What are you listening to? (another music thread)


Recently have many stuffs happening, when I have difficulty sleeping during the night I keep listening to this soothing song.

Anna Tsuchiya - Stand by Me


feeling a music video kick, so here ya go

and finally


also! I recommend looking into the Jet Set Radio live radio station, it’s as eclectic as the game the websites based on from what i’m hearin’


My dad shared this album with me yesterday and it is scratching a lovely, slow-burning blues itch I’ve had for a while now.




Also bought this, since it’s apparently the only way to get the bonus stuff from the 20th anniversary re-release now? They released Twice Removed’s box set digitally, but I got tired of waiting (and stumbled upon the LP supposedly having everything as a dl). :man_shrugging:

If not, at least I have one of my favorite albums in vinyl.


Got some ancient jug band music to listen to for my seminar. Gotta show my students where the blues comes from after all, and jug bands are a part of that. I really like these old blues anyway, so I don’t mind listening to that. Although I gotta say, my favourite blues are the really dark, foreboding and urgent ones, like “Hellhounds on my Trail” by Robert Johnson, or Screamin’ Jay Hawkins “I put a Spell on You”. For now though, jug bands:



Just discovered these guys on Spotify and I’ve been listening to the album on repeat for a week now.



or if you prefer

hope you like pop

and to end things off, some of The Pharcyde (which has a good music video, but the complete one i can find on youtube is of pretty bad quality :L

anyway watch out for n-bombs in this)


Randomly came across this album (velocity:design:comfort) on Spotify the other day and wow it is absurdly good. One of the most fascinating and genuinely beautiful/sentimental records I think I’ve ever stumbled onto.



can you tell I like hip hop?


Wow, a Starship song I’ve never heard before! (and it’s on the same album as the best worst song ever, We Built This City)


For anyone who didn’t catch it, Gorillaz uploaded another song:



Decided to relisten to Trocadero for the first time in years (the band that basically makes all of Red vs Blue’s music), and I’m honestly surprised it holds up well (and is actually good). Was worried it was cheeseball/Jonathan Colton-ish in hindsight, but while some songs are “about” Red vs Blue, they’re not embarrassing to listen to at all.


just cowboy beebop sountrack(s) for tonight, lemme share a few of my favorite ones that i don’t think others care for usually

(and my most loved weird one)