What are you playing this week?


I started playing Castlevania: Lords of Shadow again. Why do I always end up playing crap games lately?


So this’ll be a week I take off playing more long-term games and knock out a couple of quick and easy action games off my backlo-
PSYCHE, it’s time for FF14 and FF5 Fiesta and Persona 5 until I die


So Wolfenstein: The New Order was on sale on Steam last weekend, so I picked it up because The New Colossus trailer impressed the shit out of me.

I’m only barely past the prologue and haven’t really played that many FPSes, but I can already tell that TNO is going to be one of my favorite games of all time.


Okay here’s the deal, If I finish my FJF run this week then I’ll hop back into FFXIV and continue my love of crafting.


The New Order was better written than it should have been. It really says something that one of the most likable and sympathetic characters for modern games is a bulky, meatheaded Nazi-killer from the bygone PC games era of the 90s.

Damn, I should probably re-install this game.


I made a gamble in buying Tekken 7, because, no matter how much I tried to get into fighting games, they just wouldn’t click. I’m pretty glad that it paid off. I’m really enjoying beating up people as a robot girl


I reinstalled Rise of the Triad. I found out why I quit playing it. There is a section with four rooms that you have to get a key and then go through another gauntlet of death. Floors dropping out from under you, first person platforming on a small, moving platform above lava. A room filled with bounce pads over a bottomless pit.

I don’t think it would be so bad if I didn’t die every 30 seconds, but all I really wanted to do was mindlessly shoot bad guys for an hour or so.

I guess I’ll give Shadow Warrior another go.


I’ve been binging Paper Mario: Color Splash the last few days. Honestly I find it really enjoyable, despite some of the flaws it unfortunately carried over from Sticker Star.


I finished Lords of Shadow earlier this week and moved on to Mirror of Fate. I’m 2/3 of the way through it and the biggest thing it’s done is make me want to play Symphony of the Night again.


SSX. The newer one, with the same name as the PS2 game for some reason. I’ve played a demo for one of them, can’t remember, mighta been Tricky? Either way, I’m liking it.


Picked up and played through Hyper Light Drifter this weekend, was pretty good overall though the forest boss was rather rude. Going to start digging into Hollow Knight now which I absolutely adore the aesthetic of.


After a combination of putting it off forever due to other games and weird timing issues with other things, I finished Codename STEAM.

That game is… actually good? It has its flaws for sure, but they didn’t detract that much from the game as a whole. It’s certainly cheesy as hell, but I loved it for that. I enjoyed just about every mission outside of like the first one in Oz and the one with a billion artillery strikes in the Arctic, the first because it’s way too long and the second because of the annoying enemy placements.

The (semi)final boss was pretty rough until I remembered Randolph’s meat gun, which made things WAY easier. Breaking the enemy’s line of sight on its own is really strong. And Fox is just disgustingly powerful, she’s so much fun to use.

Overall I enjoyed it a lot and I’m sad there’ll probably never be a sequel because it sold absolutely horribly. But I still will hold onto hope


Steam Sale week. I probably shouldn’t buy anything but I did anyway.

Playing DOOM. It’s really good. Holy heck is it fast.
Playing Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved. I played this a lot when it was on the 360, it’s still kind of fun, but
Playing Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved. Haven’t played it yet, I hope it’s good.


I also got a few games from the Steam Sale. First game I got was DOOM, which is really dang good. The combat’s got a great sense of flow to it, and the levels are nicely designed and fun to explore. The hard difficulty (“ultra-violence”) is supremely well balanced, and it feels just challenging enough without being overwhelming.

I also got Hitman (the 2016 reboot); I’ve never played a Hitman game before but hoo boy this is super excellent. Seriously one of the most mechanically engrossing and immersive games I’ve played in a while. Definitely gonna spend some more time with this game.

Finally, I got Deadly Premonition, which has been…interesting! I mean, from an objective standpoint it’s actually a pretty bad game (the combat/driving sequences are dull, the pacing is uneven, there’s tons of technical bugs, etc.), yet something about the game is just so oddly compelling, and I can’t rip myself away from it. My only major complaint with the game is that I feel like the resemblances to Twin Peaks are kind of ehhh. I’m totally alright with the game taking influence from it, but some of the references are so blatant (the screenshots of Twin Peaks on the hotel lobby, York’s obsession with coffee, the goddamn “Pot Lady”) to the point where it feels really forced.


Diablo 3 released the Necromancer! For €15 and I actually kinda feel like it’s weird paying that for one new class.

the goddamn “Pot Lady”

I keep forgetting which show/game has the pot lady and which has the log lady.


I’ve been dipping into Metroid Prime and the graphics are… very 2002


2002 Samus face best Samus face.

I got a lot things from the Steam sale. I might play one of those.

In the meantime, it’s dragging myself through the post-game marathon of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows Of Valentia.


Oof, is the post game stuff bad? I liked the game for the most part, but I got to the last map and it’s awful. I also screwed myself out of all but two uses of rewind, so whoops fighting Jedah sucks now.


you can completely avoid Jedah if you keep out of his range. You don’t have to fight him


I know I can do that, but strategically I’d prefer to get him out of the way so I can maneuver my units around the last few enemies at a pace faster than snail. Also, getting the Moguls out of the way would be lovely.