What are you playing this week?


I wanted to give Bloodborne another shot after watching through Slowbeef’s playthrough, but when I went to the store they didn’t have a single copy.

So I got Dark Souls 2 instead.

People don’t seem to like this game but I’ve enjoyed the short amount I’ve played so far much more than the short amount I played of Dark Souls 1.


Dark Souls 2 does tend to be rather maligned, mostly for its rather incomprehensible plot and lack of varied bosses, but it’s honestly my favourite of the series. The DLCs add a lot to the experience and unlike Souls 3 it doesn’t rely on a worrying amount of callbacks to Dark Souls 1 and strives to do its own thing.


Just beat Wolfenstein 10: So Much for the Tolerant Left and I can’t stop giggling over how amazing it was.


Mario is…


  • G O O D


Shadowrun: Hong Kong owns bones. Adepts are fun as hell. Run across the map and roundhouse people in the face. So good.


I’m playing the Dot Hack GU re-release, because my sense of nostalgia is more powerful than my desire not to play a mediocre game or to keep money in my wallet.


I have had this massive urge to play oolite or pioneer or some other spacesim, but I wanted to also explore planets, which means no mans sky but I am very skeptical that its any good. So, I decided instead to play far cry 2 - cheating my way up to where I think I was before I lost my last save. Playing in god mode was actually pretty fun, but when I got to the part I was at before and continued without god mode I remembered why I love this game. So good, especially when you get a scoped rifle.


Revisting Fire Emblem: Awakening.

I sure hope Lucina can’t pass Rightful King to Morgan because god damn it, female Avatar gets to have super saiyan hair and male Avatar does not. I needed those extra points of Skill from Chrom pairing with Sumia too.


I could be wrong, but I think that only happens with Chrom himself.


I finished Ultra Sun’s postgame stuff just a bit ago. Finished the maingame a couple days ago.

Man, this is the first time I feel like an enhanced version has an outright net negative effect on the story of a Pokemon game. Not gonna detail every complaint I had, but it really feels like they gutted most of the cool themes and character moments the originals had in order to make room for the grander-scale big-bad-monster-of-the-week stuff, which… ends up feeling sort of weirdly jarring because for all the story beats they cut from the originals, it feels like they left too many smaller things in for the changed character motives to work? Additionally, the fight against Ultra Necrozma is some of the most fangamey bullshit I’ve seen in an official Pokemon game ever, and in the worst way possible. Rainbow Rocket felt pretty fangamey too, but in a good-fun cheesy way like I expected, so that was fine for the most part.

USUM aren’t strictly bad, but I think if I ever want to revisit Alola it’ll be through the originals because that story means so much more to me there, and I don’t think the gameplay changes are that significant.

Other than that, I’m just playing Puyo Puyo either on the DS version of 20th Anniversary, or Puyo Tetris online. Puyo is good and fun.


I picked up Watch_Dogs 2 on a whim, and mostly just out of morbid curiosity and because I love the Bay Area. My only exposure to the series was ChipCheezum’s LP of it and it removed any interest in the franchise I had before the sequel ever came out. Jesus Christ, is it fun and good and wonderful. The setting is gorgeous even though my graphics card is shit, the characters and protagonist are all genuinely likeable, the hacking is a lot more intuitive than I thought, and I like the learning curve for stealth really kicks you in the ass until you learn all the ways you can interact with the environment. I think the Alcatraz mission took me a dozen or so tries, and when I finally pulled it off without alerting anyone it felt awesome. I’m having a lot of trouble putting it down. I got it on the 30th and I have about 20 hours clocked in already.


Monster Hunter Stories. To my surprise, the normal gameplay actually translates really well into an RPG. The game is colorful, there is lots to explore and discover, and actually getting to work with the Monsters instead of always killing them is a nice change of pace. I look forward to what else I will find within this game.


Been playing Pokemon Ultra Sun recently; Haven’t touched a Pokemon game since Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. I’m enjoying it so far, can’t really complain. I’ve also been playing Okami HD on Steam. Okami is one of my favorite games, one I’d recommend to people who love Japanese culture and wants to see a game written by Hideki Kamiya that isn’t Bayonetta.


An unhealthy amount of Sentinels of the Multiverse. Far more than the guy who gave me all the codes from his kickstarter/whatever rewards. I’m going to get some very funny looks next time I hang out with my friends, we break out the actual cards and I seem to know far too much about what each of their chosen heroes can do, what each hero can do with each other hero and the kind of crap we’ll be putting up with from this villain/environment pair this time.

Help me.


After putting it down for a bit, I’ve gotten back into Battle Chef Brigade. It’s like Iron Chef in game form (literally, that’s what it is, except you also have to hunt your ingredients and hope the required secret ingredient doesn’t kill you). it’s just as stressful as you’d expect, but also not too incredibly challenging. Might get worse as I go, of course, but that remains to be seen. I think I’m halfway to two-thirds in, maybe?


I played a couple of JRPGs recenty.

Final Fantasy XV fell completely flat for me. The gameplay was repetitive, the plot was a mess, the open world was empty, and the sidequests were repetitive.

Tales of Berseria was a game I avoided when it first came out because I had heard that the Tales Series had a mediocre run since the last one I played, Vesperia, because it was a prequel to the particularly mediocre Zestiria, and because the protagonists’ design was peak “breathes through her skin,” but then it was on sale for real cheap and it blew me away. It has a fun battle system and is really well written.


I bought Iconoclasts when it came out after hearing good things about it and it has completely blown me away. The gameplay is fun, the characters are far more fleshed out than you’d expect and the world feels both very alive and also falling apart at the seams. I cannot recommend it highly enough.


Played Iconoclasts last week and enjoyed it quite a bit. Even got 69% materials collected. :sunglasses:


Monster Hunters pretty rad, I’ve been playing that for the last few weeks.


I finally started to play Prison Architect and am really enjoying it now that it didn’t crash during the first tutorial. I really enjoy simulation games but always find that they end up getting too hard because adding more things screws up previously done things. So far. That hasn’t happened.