What are you playing this week?


Maybe you’re playing the hot new thing that just came out?

Maybe something inspired you to play an old favorite?

This thread is for people to talk about the thing they’re into this week, maybe give recommendations for new releases or gush about an old favorite you’re revisiting in hopes of getting other people to remember and play it as well!

So tell me: What are you playing this week?


For me, this week has been all about RE7, having beat it and loved it to the point of getting into speedrunning it. It’s nailed the atmosphere and pacing of classic RE games and even though I have Gravity Rush and Yakuza waiting, all I want to do is play through RE7 again.

However, after seeing a few friends post some fanart about it, I’ve been itching to replay VA-11 HALL-A, a bartending game with some VN-esque elements in it, and a damn hilarious sense of humor


Like the last few weeks, I’ve been stuck in the Final Fantasy hole. Specifically, Final Fantasy XIV. Which is a very MMO thing to do, grab your life and drain it down the hole. But it rather helps that I am very new and have so much content to play through! I’m beyond the main game and taking it patch by patch. At 2.1 stuff. Finished off the little plot there is and am going to try the “new” dungeons.


I’m halfway through the Corvo campaign in Dishonored 2, and I made a point to not get another game while I’m in the middle of another one.

That kinda went out the window when I heard how good RE7 turned out. I’m about an hour into it at the moment, but I may have to put both it and D2 off because I have them on PC and my almost-4 year old motherboard is starting to go a bit haywire.


Yakuza 0! I’ve been playing and loving the series since 3 (I even liked Dead Souls!), so I’m really glad Sega seem committed to continue releasing them in the west. I’ve only played like 2 hours of this one so far, but I already love it. Having a great time punching dudes and doing karaoke and racing tiny cars and playing Outrun and all that other good stuff.


I’ve gotten back into Star Trek Online, and I keep going between it and Stellaris.

There’s also some Hitman, FFXV, and Gundam Breaker mixed in there too.


In my, uh, copious free time I’ve been dug in to Let It Die. I like it a lot, it’s really stylish in that Grasshopper kind of way and it plays really well. The freemium stuff is really unobtrusive, too. It almost feels like they found almost every bad trend in games (“Roguelikes”, zombies, Dark Souls knockoffs, crafting systems, F2P) and decided to see if they could check off each one and still make a good game.


I’m making my way through Skyward Sword finally. It was the last Zelda I hadn’t played! I’m also getting in practice in Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator. It’s basically the first traditional fighter I want to learn and it looks amazing.

I play some Rimworld too, when I feel like ordering mans around instead of doing all the work myself.


I’m so excited to hop deep into that game (probably this weekend), they released Yakuza 5 on ps3 the week my console started 'yellow light of death’ing, so I’ve been waiting a bit for 0 so I can relieve the days of ‘SEGA WEIRD’ that I’ve missed for so long


I finally got around to finishing Pokémon Sun yesterday, and it really made me want to jump back into older Pokémon games, so I fired up my old LeafGreen cart and have been playing that using only my starter Squirtle.


I’m currently finishing up replaying Mass Effect 3 before Andromeda releases in a couple months. After that, I plan on playing some Fallout New Vegas for the first time in way too long.


I’m kind of between games right now; I just finished playing TIS-100 and have been meaning to start Owlboy.


My dad was playing A Link to the Past recently so I decided to finally get around to completing it. I played it a lot as a kid, though I never beat it because I wasn’t very good at games yet. It was really weird just speeding through it all as an adult, like it wasn’t really that hard after all.
I figured I’d follow it up by starting A Link Between Worlds, which I’ve had since it came out but never got around to. It’s interesting to see all the little changes and things that have stayed the same.


I’m praying for that New Vegas 2 rumor to be real


Continuing to play far too much World of Warcraft and Europa Universalis 4. Going to try and finish up some of the harder challenges in the latest Hitman game, too - never did get around to doing the Christmas bonus episode.


I’ve been jumping back into Rainbow Six Siege. It’s a game I find to be a lot of fun and probably one of my favorite shooters. This is its second year and they’re still doing regular free dlc every few months, the new Spain stuff is coming in about a week or two and I was wanting to get rid of some of the rust before diving in again. I love all the gadgets and different operators and destructable levels. I’d highly recommend it for some fun multiplayer and its still got a very active community.


Same, but since Obsidian just announced Pillars of Eternity 2 and are hopefully also working on a sequel to Tyranny, I doubt it. And I don’t really trust another studio to do a New Vegas followup well.


I just picked up Deadbolt in the last Humble Bundle and I had a lot of fun going through the game. I haven’t touched hard mode yet but I may go back to it now that I’ve gotten a feel for some of the AI quirks.

The Scythe is a really good weapon if you’re like me and can’t consistently get headshot with guns.


I’m highly considering trying to play Golden Sun eventually. I’ve never played it before, and have been really tempted to as of late.


I think the “Project Louisiana” rumors were just for Pillars of Eternity 2, not a new Fallout game. Though after all the things Zenimax did to Obsidian, I wouldn’t be surprised if they never touched the Fallout series ever again.

Personally, I’ve been playing Planescape: Torment to prep for Tides of Numeria. I’ve been enjoying the hell out of Planescape, though it does feel like the UI seems like a worse version of Baldur’s Gate’s UI. Got a full team of probably the weirdest characters ever and I like it.