The Political Cartoons Thread: Still Somehow Blaming Obama!



The Illuminati triangle just confuses me, are the Illuminati supposed to be Left-wing?


every time i look at garrison’s cartoons, i don’t understand what the fuck is going on


Nobody’s trying to kill each other 4/10 not very representative of the Democratic Party as I know it


A cry for help.

EDIT: wait why is Larry King a pizza vampire


It’s the one time I think it actually needs a label on it.


Cause he’s a real pizza shit.

I’m disappointed the paddles don’t have Roe vs Wade on them.


I’m pretty sure that is a pizzagate reference. Like, it’s a symbol that he is a pedophile I guess? At least that’s what I got from some of the replies on Garrison’s twitter (never do that again).


It’s pizzagate, that’s John Podesta.

Edit: I mean, the comic isn’t entirely inaccurate, speaking as a fat person who loves Ben & Jerry’s.


oh boy.


The Nib is doing some animated versions of their comics, FYI!


Mocking antifa and now referencing the America First movement, so I guess Garrison is now fully on board the Nazi train.


For some reason Trump’s tie in this is really bothering me. Otherwise, this is pretty bland as far as Garrison goes.


this is probably one of the few garrison comics i understand since there’s not more bullshit and labels on everything.
aaand i’m wondering if he’s ever read the story about ircarus… so. uh. awkward.


I guess the new Garrison is making the thread title continue to be relevant.


ah yes Trump, well noted and frequently-gif’d best friend of eagles all the time


Ben Garrison is extremely strange. People really like and support his work?

The snake is still dead in this second one, though. So I don’t quite think their point is as lucid as they want it to be…


What does 4chan have to do with four leaf clovers? Was that the only thing Garrison could associate with the number four?


It’s their logo.


Hey somebody finally explained this cartoon to me:


also 4chan can be pronounced “fortune”