What are you playing this week?


I started playing Might and Magic Book 1. I don’t know how bad mid-80’s CRPGs were, but HOLY CHRIST it’s really bad.

I haven’t even started the first dungeon yet. I’ve just been preparing by doing random fights in town. For hours. I’ve leveled up twice and bought equipment. That’s it. I’m ready for the first dungeon. I think.

Edit: OK, wow, magic just doesn’t work in the first dungeon. That’s cool. Thanks for making two of my characters literally useless.

E2; Or it only sometimes doesn’t work? IDK. This is bad.


I started fooling around with Stellaris a bit, but also a friend of mine rented a Minecraft server so I’m also hollowing out a small mountain in there.


-Finally beat FFXV, which was certainly a game!
-Did what I need to do in Heroes of the Storm with @Bearpigman & some folk to get those precious precious Overwatch skins.
-Started Nier Automata, got the W ending because I fucked up dodging a punch. Have gone back and since cleared the first level properly.


Fixing to play some RAGE. I missed it back in the day, but goddamn has it held up visually six years later.


My shitty brain has been making me too dizzy for Neir Automata (and my roommate has been playing my steam copy anyway), so I’ve been playing Gravity Rush Remastered, since it was on sale last week and somehow doesn’t make me ill.

Gravity rush is real good ya’ll


yes, yes it is extremely good, though I may be biased


Started playing Shadowrun Hong Kong. Got stuck at an early mission, the exit to the map decided not to appear. My other saves are about 2.5 hours back.


I think I might play some prey - the 2006 version. I meant to play it back in the day but never got around to it, then kinda just forgot about it…


I’ve been using my downtime to play a run-based text-only space colonization sim called Seedship recently. You’re an AI on a spaceship containing the last of humanity, including its scientific knowledge and its culture, attempting to find a new planet suitable to human life. Each run is pretty short, and the sacrifices you have to make in order to try and keep humanity alive are interesting. Sometimes, the spaceship malfunctions and you’ll have to consider if you’re willing to let some of the humans die so that the navigation system stays intact, or to sacrifice science and culture in order to stop your landing functions from malfunctioning. There’s a lot of good writing in it and a lot of variability to each run, and I adore it.


I finished Persona 5. Only took me almost three weeks.


160some hours into Persona 5 I finally set it down. Heard decent things about that newest Tales game, so picked that up on sale and started into it. It’s actually pretty okay so far, but I’m maybe ten or so hours into it, so who knows.


Finally got into Night in the Woods! Of course I end up going down the most depressing route right away, go me :cold_sweat:


I replayed Iji for the first time in awhile since the 1.7 update dropped.

That game is still really cool, though I didn’t really dabble much in the new stuff that was added; mostly just re-adjusting to how that game works after not having played it for a year or so. Probably gonna do a pacifist run next so I can see how much the new Passive Weapons shake it up from the days of “facetank and spam Resonance Reflector”.

Using the Nuke on the first battle with Asha never gets old.


Chunky post but I played a ton of Dead Cells over the weekend.

It’s a Roguelite game and you’re constantly unlocking permanent upgrades even when you get bad runs.
I like it a lot so far, some of the unlocks act as ways to take different paths through the game, for instance the first level has three exits that lead to three different levels but you have to get unlocks through the first path to get to the other level sets.

Your permanent upgrades are new items in the pool, more healing vials, random items on starting, permanent damage upgrades on existing items in the pool and the ability to retain some gold between runs.

Equipment has different levels which affect damage and effects that always come with that particular type of equipment but all equipment also can have random effects such as piercing shots, throwing a grenade on use or triple jumping.

It’s “Early Access” currently, they’ve released it and it’s got a bunch of content but they’re gonna be constantly updating so it feels a bit more like Nuclear Throne or Vagante at the moment with how they’re handling Early Access. If you’ve got a policy to never get Early Access games though then wait on it.

One minor thing is it’s Dark Souls inspired or at least that’s what a ton of people are saying but aside from parry & dodge mechanics it really does not give off a Dark Souls vibe at all.


The only early access game I’ve bought before was 20XX and this looks like it might be my second.

I’ve started playing MGSV again to put off recording some DLC for another thing. I discovered that sliding around with the box and knocking over your ally soldiers is way too fun.


Got a bunch of games on and off the Flash Sale. So mainly I’ve been playing catch-up with games like INSIDE, FFXV and Soundshapes.

Also more Patapon/PSP games on the side. Patapon 3 is hella rough.


I’m enjoying the hell outta it, though since it’s early access I am constantly worried i’m just gonna hit a wall and content will quickly drop off.

I tend to still browse some early access titles, like I mentioned Vagante before is really good and it’s been in Early Access for 2+ years now and they’ve seriously revamped a lotta content. It’s another 2D Roguelike and it’s got local co-op which means myself and the BF picked it up straight away.

It’s another case also where they do weekly patches adding little fixes and content, we come back to it every now and again to find it almost completely revamped.


I dove back into Etrian Odyssey this week. I bought EO2U but it really wasn’t clicking with me, so I started up a new game of EO4 instead. (I was really hesitant to do that–you can only have one save file and I wanted a fresh start, so that meant deleting my old file–but then I remembered I beat the game four years ago and probably didn’t need to keep a save file around that was specifically preventing me from replaying the game.)

Man I love this series. Although it’s like Dark Souls, in that I’m pretty sure my girlfriend thinks I hate it from how I talk while I’m playing. Fucking FOEs, I swear.

Any interest in an Etrian Odyssey/first-person dungeon crawler thread, by the way? If nothing else, it’d give us somewhere to post every time Atlus fails to announce an EO5 localization.


I really like the EO games but I’ve never finished one. I keep just falling off partway through the game then I get the next iteration in the series, play for a bit, feel bad about not finishing the previous one, going back to my half finished one and disliking the quality of life changes the latest one has.

The games are weird in that the moment I look up the actual number changes for leveling up skills the games get usually much easier.


Yeah, if I have one persistent complaint with the series it’s that they really ought to give you the skill numbers in-game.

In some of the games, you can pretty reasonably use TP cost as a good metric for when to stop leveling a skill–if its TP cost is going to go up next level, you’ve hit a breakpoint and it’ll gain a lot of effectiveness (while getting more expensive) next level. EO4 breaks that a bit, though, because skills have a few times where they jump up in effectiveness without going up in TP cost, then just crawl forward for the next few levels before another jump. Knowing the skill numbers makes it much easier to spend your skill points wisely in that one.