What are you listening to? (another music thread)


Thank You Scientist is good on the soul



I love ridiculous mashups. Case in point:


Sometimes Spotify weekly just gets me and finds me something I fall in love with immediately.

And then you find out that the band broke up a year after you discovered them and will never hear anything new :cry:

I used this song for a pole dance routine and really loved it. Somehow still not sick of it after listening to it thousands of times working on choreography!


time for a song i like to listen to when i’m feeling… burned out


Relaxing stuff


Today’s good-morning-I’m-really-trying-to-not-hate-everything- tune:


I know I post “ha-ha this is my jam today” stuff here, but I have to say, Dead Soft has consumed me. Their self-titled album had been on repeat for me since yesterday. It is like the music has always been a part of me, I just didn’t know it yet.

Anyways, here is another fantastic Dead Soft track.


hi. every day of my life i listen to jeff rosenstock and feel myself grow stronger and stronger as a result.
please listen to jeff rosenstock. please.
he is a punk musician with influences like the beach boys and weezer and makes fuckin’ sick songs about being depressed as hell (#relatable)


Good stuff! I was first introduced to him through Bomb the Music Industry! and I’m glad to see he’s still around.


i’m extremely happy and i wish i could like this post twice
here’s another good jeffer song


I posted some AJJ earlier, and now there’s some Jeff Rosenstock here as well, so I might as well post this one with both AJJ and Jeff Rosenstock.


Heard this while binge-watching Bojack and have kept it on repeat for days.


Gotta find and kill my shadow self.


I just stumbled upon Okilly Dokilly.

I have nothing to add to that.


They were all over my facebook a few months ago. People were AMAZED something like this could exist. Good gimmick, I guess, seems to have worked pretty well.

And now for today’s its-too-early-in-the-morning-for-it-to-be-early-in-the-morning- tune:


The Protomen stuff this evenin’ for me

might as well recommend the whole of Act II

and here’s Act 1 if you wanna hear that/haven’t heard before


sleepy day


Skate 3 is the best


oranssi pazuzu are pretty cool if you’re like me and think black metal is pretty dull in practice


This is the first song I ever heard by the artist who has since become my favorite musician. It was on the lobby soundtrack at the movie theater I worked at amidst pop-country songs and a Green Day medley. Took a few dozen listens before it hit me that the lyrics are completely at odds with the bouncy tune that got it put on the soundtrack in the first place.