What are you listening to? (another music thread)


If something catches your ear please share it with us! :notes:


I have been listening to a lot of Aesop Rock lately (having just been to his concert)

Here is a track off his latest album:


Yay a music thread, I’m at home! :smile:

Been listening to some old Willie Dixon album today. I’m teaching a course on Blues this coming semester, so I’ve been listening to a lot of Blues lately. It’s been very enjoyable.

Loved Willie Dixon’s version of “Spoonful” I just listened to, it’s got a very broody and foreboding quality to it (which I guess is unsurprising given the subject matter):


I’ve been trying to listen to a new album every day, getting recommendations mostly from friends (though I’d love recommendations of albums wot are on spotify. My fave discovery during this has been Porter Robinsons “Worlds”, heres a track from it


Most Recently I haven be listening to Streetlight Manifesto. The Album Somewhere In Between seem to really capture the stat of the world currently.

Especially this song.


Days and daze has been on constant rotation for the last two week.

In the event if it’s not Days and daze it’s The Rebel Spell or Defiance, Ohio.

Anyway here is a topical song for the current political climate.


Ladyhawke’s most recent album is wonderful and I got back into it this week.




Here are two very different recommendations.

Parts and Labor, an experimental noise band playing a song about the economic gap.

Slothrust, a rock band completely subverting an old song.


A Good Thread.

I listen to a little bit of everything but lately it’s a folk punk kick.


My jam this morning:







I’ve been stuck in a Vaporwave hole for months and months and months.


Oh nice, another Aesop fan. What all have you listened to other than his latest stuff?


I wound up seeing this guy recommended on YouTube and I absolutely love him.


I have been loving the HMM Bestiary album, as well as Skelethon. Got into Homeboy Sandman because of Aesop, too.


Skelethon and Bestiary are both really good. I’d also recommend checking out The Uncluded, Aes’s little weird thing with Kimya Dawson. I’ve never heard folk hip hop before, but now I have and I’m happy I did.


I have listened to a couple of tracks of the Uncluded… it’s on my list for a full listen!