What are you listening to? (another music thread)



Hey all, I need more album recommendations for my listening to a new album a day goals for 2017. I don’t mind what genre but if you’re gonna rec multiple albums i’d appreciate it if you hopped around genres. If you care what i’ve tried so far then you can check it out here https://albumaday2017.wordpress.com/


This is purely in relation to seeing you listened to The Long Winters’ “Putting The Days to Bed” but besides their/Roderick’s other two albums, I’d recommend The Wrens’ “The Meadowlands”.

Though, my music taste and experience is super limited to just like, Sad Dads, so I can’t really recommend much else :pensive:


That’s a pretty cool project! I’ll throw in Sampha’s Process, which I’ve been coming back to for the past week:

And on a lighter note, Prince Rama’s Xtreme Now:


Cool, I try to listen to a new album every day but I almost always fail to do so. I’ll recommend my most recently discovered album, the latest by Starfucker (a.k.a. STRFKR), Being No One, Going Nowhere.


"the singing sea
the talking trees~"

edit: cripes i can’t forget the song that has been with me for around 2 week in fall


Played another show yesterday at a punk rock bar. It was super fun to play there. The people were super nice, we had free beer, and they even cooked dinner for us. It was really great. The other band was great too. It was Drive By Wire, a bunch of cool dudes and dudettes from the Netherlands. We had a lot of fun together and I hope we’ll play together with them again some time, maybe in the Netherlands, that’d be great. Anyway, here’s their album:


This popped up in my subscription box today. I do love this guy’s stuff. Gotta remember to buy the album when I have the money to throw at it.


Listening to this really good track by the guy behind the Frozen Synapse OST:




Lot of people were down on the album this is off of but I’ve been really loving it lately.


The new Blanck Mass is real good.


More vaporwave I guess


I’m a broke brain so I remembered today’s the anniversary of the last person I fell hard for rejecting me, hard.

Happy Mario Day!




One of my favorite songs:


this all sounds awesome! thanks for introducing me to this artist :smiley:

heres a song i like and have been listening to a decent amount recently (pretty different from what I’m replying to lol)


somethin’ short but sweet
(rapper’s name is MF Doom, person supplying the beats is Madlib. Together they’re Madvillian, Madvillainy is the name of the album)