🚨 Let's Play Rules

  1. Only post your own Let’s Plays unless you have permission from the original LPer.

  2. Don’t content dump. They’re called “Let’s Plays” because we don’t just show off a game we finished to someone else. We let people interact. That’s why simply recording an entire walkthrough on YouTube and dumping all the links in one post are discouraged.
    If you have a partially finished let’s play that you want to port over to this forum, contact the moderators by sending a PM or by posting a new thread in Site Feedback with @moderators somewhere in the body asking for permission first. If you post a partially-completed let’s play without permission you will be probated. We will not grant permission to post completed let’s plays.

  3. Each Let’s Play is its own island with its own rules. If you don’t obey those rules, that’s like disobeying site-wide rules and you will get punished.

  4. If the original poster (the OP) of a thread says not to spoil upcoming twists and turns in the game, don’t. Watching people’s reactions is part of the fun. But if the OP says it’s okay, go nuts. Discretion may be applied for whether or not mechanical spoilers rather than plot spoilers are ok. Also: no “fan updates” of an LP unless you get the OP’s permission.

  5. Tag your LPs properly with the tags we provide. Don’t see the tag you need? Suggest it in “Site Feedback” here: http://www.lp.zone/c/sitefeedback

  6. If your LP is not work safe or has trigger warnings, use the “NWS-TW” tag. This tag requires you to mention the specific trigger warnings in your thread at the very beginning of your OP so readers know what they’re getting into.

  7. We do not allow “Adults Only” games on the LP Zone. Rule of thumb: if the game is banned on Twitch, don’t post it here.

  8. There is no exclusivity here. As long as you keep your Let’s Play here updated and interact with your thread feel free to post your LPs on other forums as well.

  9. Only make LP threads for a game or a series of games. Please don’t post “Let’s Play Every Single Game I’ve Ever Played and Will Ever Play”, especially if you’re brand new here (it makes you look like you’re just using us for backlinks, which we do not like). We don’t want unfocused threads that never end. Special exceptions can be made for creative/useful threads like The Casual LP Thread, so ask a moderator about your thread idea before you post.

  10. If this is your first time posting a let’s play on this forum, read this guide before you post.

  11. General rules apply.


##Trigger Discipline
Or: How to Properly Use Trigger Warnings

You’re probably here because you want to know exactly what a trigger warning is, or how to properly use them on this forum! First of all, for those not in the know, a trigger warning is something you place before content that people may find particularly upsetting or disturbing, so they can avoid it if they prefer.
It can be difficult to decide what should and shouldn’t come with a trigger warning, so here are some guidelines to help you out.

Content that will require a trigger warning:

  • Rape, sexual assault, homophobic/racist/transphobic/general bigoted content, excessive gore

General usage guidelines of the nws-tw tag and the :tw: emoji for let’s plays.

  • The “nws-tw” tag is for saying “This LP will contain triggering content within it somewhere.”
    • This can be applied preemptively or as soon as the triggering content first appears
  • The :tw: emoji is for saying “This material right here contains triggering content.”
    • This should be used immediately before any content or links to content containing triggering material

In short, if your LP contains material requiring a trigger warning, you will need to be using both the tag and the emoji at some point.

What do you mean by homophobic/racist/transphobic/general bigoted content?

  • Just to be clear I am talking about content in the game. All games are products of their day, and unfortunately some tropes were common back then that we today recognize as being pretty shitty and unacceptable. This doesn’t mean the games aren’t worth showing off, just make sure your readers know what they’re getting into.

How much gore is “excessive gore”?

  • Basically, if your game is rated M for violence, (or it would be, if its an indie game) then it most likely requires a trigger warning. Use your own best judgement, and as always, when in doubt err on the safe side and tag.

Unsure? Listen to your readers.

  • If you slip up, people in your thread will usually let you know.

Don’t stress out too much.

  • We all goof up, so don’t worry if you miss a trigger warning sometimes. You won’t be probated for making mistakes. However, repeated and flagrant disregard for the trigger warning system will result in you being punished.

Trigger warnings are here to stay.

  • Don’t bother complaining about their existence. We feel they are important for the site to have, and complaining about their existence or mocking them will only serve to net you a probation.