What are you playing this week?


Shame that’s happening to you but I’m glad I’m not the only one.


I just beat Alpha Protocol. That game owns. It’s very much going to become another Vampire Bloodlines for me, a game I periodically return to to just immerse myself in the world and have good dumb fun.


I still haven’t finished all of NieR, but I’ve been playing Bionic Command 2k9 anyway.

I’ve been meaning to play that for so long. What kind of build did you end up using for it?


Finished Nier Automata Ending E and Night in the Woods this week, loved both of them, so now I’m just enjoying the new Hearthstone expansion and playing Nuclear Throne (over 60 hours now, managed to get to 1-2 on Loop 2 as Fish a couple days ago) while I wait for Persona 5 to arrive tomorrow.


I wound up going with the completely hilariously overpowered stealth/pistols build. You can stay in cover and get critical headshots on almost any enemy in sight after a certain point. And if that fails, you can just turn invisible and go around stealth killing everything.

I bounced off of the game twice before finally enjoying it, but I followed the advice on this page and wound up enjoying the game greatly.


I just finished the new Shovel Knight Campaign: Specter of Torment. Playing as Specter Knight is fun, but is wall running and airdashing can be a bit finicky sometimes. There have been multiple deats related to me accidentally running up a wall instead of just dropping to a platform underneath. Overall it’s pretty great. Where Plague of Shadows remixed the stages I feel Specter adds a lot more new stuff and changes existing rooms more substantially. There’s new gimmicks and you can grind on rails with your scythe and do kickflips and shit. It’s great.

Can only recommend whipping out the old Shovel Knight again to play the new content.


Oh hello there…

Bayonetta is on Steam, right now


Picked up Nier: Lolita Robits this past weekend since it’s a good good and was like $50 at Gamestop. However I think we’ll be getting some new new Overwatch content this week too, so I imagine they’ll be plenty time spent with my gay daughter and her olds friends.


I picked up MGSV on PS4 and then remembered that I’m a huge wuss about getting caught and took an hour to go get Miller.

Suffice to say I’m having fun with it.


So the Planescape Torment Enhanced Edition came out today and it’s really good.

I mean, it’s PST, so all it needs to be good is to not run like crap on modern operating systems. I’m pleased to report that it runs very smoothly. The one problem is that the character models were clearly not designed to be viewed as close as the game allows you to zoom in.


School is pretty much over after this week (Only two exams next week) so I think I might start that Torment game that I kickstartered four years ago.

Maybe I will start back on Dragon Age: Inquisition. I stopped playing after Christmas so I could focus on school.

So many choices.


Shit I honestly keep thinking “Well i’m not gonna see another good game for a while” and then something like this pops up.

Like I seriously only expected to have Persona 5 to play for a while.


I’m revisiting Elite Dangerous again. Every time they hit a milestone patch I play for like a month or two and then stop until the next one. This time I bought a cheap HOTAS controller, so getting used to that is interesting after playing like 170 hours on a 360 gamepad.


Almost two weeks after it came out, I dumped 50 hours into Persona 5. Definitely a lot less than a lot of other people have put into it since launch, but still a hefty amount for me. Apparently that checks out to around 4 hours per day, but I haven’t been playing it every day thanks to college, so my sessions have been a lot longer to make up for it. This game does things to you.

Anyhow, Persona 5 is still damn amazing. I really didn’t think they could match or even top 4, but there is just so much stuff crammed into this game that I feel bad when I miss things on certain in-game days. I don’t think I’m even halfway through with it. It’s definitely going to occupy my entire summer.


Played some more Yooka Laylee and it ain’t great. It’s got some real dumb design choices that feel like they’re in to ape Banjo Kazooie.

I think RARE might just be bad at making games.


A mixture of Persona 5, Final Fantasy 14 and (out of sheer necessity) WWE 2K14. It’s been a jumbled up old week, I tell ya.


I’ve been making my way through Danganronpa 1&2 since they went on sale the other week, and then I’ll probably be splitting my attention 3 ways between Elite Dangerous, Puyo Puyo Tetris, and resuming my old Witcher 3 playthrough.

That Witcher Save is probably like 25 hours and I haven’t even gone to Skellige yet. I did Bloody Baron and some other stuff in that first zone, and then fucked around in the city there forever.


Probably more Mass Effect mixed with Overwatch. I think there’s a new Guild Wars 2 chapter coming out soon so probably that too.


I finished Salt and Sanctuary earlier today. Started it about a year ago before Dark Souls III came out but then Dark Souls III came out.
Went through the game with a new character and it’s pretty neat, but I do wish it would signpost a bit better and explain some of it’s more basic mechanics. There’s also a lot of useless shortcuts. It’s almost as if the general design of the game changed partway through. Minor gripes aside, I really liked it. People tend to highlight the Souls-like elements more than the Metroidvania elements but it’s a Metroidvania first and foremost. Some might argue that a 2D Souls game would be a Metroidvania anyway.

It does wear it’s Souls-influences on it’s sleeve, though. Combat features deliberate animations, stamina management, blocking and rolling. There’s Lore-stuff, but it’s not as well executed as the environmental storytelling aspect is much less pronounced and in fact I only noticed very few bits here and there.

I lucked myself into one of the best weapons of the game apparently, heavy weapons seem really op in any case. Used a spear for the first few areas and it was a decent challenge, then switched to greatswords and wrecked shit into space and through the moon and into the sun.


I’ve got six brand spanking new games to play!!!

So I started a Pokemon Sun hack:
Pokemon Nova Sun

It’s got like all the pokemon in it and starts giving bosses/rivals a full team (I think closer to the end though not straight away.)

E: Hau’s got a Oddish which is cute.