This Reminds Me of a Puzzle: The Puzzle Games Thread

##Puzzle games. I know I love em
There’s nothing better than sitting down and letting 50 goddamn minutes pass in the blink of an eye playing ‘endless mode’ on puyo as you enter the space between dimensions in your own matrix. Ever since playing Tetris on my game boy as a 4 year old I was hooked.

There are tons of puzzle games out there, everyone’s got their favorites, and everyone’s got their reasons for that. With that in mind, I wanted to start a megathread of sorts for Puzzle Games LP’s. In the vein of collaborative threads in the past such as the ‘Hard Games’ thread, or ‘The Shooting Gallery’, this is a thread for You, Yes You to submit a video or short series on your favorite puzzle game. Being that some puzzle games can be a little hard to LP or start a full thread focused on a single title, this is your chance to drop some of that sweet multicolored-block-knowledge on us!

If you are looking for ideas of puzzle games to try We Have A Pretty Good Thread On Them Here

Rules for this LP are pretty simple: be informative about the game you are playing. You don’t have to go ‘Thesis Paper’ on explaining rules and intricacies of the game, but be sure to cover the basics

A good rule of thumb to follow is: If a person has never heard of this game before, by the time they finish watching your video they should be able to play a few rounds comfortably

As for format, all types are accepted. Already completed/in progress LP’s are fine (so long as you’re informative), stream uploads are fine (so long as you’re informative), even screenshot LP’s are fine (though I’d ask you hide the bulk of images under ‘details’ to save space/clutter). At the end of this post will be index of all posts made, so it will be easy to find your post/game from the start of the thread

As for different versions of a game already LP’d in the thread: It should be ok so long as there is something unique about your version or commentary. For example: For Tetris I consider there to be enough unique differences between the NES, Gameboy, DS and Various Arcade iterations that each could be its own video, as well on if someone wanted to focus on, say, ‘Tetris for Beginners’ or ‘Advanced Tetris Skills’


##Puyo-Puyo Tetris

This is one of my favorite puzzle games, being a big Tetris fan as a kid and always having had an interest in Puyo-Puyo, this is a perfect way to get the best of both worlds. Made in 2014 for japanese PS4 and XB1, this game will finally see a stateside release in May of this year!

For this LP, I decided to use my PS4 copy with subtitles for the first episode, just for navigating menus and showing off some of the more unique and interesting game modes. I’ll be having future videos on Adventure Mode and Unlockables when the US version comes out, as well as some online matches with friends and randos

Episode 1: Clash of Super Heroes

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Magical Drop III is the third game in the Magical Drop series, developed by Data East and available for arcades, Neo Geo and various other home consoles. It’s a color-based puzzle game with a focus on a 1v1 competitive mode. This mini-LP will be looking over the three modes the arcade game contains: Survival, Challenge and Adventure.

Magical Drop III - Challenge Mode

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Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo wasn’t actually popular initially. Released shortly after Street Fighter Alpha 2, this game was a completely different approach from Capcom’s usual outings, being a 1v1 puzzle game borrowing elements from Compile’s Pnickies and Sega’s Baku Baku. This game would be the first game where Darkstalkers and Street Fighter would mix, with a real-deal fighting game in the style appearing the next year. Puzzle Fighter really picked up steam after its Playstation port, and has been ported to nearly every console since.

So I’m going to go through the various ports, starting with the Arcade machine and going through the unique aspects of the ports.

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Super Scribblenauts was developed by 5th Cell, who you may know for developing games such as Drawn to Life and Lock’s Quest. The main mechanic of the series is the protagonist’s ability to write a word in order to create it as an object and use it to solve puzzles. You can be as creative or, (more often, sadly,) as direct as you want with puzzles. Being a sequel to the earlier Scribblenauts on the DS, Super Scribblenauts adds the ability to use adjectives to modify nouns. Don’t think you can use a vole to solve a puzzle? What about an angry vole? Maybe an angry fiery vole? You probably won’t need to slap a thousand adjectives on your object, but you can if you’d like.

Because some of these puzzles are a little on the slow and obvious side, I’ve decided to do a showcase of various puzzles throughout the game rather than all of them. I’ll be showing off what I think is the best, (and sometimes the worst,) of what the game has to offer. I also won’t be completing most of the stages three times in a row, because that can get a bit dull even if you’re playing on your own time.

Episode List:

(First reservation: Tetris Battle Gaiden)

I have added the first video for my Magical Drop III contribution. Hope you all enjoy it (it’s a pretty laid back LP): This Reminds Me of a Puzzle: The Puzzle Games Thread


Here’s the first part of Super Scribblenauts, in which we go through the first two worlds of the game.

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Awesome, added both of yours to the Index!

My frigging hour-long PART 1 of Puyo-Tetris should be coming out tomorrow!

Enjoy part one of my Puyo-Puyo Tetris LP, I was going to do a video on story mode but at this rate I will probably end up waiting until the english version comes out, and do another video on Online play/matches and some of the challenges I couldn’t finish in this video instead


Face me in Online play. (If you need someone to play with that is)

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oh hell yes!

I never knew Puyo was a spinoff from an RPG. I just knew it as “that one puzzle game everything’s based on when it isn’t based on Tetris.” This looks like a really fun mix of the two, though.

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Yeah, me and pullahoko streamed the game gear patched version of one of the games one night. It’s interesting, it doesn’t use HP, but rather facial states to determine health

Do you know if Puyo Puyo Tetris has cross platform play? I have it on Vita, and would be willing to play against you if so.

One thing I didn’t see you mention is that there is an interesting mechanic in the Tetris modes, where it will send garbage to your opponent if you clear lines with sequential blocks. It’s an interesting shift from other Tetris implementations where they just incentivise tetrises.

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I actually never noticed that! I’ll be sure to include it in other videos (and I THINK there may be cross play but i haven’t tried it)

Okay, so maybe I’m a little stubborn about my solutions, but in my defense they did say I could create everything.

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This took me a while and it made me learn a very important lesson about video editing: I’m bad at it.

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added ya to the index!
(also the art of fighting jab at the start was real good)

At last, after ten thousand years I have updated! Time to solve more puzzles with words!

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