We stream games!


The Namek VOD is up! This one was a lot of fun!

Our Last Hope is Namek! Seven Balls, Seven Trials!

Also our last Gaiden VOD for quite some time!

The Practical Driving Exam! Lord Slug Returns?!


Stream time! @Breadmaster is gonna be leading us through a game of Inspectres tonight.


Here’s the Inpectres Vod: Look In My Eyes! What Do You See?


Stream time!



This week we’re streaming my attempt at DMing D&D 5th Edition. It’s gonna be a complete disaster fun time. Join us at https://www.twitch.tv/batilisk!


I’m gay and we’re playing Costume Fairy Adventures because Loaka has schoolwork at https://www.twitch.tv/batilisk!

Next week (3rd) we’ll be playing one more one-shot then it’s back to 5th Edition the Wednesday (10th) after that.




Note in the Costume Fairy, Jenner is an agent of chaos, Medb an enabler of Chaos. That town will never be the same, or dry.


I just want the 69th post in this thread. :sunglasses:


Normally we’re streaming by now but Fefnir is sick and Jeff is on a business trip so we’re taking a week off. Join us for 5th edition next Wednesday!


I’m doing very little business on this trip tbf, it’s mostly just been browsing the internet and drinking on the company dime.


The next episode of Fefnir’s cut is available!



Apologies for not being able to show up and watch the streams live. Have been busy with other events. Out of curiosity have any of you looked at the game called Breakfast cult?


I’m pretty sure we’re all familiar with it in some form. I have listened to the 6FU episodes on it, but have never played it myself.


I had to sit this one out but the crew played Skyfarer this Halloween! Here’s the Vod!

Skyfarer: Starfright!


So overall what did people think of Skyfarer?


I really enjoyed it! I’m glad I was able to play a goofy little dog in a bowl without being completely useless in game-play terms.


It did not go nearly wrong enough for a lot of mechanics to come into play, but stress seems like a good, uh… stressful mechanic for a horror or horror-ish game. Despite getting hit by almost nothing in that regard, I still found it tense to have the possibility of a rising number that I’d always have to roll over.


The next episode of Dragon Ball Gaiden Kai (new name for Fefnir’s cut of the Dragon Ball Gaiden streams, effective immediately) is up!



I loved tonights Holiday Session so much that I just uploaded it IMMEDIATELY, ya’ll should watch this because it’s AMAZING.

Holiday Special: Honey Heist!

Let's Play Dungeons and Dragons, 5th Edition!