What are you playing this week?


I picked up Backyard Baseball and Devil May Cry yesterday, so probably those.


I think I still have my copies of Backyard Baseball and Backyard Soccer. I used to love those games.


I played a few hours of Devil May Cry 4 and I don’t think I want to play more of it. The game world is a confusing mess with obvious design failures, the game repeatedly shoves in your face the fact that you start off playing a dork who can’t even pull off proper one-liners and the combat is slow. There’s only one sword button - the only way to vary your combos is to time your button presses, which just goes counter to every instinct you might have while playing, and that’s not a good thing. There’s hidden “secret missions” in levels that don’t have an easy way to retry or even exit if you don’t like where things are going, and if you die in one of those, you get dumped at the start of whatever level you found them in. The dodge feels useless until you upgrade it, and the game world is huge with only one way to go faster, which costs experience points. Doesn’t help that the game has so many exploration elements that feel out of place in a game that SHOULD be centered around tight combat, which isn’t even that tight. There’s about three or four different keys you pick up per level, they all have obtuse names and the game does the absolute worst job of pointing you towards the next “door” to unlock them with. I had way more fun playing Metal Gear Rising, and people were saying that’s not even close to Platinum’s best.

In short, fuck DMC4.


Holy shit Persona 5 is good. I beat it a couple days ago and pretty much immediately dived into NG+ for another go. Gonna try and max all the social links this time around since having near maxed social stats and a pile of money should make that much easier.


I picked up Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 on a whim because it was cheap and I liked Warriors Orochi 3.

That was a bad decision.


Only had time for Overwatch these last few weeks. So it’s been that, some grinding in FFXV so I can put that one to bed, and reading the first Witcher novel.


I really ought to get back to some Steam games, specifically Legends of Eisenwald and Hyper Light Drifter. Can’t seem to find the time, though.


Been playing a lot of Flinthook and loving it. It’s a rouge-lite/like platformer where you play as a space pirate who raids other spaceships for booty. There’s also a story, but I’ve hardly gotten into it as I’ve only beaten the first boss.

Meanwhile in PSO2, I bought my joke Drake of the 99 Dragons character some new pants and I made a gif of him showing off his stuff.


I forget everything I wanted to say about it since I beat it a few months ago, but I’m hoping I’ll remember by year’s end. I did a dex run and found the fast slashy/bleedy/poisony route to work out really well once I actually realised that the only way to get anything other than basic weapons was to smith them. I accidentally beat the game without visiting all of the areas, too, so I might go through it again. I really liked it overall.

Anyway, I’m currently toying with Vignettes on iOS. It’s reminding me of Carl Burton’s ISLANDS: Non-Places, which I have no problem with. Also passing time in waiting rooms and such with Invert, a nice and simple tile flipping game, also on iOS. And I’m also feeling the itch to play through Dark Souls again, so that’s probably gonna be soon.

Oh, Puyo Tetris and Mario Kart are out today, hm…


Was it? DWG2 was a tremendous upgrade compared to the first one and Mission Mode is akin to Gran Turismo 2’s simulation disk aka it can be played basically forever with a ton of minutia and content to go through.


1000 years Puyo Puyo Tetris


I’ve been binging Killer is Dead, though I am extremely conflicted on how to feel about it. Visually its got an incredible style, and the gameplay is fantastic, but the story is 100% non-nonsensical. Then again it is a Suda51 game, but even for his standards this is too hard to follow.


I’ve just been finding the controls kind of clunky so far, and fights against giant enemies are boring and repetitive.


I’ve been playing Torment: Tides of Numenera which is pretty good so far. I helped a child find her way home to her family by feeding the loyalty of one of my followers to a man with a weird maw on his chest, and convinced a cult that I was their god. Not necessarily in that order.


Playing Etrian Odyssey Untold 2 and man some of these improvements make me not want to go back to my game in IV.

I’m playing in classic mode and one of the quests was to mind the Innkeeper’s daughter while she goes out on an errand. The Innkeeper seemed absolutely delighted this adventuring group consisting of a Sabertooth Tiger, a Bear, a Panda, a Dog and a Dog with a gun were available to look after her small daughter for the day.


Finished EO4 only a year ago, i’m fairly sure i picked the worst combination to kill the final boss possible, but i still did it and that’s what counts for me! :grin:
Been toying around with the first Devil Survivor to get my MegamiTen fix; not much of a tactics rpg player, but i can manage so far! Now all that’s left is to see if the bosses are as tough as i heard, and this being an Atlus game doesn’t bode well :disappointed_relieved:


I’m not too good with tactics style games myself but Devil Survivor was fine.

I really liked the first DS and it’s a shame the second just didn’t mesh with me.


Devil Survivor is excellent. I love those games to death.

The boss fights are real sons of bitches, but it’s Atlus, and I really enjoyed the difficulty.

Make sure to add some points to strength for your MC. TRUST ME

As for me, I was on my NG+ of Persona 5, but I’m dog sitting in a different city for the weekend so I’ve been playing Persona 4 Golden and Dancing All Night. I really miss the quality of life stuff they put in Persona 5…


Doing more Nier:Automata plus Guild Wars 2’s new Episode.


I’ve been on a PSP kick, so alongside FFXIV I’ve been playing a ton of PSP games. Beat Dissidia and Patapon 1, now I’m trundling through Patapon 2 and have just hit the point where my Hero unit can break weaker bosses over his knee as a Dekapon.

Now if only the Blacksmith minigame RNG could swing in my favor and actually give me Divine/Demonic weapons for unit types I actually use.