What are you playing this week?


Echoes’ post game is quite rough. I’ve found myself replaying the Professor Layton games I own and it’s been quite pleasant. It was also something of a shock to find out the next Layton game comes out in July.


Hooo boy Crash Trilogy is super faithful to the originals and that is not a good thing.


I picked up Prey during the Steam sale and I’m… actually kinda digging it.

People were well comparing it to System Shock before it’s release, but I didn’t think it would completely embody those games, even insofar as making explicit references to those styles of games.

I also really like how, even if you can overcome them within an hour, most inaccessible areas are generally just soft-gated by tough enemies instead of arbitrary skills you need to unlock. Then again, I’m only four hours in, so this could change.


Skies of Arcadia: Legends has been my game of choice currently. So far its outstanding, which confuses me given how little I hear people talk about it.


The Crash Bandicoot experience:
Weird issues with sliding off platforms several times but I got all the boxes!
…but I died and you have to get all the boxes AND not die once to get the colored gem.


I’ve been playing a lot of Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth lately. It’s pretty much one of my favorite games, but I came off of playing it for a while. Turns out there’s Afterbirth+ which is apparently much harder, but also poorly designed from what I hear? Either way, it’s still as fun as I remember, and as mind-blowingly replayable as I remember as well.

Maybe someday I’ll play something other than an indie game. shrug


I recently got Dead by Daylight, and have been playing quite a bit of it. Though, I’m running into a lot of rather rude people, so I don’t really know how I feel about the community. It’s hard to do well sometimes, and to then get abuse over not being as good is kind of disheartening.


I’ve been playing fallout 1, since it can be played one handed on a lappy touchpad without sound. Although, the sound is really good so when I am playing while the missus isn’t watching cooking shows I have the sound on.

I usually hate turn based games, but I am super enjoying fallout despite the clunky UI.

I never played it when it came out back in the day. Is there any more modern fallout-likes?


Wasteland 2 is more or less a spiritual successor to Fallout 1 and 2, the combat and other gameplay is similar although you control a squad of people instead of just one. That’s probably the closest you’ll find in terms of modern games in the style of the old ones.Also if being able to play without sound is an issue I’d say Wasteland 2 is fine in that department, I would frequently listen to other things while playing it.


rad, it runs on linux!


Wrapped up the patchgame of FFXIV Heavensward, got the Alexander raids done and dusted, all the sidequest chains I was interested in done (Hilderbrand was entertaining as usual), and got Monk to Level 60 in prep for getting Stormblood.

Other than that, borrowed Watch_Dogs 2 from an uncle and some one-off playing of the Miitopia demo to get game centre tickets. I’m grinding the heck outta that demo.

Also my progress in Enter the Gungeon has hit that frustrating phase of “Even if I beat the High Dragun, I fuck up in the Kill the Past sequences”.


I knew something felt just slightly off, it’s the game’s fault I’m bad at it!


I heard that there were no source files for the game, so everything was made from scratch. Considering that, the fact that peoples main complaint is the jump is different is actually pretty amazing.


The bumping of small platform is the only issue I have.

Otherwise it’s a really good remake and with three games in one it’s good value


I started playing Red Dead Redemption again.

And then my PS3 almost died and I had to stop playing it.


I’m replaying Shadowrun: Returns. I’ll probably be replaying all the others too afterward.


So I finally decided to sit down and finish the last map in FE Echoes. After a few restarts, (including one in which my dumb ass put Alm in the way of a Medusa spell,) I finished the dang thing. I’m disappointed they kept most of the endings from the original Gaiden, because a lot of them are bad. Like Mathilda’s, in which she stops being a night and disappears from the public eye to support Clive, despite being a character who found her place on the battlefield and had the support of other women even though she wanted to be a warrior. They put so much developing the old characters, (and really well at that,) only to put them in the same place they were in in an NES game.
That being said, I very nearly squealed when I found out that the post game takes place in Archanea. That last sea map was brutal, though. For once I just decided to cut my losses and take advantage of the fact that I’m on casual.

Mathilda’s basically been my MVP for the end game/post game. She has enough speed to double enemies that would outspeed any of my other units. I guess the real reason she left knighthood was to seal away her power. She’d crit the moon out of the sky if that were possible.


I’ve been playing Fire Pro Wrestling World because I’m a big fan of wrestling games.
But no, I don’t really play them. I just make characters and have them duke it out.

Oh, and my referee is a goddamned bear.

This game’s awesome and you can download tons of wrestlers (And the bear ref) from the workshop if you don’t wanna make any yourself.


I’m trying to get through Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. Emphasis on try because the game is BOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING. That and it has so many gameplay flaws that I am getting annoyed at each battle.


So I had a long stretch of time to do post-game stuff in FE Echoes. I got some decent progress in Thabes, (specifically to the point at which the room colors change to an ominous light blue. Then the game crashed.
I think I’m done playing Echoes. I kinda wanted to play Majora’s Mask 3D anyway.