🚨 Stream Forum Rules

  1. Each stream is its own island with its own rules. Before you chat make sure to check the OP for its guidelines.
  2. Some streamers like it when you help them, others really hate it - this is called “Backseating”. Always ask before you start backseating, and especially don’t berate the streamers for “not playing right.”
  3. The streamer may sometimes be focusing more on the game than on the chat so don’t be offended. They’re not snubbing you. And don’t start a fuss to get their attention.
  4. Try to keep it one thread per streamer. And try to only make threads for your own streams. This is intended to be a place for streamers to advertise themselves, interact with their fans off-stream, and keep their fans up-to-date on important news and events. Feel free to chat about streamers, but keep it within that streamer’s thread.
    (Note: the Stream Schedule Depository is exempt from the “one streamer, one thread” rule and will fulfill its duty until we can get a community streaming calendar working.)
  5. General rules apply.
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