The Political Cartoons Thread: Still Somehow Blaming Obama!




I’ll admit, joking about this stuff has gotten harder considering The Everything and all that.

But this one is really good.


I wonder what our good pal Ben is doin…


What the fuck does that even mean my dude?

Also god I’ve lost my taste for these like…immediately. Things are so bad that it feels bad to laugh at these. But then, keeping up the good spirits is the best way to fight against this.

But no seriously who is that I have no idea.The one time obnoxious text to explain what’s going on would be appreciated.


I believe that is a reference to a line in The Lord of the Rings. I kind of forgot the context though. I think the line might have been told to Frodo after this guy became king of the humans or something?

In any case, this is misconstruing bullying other countries and the appearance of standing alone as a good thing. Which I’m pretty sure has nothing to do with the context that this movie quote came from.


I have to agree, I liked these dipshit cartoonists way better 3/4 years ago when they were just snarling at SJWs all day and not licking the boots of our orange potus.


Sorry folks. I know the fun’s been sapped out of this sorta stuff since the US’s been taken over by the orange thing.

I’ll try and post more comics i’ve been finding from better folk.

Kasia babis I’ve started following for some real damn good comics


Di-…Did Garrison just score an own-goal?


It’s uhhh saying that…

I dunno, that Garrison is that much of a baby that just by seeing Colin Kaepernick causes him to piss himself and run out the room.


Matt Lubs with the good stuff


Is it okay to necro this?

'cause, hoo boy, this one


Hoo boy, that’s a humdinger. Hell, even leaving the text aside… actually, check that, the text is all there is to it; they thought of a slogan and then couldn’t think of a comic to draw around it.