depths of old DOS catalogs and such. Rama, Construction Bob Goes To Hell, Spiderbot, Contraption Zack, etc. His reviews tend to be pretty long, and almost crossover in to Let’s Play territory sometimes, where it’s less analysis and more commentary and reaction. Pretty funny, though.

People may know Blame Society Films for their old web series “Chad Vader” (which landed co-creator Matt Sloane the life long job as Disney’s official Darth Vader impersonator voice when they can’t get James Earl Jones), but I really got in to them for their “Beer & Boardgames” show. That’s actually grown a little stale for me, but their movie review show, Welcome to the Basement, is the reason I stay subscribed. It’s a couple of film school nerds talking about old movies, but it’s generally pretty fascinating.

Engineer Guy was a great channel for explaining how all kinds of interesting things worked, but the upload schedule is sporadic because I guess he also writes books and gives lectures and whatever else that isn’t spending hours putting together a Youtube show.

Errant Signal is one of the leading channels in the newest wave of game analysis and he always has something interesting to say about games that I’ve usually never thought of before. Along similar (but also completely different) lines, we have Game Maker’s Toolkit, which usually does its best to reverse-engineer a game’s design and explain why it does what it does, and how it does it. And, of course, if we’re talking analysis, you can’t forget Extra Credits.

If you’re looking for more documentary-style coverage of video games, The Gaming Historian and Ahoy should have you covered. Both are amazingly informative and incredibly thorough, though it should be noted that Ahoy seems to primarily focus on shooters and british games. But his Wolfenstein, Doom, and Quake videos are not to be missed. The Gaming Historian features a much wider breadth of coverage – everything from the Super Mario Bros. movie to the creation of the ESRB. He had a fantastic video on how Nintendo came to own the Seattle Mariners, but the MLB forced it down for using baseball footage.

Steering things back towards movies, I can’t end this post without mentioning No Small Parts. This is a show helmed by Brandon Hardesty that exclusively focuses on lesser-known character actors, paying tribute to actors that many may not even know by name. It is always incredibly fascinating and often very intimate, and he’s been getting enough coverage lately that IMDB has begun sponsoring specific episodes for their site. This is one of those things where I make time to watch it the instant a new episode is released.

I could probably keep going, but I’ll end it here for now.


Night Mind is a really fascinating channel that takes in-depth looks at various forms of horror stories, creepypastas, scary games and so many other things. The host, Nick Nocturn, also has a very chill voice, it’s pretty nice listening to him explain these things!

Speaking of explaining things, Today I Found Out does a lot of fun little rapid-fire videos explaining all sorts of scientific and historic curiosities. Probably one of my favourites was about how Coca-Cola tried to market Dasani in the UK and completely screwed up.

As far as videogames and LP channels go, I can most certainly recommend A + Start for his “Son of a Glitch” series, in which he looks at videogame glitches, explains how to recreate them, and usually explains briefly why the glitch happens.

Last but not least a recently-formed LP channel, Press Buttons 'n Talk, featuring Alex Mankin and ProZD (Some folks may know ProZD from a bunch of silly vines he made, as well as doing all sorts of voice acting stuff), and more recently Anne Marie/cherrizard. They recently finished a full (and fully voice-acted and riffed) playthrough of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, it’s a pretty funny watch if you’ve played through the games before!