Western Cartoon Megathread - Fusing Human Bodies as a Visual Metaphor

Just gonna put this brilliant western cartoon’s intro right there, because it owns.

Once Upon a Time… was so good. So good.


Ahhh, the nostalgia! As a follow-up to this, here’s the intro of one of the sequel series all about how the body works, represented by little humanoid things living inside us.

:nsfw: Mildly NSFW: slight cartoon nudity and, uh, fusing human bodies as a visual metaphor for sex?

The new episode of Star vs The Forces of Evil was really good. I like the way the show handles the monsters, if this show was made in the 90’s I feel like they would just be unambiguously evil all the time, instead of being an impoverished lower class analog.

Adventure Time has gotten frickin weird in the last few seasons, and I love it. Dungeon Train and Hall of Egress are super cool, and that’s weird to me since I always preferred the eps that didn’t focus on finn and jake.

SU is gay as heck and has the kind of role model young boys have needed all along- none of that macho asshole shit.

I watch nothing else, cuz I’m surface level as hell. Like those two a lot

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If you’re only gonna watch two, those aren’t bad choices. This Star show I’m constantly evangelizing is very similar, if you find yourself still itching for more.

I really liked that last AT mini series though, I might go back and rewatch that.

As a nonbinary person, I can’t state how important the episode “Sadie’s Song” is to me. Steven gets on that stage in a dress and make-up and sings his heart out, everyone accepts him and applauds, and it’s great. SU is a fantastically gay show and I’m so happy it exists.


Yeah, the ending of that episode was really unexpected in a good way. Instead of asking why Steven is dressed the way he is, they go, “ha ha, yeah, that’s Steven for you, always dancing on stage and stuff.”

As a matter of fact, SU always surprises me with the way it handles its secondary characters’ reaction to things. This is especially true for the “cool kids”, who you’d expect to be snobbish and mean, but are in fact really laid back and open minded.

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I think my favourite gay moment was Lars and Sadie first meeting Stevonnie and not being able to maintain their chill for a second.


My favorite gay moment was the character who is a gay couple.


Mine is probably anytime Peridot and Lapis are on screen together. I cry a lot over Lapidot as a ship because my girlfriend is a lot like Peridot, short and salty (though she wishes she was actually as short as Peridot) and much like Lapis, I love water and I tend to be pretty blunt because of my autism. Unlike her I have a pretty good sense of humor, I like to think :V I’m also closer to Pearl’s height actually, considering I’m 6’3"

yeah i love the cool kids a lot! because like, they’re actually cool rather than “cool” :smiley:

I think my favourite gay moment is just the entirity of the episode with mystery girl in it. I hope she comes back!!
As well as literally every other moment. They’re important to me.


SU is one of the few shows I think could ever get gayer than Eurovision. I love it.

I don’t see any mention of the old show “Recess” so I’ll take that one it was pretty good. I centers around schoolchildren each with their own unique personality as they try to survive their schooldays.

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Reboot was really good.

Also Swat Kats, damn it!

And Gargoyles, fucking fight me it was real good!

Tale Spin! Duck Tales! Goof Troop!

But gosh I’m so happy things can be so gay now. Please get gayer, media. Never stop.

Teen Titans Go is a surprisingly funny cartoon.

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Recess owns and needs more reppin’


I disagree strongly. And damn, what a polarizing show it is.

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I think the biggest problem with it is the branding. I honestly wouldn’t have as much of a problem with it as I do if it weren’t for the fact that it just collapses in on itself whenever they do episodes taking jabs at the critics. They talk about how cartoons are kiddy and don’t have to be deep and I’m fine with a cartoon just being something funny to laugh at. Not everything has to be deep. I do have a problem when the IP you’re using to get that message across was known for having a pretty deep, well-animated and overall more mature tone to it. Not to say the original Teen Titans show didn’t have humor, but it had an overarching plot that kept viewers like me interested in it. TTG is trying so hard to distance itself from the original that it ends up insulting people who liked the original while alienating a lot of viewers that like it whenever they take shots at criticisms.

And that false advertising on the return of Slade was particularly insulting.

Teen Titans Go is really hit or miss. The best jokes, in general, are the ones about how Cyborg is clearly like 35. He’s like 3x the height of everybody else and gets really nostalgic for the 80s.


I haven’t watched the original show so I’m just taking it as it is. A silly little show about DC characters.

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