What are you listening to? (another music thread)


I’ve been listening to quite a bit of Visual Kei lately.




When people are recommending artists/songs. Would it be possible to also suggest albums to try from that artist. I would super appreciate it!


Very valid request. I think these are the albums I’ve posted from so far.
Parts and Labor - Receivers
Slothrust - Of Course You Do
AJJ (Andrew Jackson Jihad at the time of the album) - Christmas Island
AJJ/Ghost Mice - Andrew Jackson Jihad, Ghost Mice
Moon Hooch - Moon Hooch


One of my all time favorite albums. just beautiful from front to back. I highly recommend checking out some of Tim Hecker’s other albums, he’s a master at making ambient music.


For clipping their best work is their self titled, but wriggle is also worth checking out.


So the new Big Wreck single is catchy as hell. Totally my jam today


Along those lines, I recommend his frequent collaborator Ben Frost. If Tim Hecker is wandering in the tundra, Ben Frost is running into a pack of wolves.



I randomly ran across Mono/Poly a while back, and it’s kept coming back to me since.

Does anyone have any recommendations for similar bands?


I can only describe this one as an “oldie but a goodie”, I guess?

EDIT: here’s a little more from Toshiki, also it’s japanese 80’s funk :u


I’ve been listening to a lot of:


Hot Chip


Allow me to share Radical Face with you and ruin your good mood! In general, this artist’s music focus on a bittersweet sort of nostalgia. Childhood struggles, rough family histories, memories of those unpleasant times that ultimately made you the person you are. Plus a dash of the paranormal for flavor. I really love this artist, even though his songs can be depressing as hell sometimes.


Today was a very post-rock sort of day. This is a live version of a song from the album “This Is Our Punk-Rock,” Thee Rusted Satellites Gather + Sing by Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra.


Having not listened to a lot of their stuff, they remind me of a more up-tempo matryoshka.


A day in the life of a musicologist: I start out at home with some relaxing Allman Brothers album (Brothers and Sisters for those who care to know), then I listen to an Aretha Franklin Best of on the way to work. Once there, I continue organizing a concert taking place at the end of the week with a Ukulele ensemble, a japanese Gagaku ensemble, an Iranian and a Kurdish ensemble. Most of that organizing was spent telling people when they need to be where and coiling up XLR cables we need for micing the whole thing. Out on lunch, I read something about the protest qualities of early blues music. Once I get back, I have tea with one of my bosses and a former colleague. My boss is playing an e-bass dry throughout our talk, while our former colleague is telling us how he’s organizing a show of Beethoven’s 7th with a czech orchestra. After that, it’s time for the colloquium with the professor, my other boss. This time we have two students presenting their MA or BA thesises. One is working on the psychology of Nazi symbolisms in western musical subcultures, the other is writing about cultural appropriation of white DJs of South African Kwaito and AfroHouse music (while himself being white and a DJ for that stuff). I end the day at some faux soviet bar talking about the differences between NSBM and Post Black Metal, and which three AC/DC albums I would rank as the best.

Not quite sure what music would fit this post, and I’m certainly not gonna post all of the music I’ve mentioned. So I’m gonna leave you with my all time favourite AC/DC track:


I honestly can’t plug The Scary Jokes enough. Liz is like, next level and so beyond bedroomcore. She’s like the soul of Steven Universe as one musician. Throw her your love and support.



This one has been one of my favorites since I was quite young.



Today’s train ride song: