What are you playing this week?


In the most @That_Good_Good_Chris move, I have started The Witcher 3, a game I’m sure is not like 600 hours long, just as Amazon ships out my copy of punchmans simulator Injustice 2.


I got Stuntman from a used game store the other day.

It’s hard. It’s really hard. Seriously, I’ve played some pretty hard games before, but this one just might take the cake.

Well, either it or Trauma Center. That’s another tough one.


I’m convinced currently that Protectors in U2 are useless compared to the silly effective Beast tanks.

I’ve also got an all Beast team and they’re surprisingly effecting at scouting ahead in the dungeons.


I actually haven’t tried a Beast!

When I go back to EO2U I’ll have to try one out. I found my Protector to be really effective, though they do sort of want you to predict what the enemy is about to do, and they’re really boring (because you really don’t need to do anything but Front Guard or Fire/Ice/Volt Wall and you’ll maybe use Sentinel Guard once or twice)

Luckily it’s really easy to level up a character in EO2U because temporarily switching to Picnic means your character can probably solo FOEs in the previous stratum and take all that delicious EXP for themselves, so it’ll be easy enough to try one out.


Wellll Beast is just as boring (maybe moreso) cause they just use hit-taker and take a certain amount of hits for the party instead.

I’ve got the exp food in it which gives x3 times the exp to the current party and x1 times to everybody in the guild.
So I’ve got at least one of each class and i’m flipping party compositions constantly.


Dumped a lot of time into Persona 5 in between being busy in college. Got to a certain section in the game’s story where all I can say is: pancakes. Gotta love 'em.

Been also on the lookout for somewhat patchy moments in its localization, ever since it was brought up. Definitely doesn’t happen as often as a lot of people seemed to make it, but shaky moments of dialogue does crop up here and there. I guess with a game this story-heavy, it can’t be helped.


It will begin soon


I’ve started learning how to play Tetris: The Grand Master. It gets pretty tough.


I’m waiting on those Zerk’s


I’ve been playing Dead Cells and it’s pretty much as good as people say it is.
While it is described as a Metroidvania Souls-Like Rogue-Like it’s mainly a roguelike to me. While the combat is souls-inspired I wouldn’t call it very soulsy. But I’m glad that they implemented the rally system from Bloodborne.

Dead Cells earned the IGgy seal of approval ™ and comes heartily recommended


I just spent a vast majority of my weekend playing Fire Emblem Echoes rather than doing anything productive. It’s still a weird game mechanically, but the little touches they added and the RNG of the game not being out for blood make it far more playable than Gaiden. I’m nearing the end of Act 3, but Alm’s maps get really brutal. Like the one with about ten wizards. I have one character with good HP and Resistance.


Been playing Kentucky Route Zero off the latest humble bundle. Got the bundle for Owlboy, ended up liking this game a looooot.


Me: "Excited to play more Witcher 3 and Injustice 2"
Also me: “whoops news Overwatch content, byeeee”


Playing RAGE and already eying Witcher 3 now that I got both expansions. Props to GOG for upgrading my version to GOTY.


Been bouncing between Wasteland 2 Directors Cut (had it for a while, never got around to playing it much), Persona 5 for my third run (on hard difficulty), and Nuclear Throne (got Plant’s B skin last week, and had a run with Eyes that got past the Hyper Crystal).


Me: Man I wish I had time to finish P5 and Fire Emblem Echoes

Also me: let’s buy disgaea 5 for switch


Yo any interest in a FourJobFiesta thread?

Thought maybe the lp.zone could use a place for it.


I definitely think so, but I’m wondering whether that should be a group LP in the ‘let’s play’ section, where individual posters can update their run, or under the ‘general game discussion’ section


Kinda like the previous FFV omni solo LP that went on?


There are lots of good games from this year that I still need to play, and that’s why I’m downloading the PS4 remaster of Star Ocean 3.