What are you playing this week?


Currently playing Golden Sun for the first time. Wish I had played it sooner honesty, as its pretty good so far.


RAID: World War 2 was released to today and consequently many Nazis on my screen have seen much worse than punching.

Like some other co-op FPS using the Diesel 2.0 engine, it has some glorious ragdoll problems, like the nazi corpse with the 60 foot leap and the other nazi corpse with the 3 foot neck.


I finally got back to Sonic Mania and stopped getting crushed by phantom blocks in Chemical Plant Zone for long enough to get through. What a boss.


I’ve been playing FFX HD. It’s good. I like how the game has a single traveling party that you can sub people in and out at will. It makes it easier to keep people from getting too underleveled (although the Sphere Grid also helps prevent that). My only major problem so far was the first blitzball game, because it feels kind of shitty to have the player read all the stuff about it and then put you in a situation where none of it matters and it’s just 10 minutes of getting dunked on constantly. It felt like playing Punch-Out for the first time ever, except the first fighter was Piston Honda and also you had to play the game with boxing gloves on.


Blitzball is bizarre and, in the end, really not that fun. FFXHD, for all it fixed, decided to just correct a few glitches for Blitzball and leave it as is beyond that. At the very least outside of the first match you never need to touch Blitzball again… unless you’re running Wakka in your party. All of his limit break upgrades and an item needed to unlock his ultimate weapon are walled behind Blitzball tournaments; on top of that you have to save scum to get those to show up as 1st place prizes, since it’s entirely random.


Play blitzball until you get Attack Reels for Wakka and then I think you can ignore the rest unless you really want his ultimate weapon.


The last time I played FFX, I somehow won the mandatory blitzball game despite not trying to win and not having the Jecht Shot. The minigame is just that dependent on luck.

I can’t believe that kid me thought that Blitzball was fun.


Did they change it so you can’t just score once and then hide in your own goals for the rest of the match anymore?


Yup! They only fixed bugs, including the easy win. Now you are forced to endure full rounds.


Okay so in that case please do not play Blitzball.


I’m not planning on using Wakka too much, since he’s probably the most situational of all the characters right now. Most of the time I have him appear to inflict Darkness or Distill Ability (since Ability Spheres are in somewhat short supply in this part of the game), and then I swap him out right afterward. Even the aerial enemies aren’t a problem since most of them are weak to magic and Lulu can take them out as easily as Wakka can. I still try to keep him moving along the Sphere Grid, but he’s definitely not one of the main battle members of the party.


Long as you’re keeping him mostly up with the rest of the crew that’s fine.

It’s weird but when I first played X I never had any sphere shortages but every time after I’d always have a shortage in one type. It was dumb that you even needed to spend spheres like that.


I made paperclips.


I just started The Evil Within 2 and, well…

I was not expecting a semi-open world mission structure from a horror game sequel.


Spent a good chunk of today playing a game of Follow with some other Zone people, in which a humble drone delivery startup used a simple KFC sponsorship and billions of dollars of VC to take over the entire world. It was a lot of fun. Like, a loooot of fun.


My notes tell me that this is what I’ve been playing the last week and a bit:

A Hat in Time was a ton of just really charming fun, and laughing at/with bad Pokémon romhacks was a good time. I thought Cuphead wasn’t really going to be my thing, and playing a few levels of it confirmed that, since I’m not super into the animation, and I’m not a big fan of Treasure-esque games in general. Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion is good, but got repetitive quickly, and I really want to like They Bleed Pixels but just can’t because the controls aren’t quite tight enough. I also remembered I really like Superbeat Xonic’s easy mode.
Most of the rest of the games listed there are sort of my normal holding pattern.


I’ve been playing For Honor and Nobunaga’s Ambition Sphere of Influence for LP’s and for fun. I’m also trying to finally get back to Nioh and beat it since I got it a while ago and just dropped it at some point.


Currently I’m nearing the end of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and I’m around halfway through Shadow Warrior 2013. They are both pretty fun, but Shadow Warriors full potential is held back by an atrocious framerate.


Team Kirby Clash Deluxe. Palate cleanser really.

Doki Doki Literature Club just taught me that when something says it’s not suitable for people with anxiety or depression or people who are easily disturbed, maybe I should be taking that seriously.


Currently going through Danganronpa 2 (5th murder), but also playing some horror games (Misao, an old RPG game that just got a remaster on steam) and Monolith when I want to listen to podcasts.