What are you playing this week?


I think I’m around the halfway point in Dad of War. It’s really staggering how much stuff they managed to cram into this game while redefining a one-note character like Kratos at the same time. A lot of games this big usually don’t stick the landing by the time the credits roll, but I still have my fingers crossed!


God damn The Good LIfe is so damn close

E: Finished Bloodborne, I think I was hitting my usual fatigue point in Souls games so I kinda rushed through the last area and went for the first ending.
Something about the souls games end sections feel a little bit of a drag to me.


I’ve been playing F-Zero GX. It’s a very good game, but very, very hard. Especially when Story Mode is involved.


I finished Pyre the other day. I had been putting it off because Transistor, while excellent, was also a huge bummer, but Pyre far surpassed my expectations and is now among my favorite games of last year.


I’ve been playing through MGSV again, as well as Octopath Traveler and of course decided that while in the middle of these two other games would be the perfect time to pick up Wasteland 2 again and see if this time I can get farther in than the last time.


I just beat Pokemon Moon, and I’m getting ready to start Pokemon Y.


Shin Megami Tensei Liberation is out. It’s an SMT mobile game that includes an AR photo mode. So this happened.

My friend code is JJUGFJLW if anyone wants to hit me up.


Did 100% runs of Tomb Raider and Rise of the Tomb Raider (main campaigns only, not all the challenge stuff). Took like 40 hours for the latter one (first playthrough too). Would’ve taken even longer if I hadn’t looked up some things, but I’m a busy man (and also extremely impatient when it comes to collecting random shit for completion). The fact that I actually did that means that I had a very good time with those games. Of course they’re not without their problems, but the gameplay was very enjoyable, so I stuck with it.
I went back and tried playing Tomb Raider Anniversary after that, but it just felt incredibly lifeless and dull for the two hours I played it, and also kinda fiddly to play.
Now I’m really not sure what to play. I kinda wanna give FTL a try, but I really don’t know if that’s my thing or not. Also got Deus Ex: Mankind Divided on my list, but judging from the way I played all the other Deus Ex games, that’s like a 60 to 80 hour commitment, and I’m not sure I’ve got the time for that right now. That’s really not the type of game you play for an hour or two after all.


Going through The World Ends With You again and remembering why I hated Joshua so much. Not so much his awful personality so much as the utter uselessness. Sidestep exists but I wouldn’t say he has it as a defensive option. It can’t be used during a chain, you can’t cancel a chain and sidestep quick enough and if you’re paying enough attention to this glass-jawed dipshit to even notice when you need to dodge, you’re definitely getting Neku killed instead. He’s just the absolute worst and I have 6 more days of his bullshit. Pretty sure the only way I did this chapter was health tank until he stumbled into a useful ability that let him avoid stuff more reliably.

And to hell with those boomerang crabs too - even if it is mostly Joshua’s fault for taking a billion damage from them.


I’ve got a Trio of RPGs at the moment. Shining Resonance Refrain, Bravely Second End Layer, and Final Fantasy VI Advance. So far, Shining Resonance is my biggest priority.


I’m trying to finish off Tactics Ogre Let us Cling Together and the end dungeon is such a massive drag. It just sorta feels too long and the fights just aren’t interesting at the moment.

I’ve resorted to bringing in like all dragons into fights and just chucking boulders at everything to death since it’s the fastest option.


I finally finished building a good mod list for Fallout 4 after two months, a hard drive failure, and 70 gigabytes of downloads. Time to delve in spend three weeks building a really cute house.


Just finished Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition. Hit Alt-F4 the minute the last achievement dropped and uninstalled it within seconds. Replaying it didn’t make it feel any more like a fair game, especially since the strategy for later fights invariably devolve either to “Use super mode and end it fast” or “Pray you’re never stuck between a way-too-fast undodgeable AoE and a wall/your recovery frames”. The second phase of the final boss is actually the easiest thing in the game just because he actually telegraphs his attacks long enough for you to do anything about it and isn’t constantly teleporting everywhere.

I’ve also been playing Fell Seal: Arbiters Mark, a Final Fantasy Tactics-alike. It’s very early alpha but it certainly scratches an itch. The most recent boss battle they added shows they’ve been thinking about how to deal with the usual high DPS builds beyond simply nerfing them into obscurity.

Also, Kitty Catsanova. You’d think I’d have learned after Cookie Clicker and AdVenture Capitalist but I’m a bit stupid, to be honest. Chloe is best cat and I’ll hear no different.