We stream games!


Defeat the Brainwashed Z-Fighters! The World’s Smartest Strikes!


Sorry everyone, we can’t stream today. We’re going to try to stream tomorrow, but it’s not clear if that will work either.


Alright, everybody into the hyperbolic stream chamber.



Nothing can stop my powerful rays.


VOD’s up!
A Reconnaissance Mission! Pendulum Room Peril!


I fucked up and it’s just a black screen, I’m sorry.


Reconnaissance mission gone wrong then?


The mission levels for Yora’s mission were Metal Gear maps so canonically Yora shot out the cameras and it went for everyone else too.


I’ve not been posting about these because I was worried about flooding the thread, but these are definitely worth posting about: the newest episode of Fefnir’s cut also went up today! Please check it out, it’s worth watching!



Dang, the chaff grenades are more OP than I thought.


Hey, I heard there was a Saiyan a comin’. We’re gonna beat hi(s minions)m up, live at:



The Space Pirates Arrive! Tullece Bares His Fangs!


Hey! Jeff’s sick, so probably no new DBG stream this week. Don’t know if we’ll be streaming at all tonight, but somebody’ll post if we do.

Until then, Turles is still powering up. Menacingly.


Turns out we are streaming.




We’re ready to start! Our characters are going to die! Watch it happen at: https://www.twitch.tv/batilisk


Whoa, hey, look at that! It’s a Double Update for Vods!

Goblin Quest: Class Action Park!

The Power of a Pseudo Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan God! The REAL Legendary Super Saiyan!?


Oh no, we’re streaming and I haven’t thought of any Dragon Ball references! Dang!



VOD time!

The Long And Winding Snake Way! The Invasion Of Lord Slug!


We’re late, but we should be starting soon! Time for some alternate characters!



More Dragon Ball antics at https://www.twitch.tv/batilisk coming up soon! This’ll be our last Dragon Ball Gaiden Episode for like, months, but we’ll be doing other stuff!