The Political Cartoons Thread: Still Somehow Blaming Obama!



Don’t mind me, just chilling over there on Orgy Island.

Also, where is the hyper-masculine trump caricature?


I’m sure Ben’s giving Trump a blowjob in an extended version of this.


I like how he felt the need to label everybody in the image.

No, I have no idea who that Rat with the cheese is, who looks identical to Ryan. Couldn’t possibly be him. Better name him to be sure so people get my joke.


I actually love the LGBTQT Lagoon and the Croc.
I would live there.


Every time I look at this I feel like I spot something new. What on earth is Spirit Cooking and why is it in this mess?


If I recall Spirit Cooking is that weird semen based food cook book.


If I recall correctly, “Spirit Cooking” was some not-conspiracy where a friend of a friend of a dude on the Clinton campaign emailed the campaign staffer to offer an invitation to an art installation/performance, called Spirit Cooking by a famous-ish artist. I’m not even sure if they attended the art thing, but ridiculous right-wingers thought it was an invite to a literal fuckin demonic ritual because conspiracy theorists don’t have 2 braincells to rub together and are devoid of any cultural/artistic appreciation. (Which also explains them liking Garrison)



George Soros as Andre the Giant is art don’t @ me.

I will say, Maxine Waters is a decent pun and the stocks as a bubble is a decent visual metaphor.


Btw I really like how Ben Garrison (single-handedly and constantly) proves the eternal relevance of this thread’s name. Dude CANNOT stop blaming Obama, a guy who has almost entirely vanished from the public eye (unless you go out of your way to follow what he’s up to) and has offered only occasional, pretty weak, generalized condemnations of whatever Trump is doing. I rarely hear about Obama doing things/saying stuff (because I wish he would do more things and say more stuff), but Garrison keeps him at the forefront of his drawings as if Obama is having hourly screeching twitter meltdowns (like a classic “”“triggered”"" SJW strawman) over Trump.



I’m not entirely sure if this technically fits in this thread, but I saw this painting in a museum, over here in Venezuela, and I felt it sure is cartoony enough to count, Behold!

The title “a brazo partido”, literally translates to “to broken arm”, but it’s used in an expression in the same way as tooth and nail, and the text at the bottom says “Just like how Saturn devours his children, for fear of being overthrown, so does the empire try to subjugate humanity.”, I swear I would have died from laughter if I hadn’t been in a museum. :joy:


This one melts my brain.


Yep that’s true.

(looks in corner, sees it’s a McCoy)

…uh… so wait, then this is… bad somehow??? Uh… how… the… wait. huh. Huh???

OKAY WAIT I GET IT. He’s saying that “effective gun legislature” is ALSO empty rhetoric like “thoughts and prayers” is, and that it won’t help anything.

Does that mean he thinks that:
(a) Democrats are shamefully ineffective at passing legislature (true) and that gun laws will not happen (probably true, unfortunately)
or (b) Changing gun laws will not prevent gun deaths (false)

Ugh I’m back to being brain-melted, GREAT.


“The donkey said a thing. What a stupid donkey that I hate.”

I think that’s what you’re supposed to take away from it.


I’m leaning towards © “All of the above” but if I had pick from those two, (a). Doesn’t look quite sinister enough for “taking our guns” so “ineffectual do-nothing” it is.


I suspect the implication is that these factual statements are being fed to the survivors. Which is untrue (and crappy.)


But…it’s a donkey. That’s…that’s the icon for the Republicans right? I forget.


Donkey is Democrat, elephant is Republican.


This government system is weird.


The Donkey & Elephant thing is weird.