What are you listening to? (another music thread)


have some camille

the radio mechanic from the fallout games made me appreciate the ink spots (oddly enough this one isn’t in any of them)

edit: aw hell take this too



Good music for an apocalyptic state of mind.


So I got back into Destiny, and I am loving the soundtrack all over again!


I stumbled over this Dark Country/Western Gothic/whatever stuff and it rather intrigues me (nice video on that too, by the way):

Can anyone recommend me more of this stuff? I’m really enjoying these very dark blues/country pieces.


Really cool song, makes me want to dig deeper into that kind of music as well. It immediately puts me in mind of my favorite band, specifically the solo project of its lead singer:

See also: A Town Called Tribulation, When the Devil Creeps In, and Skeleton Horse (if you can find it, their old label kills it every time it gets posted on YouTube)

Also the song Desert Grave by Dog Fashion Disco (the band whose singer did the above songs) is pretty essential, and also not on YouTube, but there is a cover by Murder By Death up there:



from Yusef Lateef’s "Eastern Sounds"

nice piano


That’s pretty good! I gotta check out some more of that, thanks :slight_smile:


An old favourite that popped up in my suggestions.


i know some of you are gotye fans, im sure of it. please give me some of your favorites sometime if it’s cool
edit: or I can just up and listen to more of the tracks myself

and of course


what better way to spend spring break but in my room listening to shoegaze, to prepare myself for walking to class while looking down at my feet


La Sera!

I honestly started listening to this because of that album title. It’s a great title! Then it turned out that “oh hey that’s one of the Vivian Girls and what do you know she still owns.” Definitely not doin’ punk anymore but I’m sure not complaining.


New song just posted by my favorite band!

EDIT: …and immediately deleted. I’m still listening to it, though.
EDIT2: Fixed


Another gig tonight. Here’s the guys we’re playing with, a french stoner band called Libido Fuzz. Haven’t met the guys yet, but I gotta say, I like what I’m hearing here:


Stumbled upon The Spirit of the Beehive and their new album Pleasure Suck while creepin on @greysband’s timeline.

It’s good imo

on apple music/spotify and also streaming on soundcloud


I don’t think anyone’s linked the new Gorillaz tracks that were released recently. I’ve been jamming these since they dropped.

I am super psyched for this album!!


I just discovered Junior, and I’m liking what I’ve heard so far

By the way, did you know that Mark Andrews, the frontman of Junior, is a professional wrestler who uses his band’s songs as his entrance themes? Pretty cool, huh?



dont remember if this was posted in here before but i have been listening to this a lot recently. As well as those new gorillaz tracks up there!


'lo, been a bit
first off, a latin romantic ballad

another nice nujabes instrumental


and i got introduced to the avalanches by @JetGrindFuture with this, s’great