What are you listening to? (another music thread)


while i listened to this yesterday I worried how ironic this song would be considering the storm that hit on Friday and if it’ll be even harsher on a Saturday, but thankfully here we are

although now I’m wondering why I’m listening to this during winter

also heck I just realized I can actually get really into Iron Maiden


Grimes is keeping it weird


Today’s funky start of the new week:


happy birthday kurt


Shonen Knife and Nirvana, nothing but Shonen Knife and Nirvana


Recently found Stepdad through Pandora, and I’m lovin’ their stuff. So upbeat.


Force of Nature this mornin’


if you ever get weary of the current political climate, this song about hitler being a scat fetishist ought to cheer you up


Today’s CCT-song that always gets stuck in my head:


listenin to some hard girls* (*soft boys)


A bunch of vaporwave.


Stepdad’s real good.

And now I’m thinking about Crystal Castles.


Today’s god-damn-the-train-is-so-loud-I-can’t-hear-this-tune-properly -tune:


So I am on a Ghost kick, so here are some choice cuts!

A great song about… the fall of Satan.

And how about this power ballad… about Satan?

And then there is this fantastic 80s metal epic… about Satan.


…I just remembered this was a thing

by the by I really like this C2C remix of Superstition


I forget about Pogo for awhile, then binge


Today’s oh-fuck-its-carnival-gotta-drown-it-oooooooooout -tune:


I feel this acoustic version of the song more than the original version, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like the original either


I’ve been hardcore listening to Allie X’s first EP in anticipation of her second that I thought was dropping yesterday (turns out it was an announcement that it’s coming in June :hourglass_flowing_sand:)

Hello in particular is a real summer-song which fits the unusually warm nice weather the past few days.


feeling the nujabes and uyama hiroto combo today