What are you listening to? (another music thread)


My music genre has been up and down from things like motley Crue to 90s also as far as less than Jake and reel big fish to Marvelous 3


Definitely recommend the Deluxe edition of Humanz over the regular version, bonus tracks are amazing

(the singles released work way, way better in the album than standalone IMO, and the album is probably the best Gorillaz album song-to-song flow wise)


Considering I’m a metal guy Youtube sometimes has the strangest of recommendations lined up for me.

More often than not it pans out, though.I guess they know me better than I know myself. :allears:


hi road to el dorado has some neat music

also take this


if you haven’t heard the Act III single from the protomen yet and you heard them before, i recommend you do

getting saints row 2 for free made me realize karma chameleon is catchy ( i don’t know THAT much about 80’s music…)

speaking of 80’s here have the dirty pair movie soundtrack




new slowdive album is… perfect? hopefully both the supposedly new mbv album and the wrens’ new album are just as good



gotta appreciate otamatones

just a few


So I’ve just returned from a research trip to Ljubljana, Slovenia, and I found this gem while I was there:

I saw this guy’s band Cordura at a small club show in Ljubljana. Some of the best and most interesting Tech Death/Prog Metal I’ve heard in years, both his solo stuff and the band. It feels like it picks up where Into Eternity and Spiral Architect left off, which is probably the highest praise I can give to a Prog Metal band.


so i found The Little Prince’s soundtrack and found camille again


I noticed that Perfume are on Spotify and have been reminded that Perfume are the best.



I know it’s not everyone’s jam, but I’ve been digging Danny Brown’s Atrocity Exhibition album.
(Mild epilepsy warning on this first video)


I had no idea Ayreon released a new album. Good stuff and I love album-spanning stories they tell.



A good man died today, so I am going through all the Temple of the Dog, Soundgarden and Audioslave I can. Rest in peace, Chris.



yooo, been a while
so, mushishi’s music is great if you want something to listen to in the backround while you do something or just wanna hear some nice stuff, have a listen


I’ve been into vocaloid tracks lately. I really like this one it just came out a couple days ago

EP here: http://store.vocallective.net/album/wesley-dreamers