What are you playing this week?


I’m so sorry.


Honestly, it’s a pretty fun game with a really wonky story.


Played the PC port of Vanquish over the past few days. Just as amazing the first time I’ve played it, only at glorious 144 fps! It really feels like a completely different game now that it’s a lot smoother. I have an inkling that Platinum had to pull a ton of tricks just to get it running on last-gen consoles.


Star Ocean 3 was a bad, no good, terrible game.

Yes i’m downloading it right now.


I’ve always persisted in thinking Star Ocean really only had a single good game, that being Star Ocean 2, and that’s the one everyone remembers fondly. Kinda amazing series kept getting more sequels.


I’ve only played 3 and 4. Both were pretty fun, but their stories were pretentious messes.

4 also has the single worst protagonist in any JRPG I’ve played.


I’m going for Platinum in Bloodborne and I just spent most of my weekend working towards this fight. If anyone tells you that the chalice dungeons are bullshit, believe them.


Playing Bayonetta 2 currently. Doing a hell of a lot better than I did with Bayonetta 1, and so far it is fantastic.


Just finished Telltale’s latest Walking Dead game. It’s better, more interesting, more creative, and less railroaded than Season 2, but it’s still pretty inconsistently written and doesn’t hold a candle to Season 1.


There’s a new Map Pack out for Titanfall 2 s I went back to playing that. Titanfall 2 is very good.


I finished Might and Magic Book One. Fuck that game.

I started playing M&M2: Gates to Another World, and it’s so much better. (It doesn’t hurt that my party started at level 7 for beating the last game)

I’ve also picked up Dark Souls again. I stopped playing it a while back because I got frustrated with Sen’s Fortress. My new character is starting at the bottom of Blighttown.


I’m finally playing God Hand, and man does that game not screw around with those difficulty gauges. Still, it’s incredibly fun when I manage to get the gameplay down.


I tried the Disgaea 5 demo and it’s just not meshing with me.
I like SRPGs but the ascetics and humour feel like it’s trying too hard to be “wacky”.


Got around to play Shin Megami Tensei 4 Apocalypse, since i played the base game but never tried this direct sequel. Boy does this game hate giving the player free will and making a choice :sweat_smile: it’s exactly as i expected otherwise, good ol’ stomping around and catching all the demons! According to a friend it gets harder than SMT4? Can’t wait to see what he means :cold_sweat:


Back home for the summer so I’ve devolved and gone back to playing a random assortment of Wii U stuff. Stuck on Crown World in 3D World, both Crown-Crown and the 20ish Green Star marathon level.

Also went back to NintendoLand on a whim and I don’t think Metroid Blast gets enough praise? Nintendo or someone else could totally make an entire game that plays like that, both multiplayer and single player. Oorrr… maybe that’s where Splatoon came from? Minus the fairly great remote shooting controls.


I finished Persona 5 last night. Don’t know if I’ll play a better “Millennials posing at demons” game all year.

That said, this year has been crazy with great games and we’re almost halfway done.


A acrade-ish place opened up near my workplace and all seems good.

This menu though is super damn try hard humour:

I’ll take a BOAR`D TO FUCK


Replaying FNV this week because I’ve never completed all the DLC! Finished Dead Money about 2 weeks ago and I’m makin my way through Old World Blues right now.

I think altogether through about 4 different copies of the game I probably have around 2,000+ hours. It’s my fave.


I am playing GTA San Andreas, because I found a mod that makes it work properly with controllers - and use a control scheme very similar to gta IV complete with analogue accelerator, and it works real good with the steam controller.

Going back to the GTA3 era games is a very unpleasant control experience, even the recent steam update that makes it work better with Xinput devices I think.


So I got a Switch last Sunday and started playing Breath of the Wild. It’s goddamn staggering how free-form the game is compared to the previous Zeldas. I’ve always dreamed of a game where I can complete the story in whatever order I want and BotW is as close as it’s gonna get.

I also somehow got through one of the major dungeons without knowing where the Camera Rune was first.