The Political Cartoons Thread: Still Somehow Blaming Obama!



Doesn’t Corbyn’s hand gesture also mean “up yours” in the UK?


Depends what way round his hand is - palm towards people is “V for Victory”/the peace sign, back of the hand = flipping the bird. Ah, the duality of life.


While we’re sharing, and because I’m bored, here’s a Canadian politalk cartoon because I just kinda find it funny, if utterly tone deaf.


Makes sense if they are dropping weed on the USA so that the war machine stops because all the soldiers and generals and politicians are stoned


Here is a comic that I barely understand.


Well you see, a bunch of Twitter users and the right wing media is killing the LAMEstream media that doesn’t include Fox News for some reason. (They’re not in the meteors either which I find really confusing.) Also CNN loves ISIS, I guess? Not real sure about that.



Yeah, I got the broad strokes - I just suspect that I’m supposed to recognise all the smug white men on the asteroids, and I don’t. Which frankly I’m happy about.


I recognise Paul Joseph Watson, but only for his claims to fame of telling journalists he had Pica or something and crying fake news when they reported on that and of being a terminal shut-in who literally never leaves his house.

Serious threat to MSM right there.


I have no idea who half of those people are either. I, too, am happy about that.


Nice touch making one of the dinosaurs racist, in case anybody forgot what kinda guy Garrison was.

Also I think the center meteor is Milo. Gross.


lmao I just noticed that the ISIS dinosaur is darker than all the others.

Bravo, Ben. Every time I look at one of these cartoons I find a new terrible thing.


ISIS dino is having a fuckin ball.
I also love that not even Garrison can make Alex Jones look handsome.


There is a really strange type of Garrison cartoon that is just talks up how much influence Garrison and his ilk have. It’s really bizarre. I can’t think of any other political cartoonist that self-fellates like this


I mean one of the faces is fucking Stephan Molyneux, a name I only heard last year and who you’ve probably never heard. For good reason, and good riddance.


Ah. Mr. Stephan “The Death Star scene is an allegory for fertilization” Molyneux.


I really like this one.



also this from the Daily Mail which is wrong on at least four different levels. Can you spot them all?


Wow that’s some vintage 1830s anti-Irish stuff right there.