What are you playing this week?


I decided to play some Kero Blaster. It took me a while to get around to it, but the past couple of days I decided to finally follow up on Zangyou mode. If I hadn’t tuned in for the SGDQ run, I wouldn’t have known how different it is.

And boy howdy is it hard.

(I finished it, though.)

Edit: I was wrong, I didn’t know about Omake mode, so I had to fight the final boss of Zangyou mode again.


I spent a few hours last night playing an interesting game called Shephy. It’s a single-player card game and your objective is to grow a flock of sheep, from 1 to 1000 individuals, in the space of three turns.

Also the game has a story mode set in a post-apocalyptic world where the sheep (who are sentient) are on the run from men in plague doctor costumes.

Also it is made by the same company that makes Guilty Gear.


It took a expanson(?)/update, but I finally pulled the trigger and began playing Let It Die to temporally take care of that Soulsborne-esque itch til I can get my hands on Dark Souls 3, Bloodborne The Old Hunters or Nioh. Its not half bad, and its pretty generous with giving out the premium currency (Death Metals) for free.

Also I finally got Stormblood. Got that squared away in the MMO/FFXIV department.





I started playing hellblade and its real fucking good https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hellblade:_Senua's_Sacrifice


So I started playing Etrian Odyssey, then I switched to the remake, which has been so much better. I much prefer clearer menus and other various improvements, thank you very much. That being said, this guy heard me talking shit and now he’s hanging out outside my window?


Yeah you’d better avoid all these bears for now, FOEs are bad news in general! I haven’t played the remake of the first game, apparently some people disliked it for some new system that throws balance off the window?


Honestly I’m surprised they let me take on the first stratum FOEs so soon. I don’t expect the Terrifying Yell Bear to be within my range for a while.
That’s probably referring to the Grimoire stuff. It’s kinda convoluted, but it basically boils down to: you equip a stone which gives you abilities. Randomly, you get the chance for that stone to produce a new stone that inherits abilities from both the user and abilities, and you can later fuse stones. It’s confusing and kind of annoying (the stones take up inventory until you return to town,) but I have a Troubadour with Poison Dust so I think it’s working out to some extent.


Hello, I am here to recommend Pyre if anyone here hasn’t grabbed it yet, because oh man is it good.

It’s part visual novel, part Oregon Trail, part Valkyrie Profile, and part magic sports game. I’m not really kidding about any of those. It’s a party-based RPG where the combat is actually non-violent sports competition to secure freedom from exile to a place called the Downside, and in between rites (matches), you hang out with your band of exiles and learn more about cool characters. Oh, and because the “fights” aren’t actually violent confrontations, you can never get a game over–if you lose a rite, the story keeps going, but changes as a result. It owns a whole lot and I’d recommend it to just about anyone.

I just finished my first playthrough a couple nights ago and I can’t stop thinking about it, so I’m probably going to play through again soon and make different choices and see how things turn out.


I played through hellblade in one 7 hour sitting straight. Might be my game of the year.
Also manages to be both the best god of war game ever


Pyre’s great, but there’s a tough decision I have to keep making over and over again, and it brings me to my knees. It’s not a knock against the game, just that it handles its story really well. I’m extremely impressed that they accounted for all the permutations that the story’s direction could take.

I also just finished Breath of the Wild, after the 140 hours I’ve spent with it. Pretty neat-o.

I also played and finished Gears of War 4 (Gears of 4?) on the PC. It’s… certainly a Gears game. Was alright until a specific enemy pops up that makes the game unfair garbage. If you played it, you’ll know which one I mean.


I finished Dirt Showdown last weekend and I’d recommend everyone try it and play it until the gymkhana challenges get too annoying.


Got back into Touhou, and managed to finally one credit clear a game! :star_struck: Time to lose my mind trying to beat the extra stage!


My sister got Thumper on the Switch, so I’m playing a bit of that along with Splatoon 2 and the occasional level of Star Fox 64 3D.


West of Loathing is so good that I’m actually slightly sad I’m marathoning Defenders tonight and won’t get to play it.


I’ve been playing the old DS games Digimon World Dawn/Dusk. It’s interesting to find games that I really love that I would never recommend to another person. I was talking about them with some friends and when I mentioned that the games had eight types of experience each person in the room got a look of complete disgust


I bought XCOM: Enemy Within for PS3 the other day and I’ve been trying to play the game on Ironman as my first playthrough, which is stressful and just barely holding together at all times. I’ve also been enlisting anyone and everyone I know to fight for me while I take command; several have died so far and you’re all terrible shots.


I played like 10 mins of XCom 2’s new expansion and just bounced back into Mario + Rabbids i.e “This was meant to be bad, why is it so good.”

Also get Divinity 2 where we’re just bashing our skulls against encounters that are tearing us apart.


I’ve been playing Destiny 2 and Divinity OS 2 and loving both of them. Destiny 2 I’ve completed most of the content so now I’m just waiting around for my friends to find time so we can do the raid (If anyone on here wants someone to play D2 with on PS4 feel free to message me).

Divinity OS2 meanwhile is just so good, I haven’t played a CRPG with this much freedom in it in a long time. So far my character started as a mix of warrior skills and necromancy and somewhere along the way developed into a shapeshifter who flies around the battlefield cursing enemies and turning them into chickens. It does seem to be a little buggy though, mostly the quest log which seems to update wrong a lot of the time either not concluding quests or stating a conclusion different from what actually happened.


I’ve just about finished Samus Returns and I do not regret having to look up the human cannonball thing because it is the stupidest trick.