The Political Cartoons Thread: Still Somehow Blaming Obama!




I’m the oddly detailed trump book at the bottom-left.


I kind of really like the third cartoon. Like, I’m not entirely sure about what the cartoonist is trying to say about the situation they’re portraying, but I like nonetheless


Based on the name tag I…think it’s a Monica Lewensky joke, at least in part?

I don’t understand these things sometimes.


I’m in much the same camp. I think it’s probably a sad commentary on how polarised all American media seems to have become in the last twenty years or so. Arguably that all started with the Clinton presidency which the nametag could be a reference to (with the bookseller being named during the impeachment debacle and so having lived her whole life in this state of affairs), but that might be reading too much into it.


Too many comics needing explaining recently. Here’s one that includes its own explanation.


That is really good and extremely accurate.



Still blaming Obama.


I’m actually not sure if this is blaming Obama or painting Republicans as short-sighted, inept, and fanatic when it comes to reversing the ACA, considering Wile E. Coyote’s character.

I guess it depends on whether the artist meant for that conclusion to be reached. And if not, then that wasn’t really the best cartoon analogy to use, was it?


I don’t think the cartoon is blaming Obama, my comment was more a reference to the Republican Party themselves (and a tie in to the thread title). The cartoon is Canadian so I think it’s just poking some fun at the whole affair.


I see. It’s hard to tell intent without context lately considering other artists we’ve seen in this thread.


The context is that Trump has nothing better to do than dismantle Obama’s legacy and in the case of ACA, is really bad at it.


Shall we get Ben Garrison’s take?

(that’s supposed to be John McCain shouting there, by the way.)

Also this one is funny because it’s incredibly reminiscent of Stan Kelly. Right down to the Lady Liberty.


Meanwhile, in Actual Stan Kelly space:


Garrison’s garbage as usual, but I’m glad Kelly’s having a good time.




Tag yourself, i’m the freedom nipple


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Also, this doesn’t really look like Garrison’s illustration style. Parody?


Ah, you may be right - I don’t see it on his blog, just a transphobic rant inspired by Shatner and this latest masterpiece.