What are you listening to? (another music thread)


Late night ennui jams


Early afternoon nonsense jams. Mostly a carry-over from last night’s Youtube wanderings.


If anybody knows Run Button, I had this song stuck in my head this morning:



Whew, long weekend. Three gigs in three days, one to play, two to organize. I’m beat. But here’s some of the music I got to listen to along the way. First, the guys we opened for on thursday, Riot in the Attic:

And here’s my friend Rouzbeh Motia, an iranian Santuur player who’s just amazing:


Probably the best song from the album, although their previous name was a really bad decision and their long-standing “joke” about delaying changing it… yeah.


I’ve been enjoying the projects Run the Jewels have been doing


my flavor of the day


this thread isn’t noisy and desolate enough so im gonna go ahead and recommend ethnic acid.


Sunday’s chillout/oh-god-why-do-I-feel-like-a-truck-ran-me-over- tune:


You would probably like Five Star Hotel.



Listened to sad middle aged British men while I stayed in bed all day. Would recommend. 4/10.


I’ve been going back and listening to a lot of The Megas’ stuff recently.

I kinda blew past this album and didn’t get to appreciate this song. If anybody here likes Mega Man and/or rock then you might like this band. This song in particular is a bit more subdued than a lot of their stuff but I kinda like it.


You can thank Letterkenny Season 2 for today’s song:


Jónas Sigurðsson makes funk based on his time jamming with a marching band back when he was young. It owns bones.


Sloe Gin is still such a good album. Definitely one of Joe’s best.


Hey y’all! I have a lot of music to recommend, so sorry if my post is too long. I have a ton of different genres I like, and this is my first post on this forum, so bear with me. :grin:

My first recommendation is The Myth of Youth by Geographer, from their album Myth. This is my go-to song for when I’m feeling down, and I’d definitely recommend listening to the rest of the album.

Another band I like is Metric, and one of my favorite songs from them is Blindness from the album Fantasies.

My next recommendation is Gay Dentists by Mr. Oizo from his album Lamb’s Anger. This guy also directed the movie Rubber, which is one of my favorite films.

Finally, I have some good tunes from my home state of Iowa. This is Broke Down by Radio Moscow, from their album Brain Cycles.


Or Castlevania!


I’ll try not to post too much Sloan they’re my favorite band :allears:

haha i have bad study habits so i listened to the rtj instrumentals while trying to read like 60 academic pages for a test haha oh god


While looking up videos for stuff I’ve been listening to, I noticed some really benefit from larger screens. I almost want to see them in VR (if I wasn’t positive I’d get motion sick). Full screen recommended:

On that note, any recommendations for other music videos that work better big?