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The Beast in the Mirror - A Dungeon World Campaign

Dungeon World is a Powered by the Apocalypse game made by Sage LaTorra and Adam Koebel. You can find more about it here.

Stories tell of a powerful beast which wreaked havoc on the world hundreds of years ago. Some say its power was so terrifying that it sealed itself away out of fear. But regardless, a creature of such power has not been seen since, and the old stories have vanished from the minds of minstrels the land over.

Recently, though, research has turned its attention to the subject again. Professor Emery Lane has uncovered a strange shard: a piece of glass seemingly with properties of both a mirror and a window. Ancient books mention a powerful mirror, which may have been the relic that sealed the beast away. With little else information to follow, Emery has only one choice: hire a small band of mercenaries from a caravan to seek the last known (and possible,) location of the mirror.

Enter… these guys.


Cinder Maeror
Race: Human (Therasian)
Alignment: Neutral
Cinder is the daughter of Koal Maeror, who she claims is a terrifyingly strong man from another world, (though she describes him in a worryingly appreciative way.) Whoever she is, she arrived in the world one day and just started adventuring from there. Her lack of knowledge about the country doesn’t deter her at all; she’s just happy to be exploring, (and fighting.)

Race: Human
Alignment: Good
Eigel is a mage of the Tower. Dedicated to his order, Eigel travels the land on a pilgrimage to help others with his magic. Even with his magical prowess, though, his dedication means that he cannot cast magic for his own benefit. Whenever his charity work lines up with mercenary jobs, he tends to get strange looks. None the less, Eigel remains rigidly dedicated to the work he puts himself to.

Sable Starbrandt
Race: Wicked Witch
Alignment: Personal Freedom
As a witch, Sable knows her way around a spell or two. When it comes to responsibility, though, Sable is completely ignorant. Or maybe spiteful? Yeah that’s more accurate. Sable tends to dart in an out of trouble, always contributing, rarely solving. Unless one counts smashing glass bottles on someone’s head a solution, (most don’t.)

Throckmorton Mortonthrock
Race: Elf
Alignment: Chaotic
An expert on all things natural. A statement that does not describe Throckmorton, noted for being one of the least knowledgeable elves in the land. Throckmorton doesn’t let that get to him, though, (if he’s even realized anybody says that about him.) Despite his… robust understanding of nature, his ability to transform has rarely led to him spontaneously combusting. He can only turn into relatively round animals, though.


“Eigel here is now a member of my Covent.”
“I am troubled by Cinder’s behavior; either they know nothing or too much.”

“Throckmorton is soft but I will make him hard like me.”
“I have sworn to protect Eigel, since Eigel cannot cast his magic to protect himself.”

“The spirits spoke to me of a great danger that follows Cinder.”
“I have shown Sable a secret rite of the land.”
“Eigel smells more like a prey than a hunter.”

“I have shown Cinder the power of the arcane arts.”
“I suspect Sable fears what they do not understand.”
“Trockmorton knows the secret to my powers.”

Episodes (VODs)
Session 1: Life’s a Beach and Then You Dive
Session 2: d20

Episodes (Edited Versions)
Episode 1: Something A-Mist
Episode 2: Beach Folly Brawl
Episode 3: Reasonable Fellows
Episode 4: d20


Hey, just a heads up, but we’re not streaming tonight. We ARE streaming tomorrow though, at the usual time.

That being said, I’m hoping to get an audio version of the first half of the first session up tonight. I’ll edit this if I do.


There. It’s Wednesday and we still have content. That’s just dedication.


We’re streaming soon! GET READY FOR ADVENTURE!


Vod’s uploaded. You can find it here.

I should have the second part of the audio version up soon AND we’re starting a new thing tonight. It’s gonna be real good.


Greetings! I have more terrible news for you all! In honor of King Piccolo Day, we’re streaming a Dragon Ball FATE game at https://www.twitch.tv/batilisk!

And here’s the VOD!


Hey! Stream time!






The Dragonball movies have always confounded nerds who try to fit them into canon. But what if, instead of Goku and his friends, there was a separate group of heroes fighting those villains?

Enter DragonBall Gaiden, a FATE campaign set concurrently with DragonBall Z! I’m a huge nerd who got back into DragonBall, and I’m taking this gaming group with me! Our story begins at the World Martial Arts Tournament, with our band of heroes!

Panty Briefs, the daughter of Trunks and Goten (don’t worry about it) has come to this time to prevent a horrible future from passing. But what crisis is she preventing? And why does it keep changing?

2B is literally 2B from Nier:Automata. She’s tasked with protecting humanity, but how dedicated is she, really?

Scooby Buu originally came to Earth with the intent to destroy/conquer it, mostly because it was what the other Majin expected of him. But as soon as he discovered the wonder of sandwiches and weed, he decided to just chill on Earth for a while. After all, there was plenty of fun to be had, stirring up trouble and watching the mayhem that regularly visited the planet.

Power level: Smoke weed erry day

Yora Kikaku
Many years ago, Yora’s village was attacked during the Red Ribbon Army’s search for the Dragon Balls. After that, Yora began training and eventually joined a secret organization. She now works as a Strider; an elite ninja trained for reconnaissance and espionage missions.
Yora mainly works to uncover the secrets of the Dragon Balls, and to keep them safe from potentially world-endangering wishes. She was briefed on events surrounding them in past years, though much of said information is incomplete and more confusing than anything else. How does everyone move around so quickly? Why were a whole lot of people murdered by a weird green guy? Just how strong is a Goku? Yora has no answers, merely incomplete information which could be applied to current circumstances.

Power Level: Fast.

Dead Zone Saga
The Fundraising Martial Arts Tournament! A Surprise Attack By The Makyans?!
To Garlic Fortress! The True Power of the Dead Zone!!

World’s Strongest Saga
An Inescapable Coma? Let’s Explore West City!
The Greatest Apartment Hunt of All! The Mysterious Landlord!
Strong Fighters Detected! Yamcha’s Triumphant Comeback!
Defeat the Brainwashed Z-Fighters! The World’s Smartest Strikes!

Tree of Might Saga
A Reconnaissance Mission! Pendulum Room Peril!
The Space Pirates Arrive! Tullece Bares His Fangs!
The Power of a Pseudo Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan God! The REAL Legendary Super Saiyan!?

Lord Slug Saga
The Long And Winding Snake Way! The Invasion Of Lord Slug!
The Last Hope is Namek! Seven Balls, Seven Trials!
The Practical Driving Exam! Lord Slug Returns?!

Additionally, Fefnir has been working on edited versions of the streams! These episodes are shorter and use music from Kikuchi’s (and hopefully Faulconer’s) score for Dragon Ball Z.

Dead Zone Saga

World’s Strongest Saga



Stream time! Are you ready… for the filler episode?



The VOD for the second stream went up, and I missed it!

To Garlic Fortress! The True Power of the Dead Zone!!


Last week’s stream is up, if you wanted to relive my take on Dragonball Filler.

An Inescapable Coma? Let’s Explore West City!


We’re streaming…


on a different channel. Hark, the end is nigh. And by the end I mean apartment hunting.


In a miraculous turnaround, we already have the VOD up!

The Greatest Apartment Hunt of All! The Mysterious Landlord!


We’re back at https://www.twitch.tv/batilisk playing Love and Justice! Feel free to watch our shenanigans!


Hey everyone. It’s been brought to my attention that the Millennial Apartment Hunters VOD is busted. Either Twitch killed my stream without any of us noticing, or Twitch only saved most of the stream as a VOD.

There’s not much we can do to fix it, but the plan right now is to record a scripted version of the missing parts to put in Fefnir’s cut of this campaign.

For the sake of preserving the information, I’ll put the important missing info behind a spoiler.

Panty now lives in a beach house owned by Dr. Gero. She has a roommate in Android 13, who is a really cool roommate aside from his nightly murder attempts.

I shouldn’t be recording anything else, so hopefully this won’t happen again. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


The Love and Justice session is up! I’m retconning these sessions as taking place in Universe 2!

Before you watch this video, however, allow me to explain something about paraffin wax.

Paraffin wax, as you may know, is the most common kind of candle wax. What you may not know is that it does not burn in it’s solid or liquid forms. It can only burn as a vapor. This is why you can re-light a candle by holding a flame up to it’s smoke.

Why am I telling you all of this? Why, that’s because I misremembered this during the session; I thought that no form of paraffin wax could ignite and it just evaporated, which caused a bit of hullabaloo during this recording that I’m definitely not still embarassed about.

We seem to have good fan(s?), so this probably isn’t necessary. But I wanted to make sure you all knew that I do, in fact, know how candles work.


I may have overreacted slightly.


Thought you’d never see us again, didn’t you? Too bad! We’re going live!



VOD’s up!

Strong Fighters Detected! Yamcha’s Triumphant Comeback!


We’ll eventually be streaming at https://www.twitch.tv/batilisk tonight so join if you want! :heart: