What are you playing this week?


I played Monster Hunter pretty much nonstop since it came out, and now I’m taking a little break. I played Bayonetta 1 on Switch pretty much all day yesterday. I lost all my skills from when I first played it in like 2009, which is rough.


I just finished Owlboy, which I enjoyed for the most part, and am working through Horizon Zero Dawn which is excellent so far. I know I’m a bit late to the party for both games but taking down robot dinosaurs with a bunch of ropes and some arrows is quite satisfying.


Finished Bayonetta on the Switch. I still love it despite some incredibly rough edges.

Also I’m gonna say it: I hate the Peach and Daisy costumes.

E: oh dear I forgot about the dance


I’ve been playing Okami so much this week. It’s so good. Issun can be a bit much at times (or a lot of the time), but the combat is excellent, the music is wonderful, the aesthetic is incredible, and the writing is great.


Into the Breach has me swearing at it a whole lot, but probably about the same amount of swearing I did at FTL. It was such a hurdle clearing the first island, but man did it feel satisfying!

Really blows my mind how these two games manage to make so many complex systems really easy to understand.


Been playing Monster Hunter World like it’s the only game I have lately, but once Horizon Zero Dawn finishes downloading, I’m probably going to start playing that game the same way.


I’ve been afflicted by some kind of video-game schizophrenia this week and have been hopping between Into the Breach, Persona 5, Kingdom Come Deliverance and MGS:V.
Normally I can only play one thing at once but I got the hankering to get back to Persona 5 (after I stopped mid-palace 74 hours in a few months back because I played 74 hours in a week and was worried I was dying) while I was mid-Kingdom Come, then Into the Breach came out and I had to play that and for some reason decided that now is also the time to begin a second playthrough of Phantom Pain.


I beat Okami and it fuckin ruled, so I played Iconoclasts, which was good, but goddamn heavy at times. Now I’m playing Alwa’s Awakening because I got it for $3.30 and it looked interesting, and I’m a sucker for Metroidvanias.


Playing through Snake Pass. Pretty good puzzle platformer with a unique control style, and a great soundtrack. Though that unique control scheme sometimes bites it in the ass when things try to get complex.


Plugged in the hitbox and screwed up a combo trial about 1400 times (it counts your attempts!) on Them’s Fighting Herds.

That’s like playing it, right?


Just finished Horizon Zero Dawn + DLC and got the platinum as well, what a good game.


I just finished every other trophy except the new game + ones, which I’ll get started on soon, so I agree, it is a very good game. :ok_hand:


I finally got to the point where I left off years ago in Okami by playing the HD version on PC. Think I’m about 2/3rds of the way through, but still have a ways to go.

A lot of the conversations are unnecessarily long in an otherwise amazing game.


Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition has been eating away my time recently. It’s not even the best Street Fighter game,yet I can’t stop playing it. I’m just having too much fun with Strider Zeku to stop.


I have a general group I play Player Unknown Battleground with, but I’ve been playing a lot of single player stuff, just to find some good stream games


finally finished assassin’s creed: origins just in time for me to get detective pikachu this friday


been bouncing between nier automata for a potential lp and grinding through eureka anemos in ffxiv…ohhhh boy eureka anemos

also hayley is celes chere now


We finished Kirby Star Allies and man that final part of the game was an amazing spectacle.


I just finished playing AER: Memories of Old, which was pretty good…mostly? Like I really, really loved it: the music, the atmosphere, the puzzles, the chillness, and then I hit the endgame and it just… it felt like they gave up? The game’s a whirlwind of interesting worldbuilding and beautiful design and “what’s going to happen” all to end in a sad little wheeze. Honestly disappointing. I’ll go play it again to 100% the achievements, might be worth playing around with on days you really need to destress because it’s very calming, but playing to beat again? Not required.


Just finished Detective Pikachu because of course I did.

You really need to be in it for the talking Pikachu since the cases are meant to be solved by 6 year olds, just barely one step up from the standard RPG solution of “Just keep talking to people until the plot moves forward”.