The Political Cartoons Thread: Still Somehow Blaming Obama!

I miss Something Awful’s Political Cartoons thread A LOT, so let’s recreate it. This is the thread for mocking and discussing political cartoons from all nations!

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:tw: This thread will probably feature a LOT of cartoons that are sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc, etc, etc. We’re here to make fun of those a LOT as well as mock just plain bad concepts and crummy art.

Good baseline thread rules:

  • If a cartoon contains nudity, please either censor that shit or maybe just link to it and put a warning up next to it!
  • Don’t harass any cartoonists featured in this thread. There’s a lot of stupid shithead illustrators out there and it may be tempting to confront them but please, we don’t want the drama. Make fun of them here, not to their face.
  • Preferably no amateur work (deviantart cartoonists and stuff), let’s stick to mostly-syndicated cartoonists, with a few exceptions.

Meme I wanna keep: “A Good Cartoon” (AGC): A political cartoon where, in trying to decry something, actually makes it seem good or otherwise can be easily interpreted to have the completely opposite meaning. Here’s a good example by professional conservative hatemongering fuckface AF Branco:

“Wow the Tolerant Left are fucking BADASSES, holy shit. AGC.”
For more "A Good Cartoon"s, check out this blog!

Here’s some of my favorite dudes!

Table of pretty okay guys (aka liberals):
Don Asmussen (Bad Reporter)

Ruben Bolling

Matt Bors

Mike Luckovich

David Pope (Australian!)

The Onion’s Stan Kelly (a parody of dumb political cartoonists, by Ward Sutton)

Table of shitty dinguses (aka conservatives):
Chip Bok

AF Branco (yes, he is serious and is not a parody like Kelly)

David Dees (incredible photoshopper who is, unfortunately, very mentally unwell)

Bob Gorrell (one of the laziest artists ever… why does he even do this job?)

Please post loads of edits, too. Like this one, which I don’t even remember the original of anymore:


Holy shit heck yeah. It’s gonna be nice to have one of these threads that doesn’t have

  1. 10,000 posts per second
  2. Somebody going “Well actually…” every other page.
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Steve Bell at the Guardian is creating a visually dense saga about stairs.

Why are they burning the Kill Trump shop?

Those liberals are SO stupid, they’ll burn down the very shop where they all get their protest signs and pick up their protesting checks from Soros!


Cool thread.

Hey, I’m heading over to the poop shop. You guys need anything?

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Political Cartoons are great. And absurd. And ludicrous. And make zero sense, sometimes.


I unironically love that political cartoons are so shitty at getting their point across that they have to label everything. It’s honestly the best part about them.


Uh yeah can you get me some poop? I’m fresh out of poop. I’m shitless.

Fuuuuuuuuck Ben Garrison. What a brainless, spineless waste of talent this guy is. So much hypocritical, double-thinking nonsense.

He really is.

I also found this one, while trying to find a specific cartoon to post in this thread, that I have on a mug. I have literally no clue what this one is trying to say.

I guess the kids are happy that schools will shut down in a few years?


Found this one on the A Good Cartoon blog and it’s a doozy, I had to share it.


I like how utterly oblivious this one is.

At this point I am CONVINCED that Garrison wants Trump in that way. Have you seen how he draws him?

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Ben Garrison art SUSTAINS me

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I have no idea what you’re talking about…

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What is a super pac?



Even the T is flexing. No undertones, none at all.

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If history has taught me anything it’s definitely that black people are used to getting their way.

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Steve Sack, of the Star Tribune is a little on-the-nose sometimes, but I generally like his work. He’s actually nice to look at too.

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