VidAMs - Video Game TV Show Reviews


Hey everyone. Mixing things up from making my regular LPs, I’ve started a series where I review cartoon shows based on video games! This project is funded by my Patrons and the artwork is by ILWP.

The next episode will be covering Kirby’s anime series!


Spanish Meta-Knight? Flowey Undertale? Police Brutality? All in one series?

Waddle Dees are an arm of the bourgeoisie. I know it hurts but we have to accept this.

Having alternated between a number of the subbed and dubbed episodes with friends, I will say that either form of the show is surprisingly good for a monster of the week/Saturday morning-type series. It’s all pretty good! …other than an episode featuring an expy of a notable TERF author of wizard books you may have heard of. I guess if that’s the worst-aged thing on the show, the rest of it must be pretty solid, at least.

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After checking out the Kirby anime I decided to watch the (literally) explosive finale. Honestly, it’s not bad!

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Taking our first foray into straight-up garbage… it’s the failed Darkstalkers TV series!

If the Darkstalkers cartoon had one long-lasting impact, it’s the acknowledgment that everyone finds Rikou strangely attractive… for a fish man.

That, and this shark.

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That vibing shark is fantastic and I’m so sad I missed it. :frowning: