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@heyboots, @LoakaMossi, @Breadmaster, @Fefnir and I stream Tabletop Games EVERY WEDNESDAY from 8:30PM EST to 11ishPM EST at https://www.twitch.tv/batilisk

Right now we’re playing FATE Accelerated with Breadmaster as GM as tiny people doing tiny things.

I’ll be posting the videos here!

Our Antics:

Carpet People Saga: A table top RPG where we play as tiny people fleeing the apocalypse using Fate Accelerated.

Toonami Presents: Love and Justice! Three magical girls fend against their rivals and powerful monsters in this action packed adventure!

Dungeon World: Beast in the Mirror: Four mercenaries seeking wealth, prestige, and adventure are hired to collect the shards of a magical mirror which legend claims contains a powerful force of darkness…

Dragon Ball Gaiden: Four would-be heroes solve/create problems in the Dragon Ball universe.

Goblin Quest: A one-off where we try to survive Action Park.

Inspectres: Spooky cult shenanigans

Costume Fairy Adventures: Fairies in costumes on adventures.

A Very Skyfarer Halloween: Spooky times in space.

The Honey Heist Holiday Hspecial!: Five professionals, one goal, all bears. Don’t miss out on this one!

Can we truly reclaim what we've lost? Let's Play Fellowship!

Post For Fan Art and Nonsense

Session One: Tardigrade A


We’re streaming now! Let’s play a game about magical girls in Love and Justice!



We’re live with more FATE: Carpet People Edition!



It’s about time I write up the intro for my FAE game, so here it is:

At the height of its power, the Shiandi Empire stretched as far as anyone had dared to tread, from Paperclip across the Southern Gorge, to the far Northwestern corner. Where the Empire went, roads and new settlements grew, and soon, trade and prosperity flourished among the peoples of the Carpet.

That was generations ago. Since then, the Capitol has drawn in on itself, leaving the outlying towns and villages to fend for themselves. The Rangers, once seen as keepers of the peace and explorers, have not been heard from in decades. Roads have fallen into disrepair, and wild animals have been encroaching ever closer. Worse still, the Fray comes from the East, heralded by the cultists of Moul.

The prophet Prismire foretells of a great doom that will befall any who stay in the small village of Wayside. But, he also tells of a legend about one of the founders of the village, Snibril, who is said to have explored farther than any other Ranger. In Snibril’s journal, he wrote of a place, far beyond Shiandi, a land of plenty. His journal says that he left his symbol at the start of the trail he took to find this land, so that those who come after will know the way. It may be the only chance the Carpet People have of survival.

Session 1: Tardigrade A
Session 2: The Emperor’s New Closure
Session 3: Censership
Session 4: Leg Day
Session 5: I’m Afrayed Not
Session 6: Terminator


Love and Justice is a hack of Lasers and Feelings. It can be found here for free.

Last season, the Phase Phals went up against the Tri-Trio; a fiendish and mysterious organization comprised of three different but cooperating trios. In a heated final encounter, the Phase Phals defeated the Tri-Trio with one shot of their Plasma Power Attack. However, one member of the group escaped, and while fleeing managed to spirit away Lady Fuzz Fur, the Phase Phals’ mentor and mascot character. And with her life energy, he was able to summon a great evil into the world: the Order of the Burning Nova.

In this episode, the group faces the consequences of their ultimate challenge from the previous season: finals. Did Suzy pass the exam? Did Abe manage to get exactly a B- yet again? Will anybody discover Catherine’s dark and fuzzy secret? Find out on the first episode of season 2 of:

Love and Justice: Critical Matters

Absolute Destiny, Apocalypse. Let's Play Revolutionary Girl Utena: Story of the Someday Revolution

Carpet People Session 2 is up! You can watch it below!

Session Two: The Emperor’s New Closure


We’re streaming at the usual place!


Here’s the latest Carpet People:
Session Three: Censership


Hey! We’re streaming more Carpet People! I don’t know why I’m yelling!



It’s Friday again
Here’s the latest Carpet People! Shara almost dies!
Session Four: Leg Day


We’re streaming in 30ish minutes at the usual place. Feel free to come watch!





A good time was had by all tonight.


Can I dislike a post?


Whoops it’s not Friday, I’m sorry I HAVE NO EXCUSE.
In this installment of Carpet People, Dime gets fridged:
Session Five: I’m Afrayed Not
(They can’t all be good.)


Stream time! Time for the maybe-finale of Carpet People!



I really enjoyed Carpet People, I hope you do too! Here’s the finale!

Session Six: Terminator

Edit: Sorry it’s not my usual Friday update. I’ve been depressed.


Hey, a personal thing came up so we’re not streaming tonight. We’ll probably play tomorrow instead.


Sorry about yesterday! We’ll be streaming again at the usual place (That’s https://www.twitch.tv/batilisk) in about 15(ish) mins!